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  • Theodore as Spongebob
  • Hank as Patrick
  • Foduck as Squidward
  • George as Mr. Krabs
  • Emily as Sandy
  • Kulu as Gary
  • Constance as Pearl
  • Rebecca as Mrs. Puff
  • R. Boat as Plankton
  • Daisy (From TTTE) as Karen
  • Dartmouth as Larry
  • Blandford as Mermaidman
  • Bingham as Barnacleboy
  • Oliver as The Strangler
  • The Dispatcher as The Doctorfish
  • Chester as Bubble Buddy
  • Igloo as Old Man Jenkins
  • Cabot as Dennis
  • Bluenose as Mindy
  • Inverness as Stanley
  • Truro as Spongebob's Dad
  • Sigrid as Spongebob's Mom

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