the V's movie spoof of thieves joken


  • Thieves Joken as Himself
  • Tulio as Tarzan (Adult)
  • Mcguel's Parents as The Proffesor's Parents
  • Mcguel as The Proffessor
  • Tulio's Parents as Jane's Parents
  • Chel as Jane
  • Tzekel-Khan's Parents as Clayton's Parents
  • Tzekel-Khan as Clayton
  • Chel's Parents as Tarzan
  • Baby Chel as Tarzan (baby)
  • Buster as Ranger Smith, Slagglepuss and Quick Draw McGraw
  • Big Ears (T,JyE Rooke, Batfink) as Top Cat
  • Simbad Magilla Gorilla as Yogi Bear, Dick, Snooper, Doggie Daddy
  • the Captain as Boo-Boo, Muttley, Huck Hound, Aggle Doggie, Blabber


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