Things & Stuff ran for One Season in 2003.

Things and stuff
Snapshot from episode 2
Run Time10 mins
Creator(s)Brett Barnett
StarringDanielle Shimwell

Jake Buckingham
Courtney Shimwell
Toni Buckingham
Brett Barnett.

Original RunDecember 26 2003, December 2003, February(?) 2007 -
# of Episodes4 (original series) 14 (new series)

The Original Things & Stuff

The original series ran for one season of four episodes in December 2003. There was no official ending or cancellation, the shooting simply ended.

The look

The original series was edited while shooting (that is - no editing was done to the footage post) and featured a single question being answered by a characters, followed by various cutting techiniques to the next question.

=The Episodes

01 Television 02 Gardening 03 Beauty 04 Books


Danielle Courtney Missi and gal Jake Barbie Brett Blinky


The original series featured, Blinky (voiced by Brett Barnett), a three-eyes fish in a water cooler. Blinky is actually the blinky figure within the water cooler produced by the simpsons.

New Series

In 2006, it was announced that T&S, along with The Old Folks would have a new remade season of episodes. It was then announced that The Old Folks was no longer getting this. Due to the simplicities of filming an episode of T&S though, they still decided to continue with this.

The Look

"We want to recapture the glory days."

The look of the show will be based on the original series and will be shot and produced in the same way. "It's essentially a second series, just entitled the first," and it will follow the same patterns.

The episodes

1.01 Television
1.02 Gardening
1.03 Beauty
1.04 Books
1.05 Valentine - bit late, but oh well.
1.06 Food
1.07 Music
1.08 Technology
1.09 Movies
1.10 Pet Peeves
1.11 Easter
1.12 Friends
1.13 Internet
1.14 Endings

There is also a proposed Christmas special.

The Characters

The new characters have not been announced, simply because "We haven't got them," but they will be shortly. this quote reveals the latest character news:

"None of the old characters are returning... except one special guy, but I won't tell you yet..."

Despite that quote, 15 seconds later it was revealed that Blinky would be the returning guy.

Things & Stuff
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