Theodore Tugboat on PBS Kids Sprout is a fan-fiction thing to make. All 130 episodes ran on this channel in a 65 dual episode format.


  1. Theodore and the Oil Rig/Theodore and the Homesick Rowboat
  2. A Dark and Scary Cove/Foduck the Vigilant
  3. Different Strokes - Different Boats/Hank and the Mermaid
  4. True Blue Friends/Bumper Buddies
  5. Theodore and the Welcome/Theodore the Vegetable
  6. The Day Ice Came to the Harbour/Theodore's Bad Dreams
  7. Theodore's First Pull/Theodore and the Queen
  8. Theodore and Bluenose/Is Anybody Listening?
  9. George Buzzes the Dock/The Big Harbour Clean Up Contest
  10. Best Friends/Theodore and the Big Harbour
  11. Theodore's Whistle/George's Ghost
  12. Theodore Changes Sides/Night Shift
  13. Whale of a Tug/The Tugboat Pledge
  14. Emergency/The Cold Snap
  15. Hank and the Hug/Emily and the Rocket
  16. Foduck Stays Home/Theodore the Tug in Charge
  17. Theodore in the Middle/Carla the Cool Cabin Cruiser
  18. Snorri the Viking Ship/Tug of the Year
  19. Theodore the Jokester/Emily the Vigorous
  20. Theodore's Day Off/Foduck and the Rainbow
  21. All Quiet in the Big Harbour/Theodore to the Rescue
  22. A Joke Too Far/Theodore and the Ice Ship
  23. Big Harbour Fools Day/Grumpy Garbage Barge
  24. Theodore Hugs the Coast/Hank's Hiccups
  25. Hank's New Name/Theodore and the Northern Lights
  26. Big Harbor Birthday/Theodore's Backwards Day
  27. Scally's Stuff/Theodore's Big Friend
  28. Theodore and the Missing Barge/Theodore and the Borrowed Bell
  29. Emily's Close Call/Emily's New Hat
  30. Emily and the Tug-of-War/Theodore and the Lost Bell Buoy
  31. Theodore and the Bully/George and the Underwater Mystery
  32. R. Boat and the Queen/Hank and the Night Light
  33. Theodore and the Pirate/Foduck's Hurt Feelings
  34. Theodore's Tough Tugging/Theodore's Ocean Adventure
  35. Theodore's New Job/Digby's Disaster
  36. Dartmouth Says Goodbye/George's Funny Noise
  37. Rebecca's Treasure/Guysborough's Garbage
  38. Theodore's Visit to Ceilidh's Cove/George's Turn
  39. Theodore Lands on Earth/Hank Makes a Friend
  40. Foduck Blows His Stack/Sigrid and the Bumpers
  41. Hank's Wheezy Whistle/Theodore and the Haunted Houseboat
  42. Northumberland is Missing/Emily Goes Overboard
  43. Emily and the Splash/Rebecca and the Big Snore
  44. Theodore and the Lies/Theodore's Bright Ideas
  45. George and the Navy Ship/Theodore's Prize
  46. The Dispatcher's Best Birthday/Emily's Easy Job
  47. Nautilus and the Sinking Ship/Owan on the Loose
  48. Emily's Bruised Bumper/Theodore Shares his Story
  49. Hank Hurts a Ship/Theodore and the Harbour Crane
  50. Theodore on Time/George's Big Hurry
  51. Theodore and the Buoy Boat/Theodore Gets Lost
  52. Hank's Funny Feeling/Theodore and the Runaway Ferry
  53. Theodore and the Scared Ship/Foduck in Reverse
  54. Hank and the Sunken Ship/Theodore and the Bickering Barges
  55. Theodore the All-Powerful/George and the Flags
  56. Hank Stays Up Late/Theodore the Tattletug
  57. Brunswick's Big Scare/Hank and the Silly Faces
  58. Emily Finds a Friend/Hank's Cozy Cove
  59. Theodore and the Hunt for Northumberland/Bedford's Big Move
  60. Emily Drifts Off/Gusyborough Makes a Friend
  61. Theodore and the Missing Siren/Pugwash is Gone!
  62. Theodore and the Unsafe Ship/Emily and the Sleep-Over
  63. Foduck and the Shy Ship/Theodore Takes Charge
  64. Theodore's Bright Night/George Waits His Turn
  65. Hank Floats Forward/Theodore's Big Decision

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