There Is No Excuse For You is a short sketch with alternate versions. In this sketch, a character belches fire, excuses themselves awkwardly, and the one that gets charred by the flames tells them "there is no excuse for you" or some variation.

List of sketches by Character

The list is sorted by the name of the character burping the flames, then the character that gets burned. And the series/movie/etc. they appear in.

  • Dog, Cat - CatDog (original inspiration)
  • Bugs, Daffy - Looney Tunes
  • Wakko Warner, Dr. Scratchensniff - Animaniacs
  • Dingo, Sleet - Sonic Underground
  • Pumbaa, Timon - The Lion King (Though Pumbaa says "sorry" and Timon says "You're not the one who should be sorry")

More TBA

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