Thesis Students Master Page

Please enter your name, title of your project, and contact information below. Put two brackets [[ ]] on each side of your name to create a link to a personal page for yourself (and me) to keep track of your progress on your projects.

If you need editing help, click on the button at the bottom of this page that says "editing help" and read the directions. One of the best ways of learning how to do your own page is to go the page of a fellow student, click on the edit button and you can see how the page was set up to get the effect. You can then copy the format for your own. Billie has a very nice one.

You are strongly encouraged to visit one anothers pages and to offer comments and suggestions on one another's projects. Remember, you are colleagues and there is a great deal you can learn from one another.

(Note to the 12 or 13 of you who have not created your pages --you must have your page up by the end of July. Do it NOW)

Student list

Useful Links and Resources

my community



Articles which I believe can be useful to all the community, please take a look and fill free to comet and to add articles. (Billie)

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