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Theresia: Dear Emile (DS) Mini walkthrough

Original thread at GameFAQs Theresia boards

Contributions from: Raging_Time, DarkNecromancer, SuddenSacrifice, Doremon55, kutieaznbunni and ZPE.


First Area: (before falling down the hole)

-Check all the books to find a switch. Move the books left and right first to check for traps.

-Grab fluorescent paint from the dark room, check all the buttons on the power box, and press the least dangerous one. Go back to the hole room, pick up a rock, paint it with the fluorescent paint, and drop it down the hole.

Second Area: (before the stairs)

-Find the Axe, use it to break the wooden supports on the platforms

Third Area: (before Chicken key door)

-Find the hose in a box with a trap (2x4 room); use a 2x4 to open it. Use it to put out the fire in the kitchen, search the next room for a blowtorch (which falls to the floor after you examine the cafeteria).

-Find the frozen towel in the freezer room, blowtorch the insects in the middle room and use the towel for the hot key (blowtorch upper and lower bug rooms first for items, otherwise the blowtorch will run out of uses). Don't worry if it breaks after you use it as it's ditched afterwards regardless.

Fourth Area:

-Use the hammer to break through the prison walls

-Use the hammer, axe or 2x4s to knock over the grates, you can use your hand if you're feeling emo.

-Use the axe to access the prayer room and find a candle and a statue

-Use the hammer to break through the middle mural (prayer)

-Use the hammer to break through walls in the rooms with messages (find the one that is NOT like the message on the floor)

-Take the electric room key from the door with 4 keyholes

-Turn on the lights in the electric room

-Find the ethanol, and a match (out of two), pour it over the safe handle and ignite it with a match to get a shutter key and use it in the electric room.

-Go get the knife from one of the other rooms [use a 2x4 or the pliers (obtained from the electric chair room)] and bring it back to open the bag (carefully), take the mirror. Don't forget to rip off some cloth from the bag, use your knife.

-Place the candle on the needles, and light it, turn off the electricity, and come back to electric chair room for a key. This key is in the wires on the NE bit of the screen, use the pliers you got from examining the top of the electric device in the same room.

Fifth Area: (After Elevator Access)

-B3-Place the prayer statue by the corpse with toys

-B2-Use the donkey key, grab the ice, put the ethanol cloth in the stove and light it, ice goes on top, fill the fuel tank with water, put out the fire (twice)

-B3-Turn the statue so the devil faces east, or right(don't turn against the needles)

To find the "EXAM KEY":

1) From B2F, take the West elevator up to B3F.

2) Once you reach level B3F, walk towards the Device room (the greenish-looking iron door) and enter it.

3) Inspect the machine and it'll lead you to a screen where it will show you a statue-turning device. You will see the "Devil" symbol (which corresponds to the Devil statue itself) pointing North.

4) In order for you to access the half-room down in the B2F (which is blocked by the statues), rotate the dial COUNTERCLOCKWISE (away from the annoying NEEDLES unless you wanna get hurt...lolz) until the "Devil" symbol is facing East.

5) Exit the room, and take the West elevator back down to B2F.

6) Once you are back on the B2F, walk towards the half-room that was previously blocked by the Devil and Angel statues.

7) Enter the room and from there, grab the Elixir on the bed. Examine the toilet bowl. The EXAM KEY should be in there.

-B2-Grab the crank from the exam room

-B3-Turn the devil west (or left)

-B2-Go into the new open prayer room by pushing the devil statue inwards, place the mirror in the angel's hand, and the crank in the sun drawing, turn clockwise (red arrows)

-Bring the figurine to the four key door and drag it out onto the screen. After it breaks you'll obtain the 'Cat Key.

-Check the corpse coat pocket for the key order (also note the little message in the bottom right). The order is Donkey, Dog, Cat, Chicken. You got all of these by now. Moving onto the second stage...

SECOND STAGE - Dependent

First Area:

-Mix the chemicals in a flask: Sodium Hydroxide, Calcium Hydroxide, Methanol, then Water, neutralise the poisonous air blocking the door. Make another similar mixture for later.

-Fill up your fuel tank, put it on the shelf, grab the combat boots. If you don't then the shelf will fall on you but you can still acquire the boots.

-Use the combat boots and the pliers on the wire, which will get you past the electric fountain

-Grab the golden key from the devil and go back to the prison. Remember the door with the golden padlock? It's the one on the middle row of rooms, furthest to the right. Grab the card key

-Swipe the card key to access the labs in the NE part of the map.

-go into the gas chamber, choose handle no.4, grab the gas mask and inject yourself with serum (from the fridge).

-use the card key on the code door and enter 0512 (use the hand icon instead of just touching).

Second Area: (After the Code Door)

-After obtaining the metal ball from the room full of junk, head to the locker room area. Inspect the door on the left (the girls washroom) and use the pliers to turn the key stuck in the lock. Obtain the chain from here.

-In the boys washroom use neutralizer in the washroom in the pool of poison, attach the ball and chain the the shower and break the pool. Obtain the crowbar from the bottom of the pool.

-use the crowbar to pry the wall panels to cover the spikes

-use the ball and chain again to break the cracked wall in exercise room.

- use knife on curtain of dark room to get black cloth.

- Use crowbar on floor in target shooting room to deactivate sensors.

- go to Counter area in the next room, pick up a crossbow

- use crossbow to shot the wooden board stuck between gears

- push button in same room

- look at the pictures, 'touch' the safe one (its the one on the far left)

- after memory scene (you receive a cross) head back down to the dead priest in robes (BF3 with the eastern elevator on BF2)

- Once you arrive and 'touch' another memory scene, then you can finally take the cross from his hands (I wanted to do that the first time already! argh! ^^)

- With both crosses head back to BF1 via elevators or stairs (whatever you prefer), use them with the door with two keyholes opposite the Security Room; Passion on the left and Hymn on the right (other way round doesn't work).

THIRD STAGE - Flesh and Blood

- Head NE to Chapel, the banks apparently only give small goodies (sticks f.e.)... don't bother.

- Examine the Altar for a Key

- Go Southeast to a starshaped area - head for the center and use the key (the other rooms are all locked right now so again, don't bother... time safer :) )

- Touch the smiling kid's statue (might also happen with the sad one, can anyone verify?) to unlock all doors in this area.

- Visit all rooms, touch every statue in each room in order to get a few coloured globes

- Use the coloured globes with the two statues in the center room (don't worry, they basically assign themselves... just use all of them).


- Ignore most of the rooms here for a while (almost ALL of them are locked... -.- Hate it), instead head north, then west (in the east is a bomb on the floor so don't go there yet ;) ). Enter the room in this corridor to find grenades, bullets and a seemingly infinite supply of bolts.

- Continue West down the corridor, then South. Enter the second room. Throw a grenade into the tank and GET OUT. ;) Reenter, take the keyring (it will 'get lost' after opening the three rooms close to this one)

1- After get keyring, open the only 3 unlock door (keyring disappear after)

2- Cut the rope with knife to get the rope.

3- combine rope with arrow. Use Crossbow with arrow+rope in Coat to get it

4- Get Desk key in coat and open the Desk (from another room) to get flare.

5- Return to most left room (bottom-left room in the right area where the bug is)

6- Use Crowbar to make 2 hole in the wall.

7- go back to next room. Put the hose in the gas tank and the hole. Turn on the gas.

8- Use flare at another hole. (fire start to rig the bugs). TURN OFF THE GAS.

9- Get shovel and Towel from the room

10- go to right most room (take the bottom-right path). Use grenade to get rig the boulder.

11- Enter and read the wall.

12- find the Spear key inside. Use the 2x4 to avoid trap.

13- Go to the middle map. Locate in middle and bottom of Security Office. Where the horizontal stair are. On the ways you can use shovel to open the path.

14- Go down the stair. Use crowbar on Altar. Go down the stair.

15- Cut scene... (I love the cut scenes in this game). You are in middle of the map (remember this location?). Open the door. Examine the grey cabinet in back. The key hole is busted. Use bullet in cabinet and use Crowbar to blow it up.

More to follow...

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