Theodore Tugboat/What A Mess is a parody series featuring video clips from Theodore Tugboat and audio from What A Mess.


  • Hank as Prince Amir of Kinjab/What A Mess
  • Barrington as Baldwin
  • Oliver as Trash
  • Pugwash as Felicia
  • Northumberland as Norton
  • Digby as Frank
  • Rebecca as Duchess
  • Foduck as Dad
  • Sigrid as Mom
  • Theodore as Son
  • Emily as Daughter
  • Bluenose as Mail Carrier
  • R Boat as Mr. DeSade
  • The Gang as Tiny Aliens
  • Cabot as Museum Manager
  • Cocomagh as Buzz Sr.
  • Bobby as Buzz Jr.
  • Isabel as Trixie
  • Bedford as Bernie
  • Margaree as Freddie the Rat
  • Carla as Poppet
  • Julia as Ramona
  • Snorri and Guysborough as Trash's Friends
  • Shamus as Trash's Owner
  • Tex as Guard Dog
  • Jennifer as Frightened Woman
  • Brunswick as Kid in Museum
  • Canso as TV Sales Announcer
  • Walter as Junkyard Jones
  • Seabright and Colchester as Two-Headed Dragon
  • Phillip and Fillmore as two cats

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