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Theodore Tugboat/The Simpsons are parodies with The Simpsons audio and Theodore Tugboat clips.


  • Theodore as Homer
  • Emily as Marge
  • Hank as Bart
  • Carla as Lisa
  • Pugwash as Maggie
  • Baddeck as Grandpa Abe
  • Owen as Krusty the Clown
  • Northumberland as Ned Flanders
  • Sigrid as Maude Flanders
  • Phillip & Fillmore as Rod and Todd Flanders
  • Frank & Eddie (from TUGS) as Lenny & Carl
  • Foduck as Moe
  • Digby as Barney
  • Oliver as Mr. Burns
  • Nautilus as Mr. Smithers
  • George as Prinicpal Skinner
  • Constance as Edna Krabappel
  • Bluenose (from TUGS) as Superintendent Chalmers
  • Guysborough as Groundskeeper Willie
  • Sunshine (from TUGS) as Milhouse
  • Fundy as Martin Prince
  • Blandford as Database
  • Barrington as Ralph Wiggum
  • Zebedee (from TUGS) as Nelson
  • Zak (from TUGS) as Jimbo
  • Zip (from TUGS) as Kearney
  • Zug (from TUGS) as Dolph
  • Truro as Chief Wiggum
  • Mr. Bocco (from Salty's Lighthouse) as Lou
  • Mr. Socco (from Salty's Lighthouse) as Eddie
  • Petra as Patty
  • Pearl as Selma
  • The Dispatcher as Mayor Quimby
  • Shamus as The Sea Captain
  • Tex as Comic Book Guy
  • Cabot as Snake Jailbird
  • Nantucket (from TUGS) as Sideshow Bob
  • Bayswater as Sideshow Mel
  • Hercules (from TUGS) as Reverend Lovejoy
  • Lillie Lightship (from TUGS) as Helen Lovejoy
  • Stewiacke as Dr. Hibbert
  • Canso as Kurk Van Houten
  • Rebecca as Luanne Van Houten
  • Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Cletus
  • Sally Seaplane (from TUGS) as Brandine
  • Captain Zero (from TUGS) as Fat Tony
  • Burke (from TUGS) as Legs
  • Blair (from TUGS) as Louie
  • Snorri as Johnny Tightlips
  • Shelburne as Jasper
  • Steamer (From Salty's Lighthouse) as Larry Burns
  • Old Rusty (from TUGS) as Hans Moleman
  • Bulstrode (from TTTE) as Frank Grimes
  • Captain (from TTTE) as Professor Frinks
  • Zorran (from TUGS) as Russ Cargill
  • Johnny Cuba (from TUGS) as Herman
  • Sea Rogue (from Salty's Lighthouse) as Cecil Terwilliger

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