Player's Main Name, Aliases and why they chose those names (What they mean) Last Updated: 3/15/2006 Newest Updates: 44, Chief, Cloud, DJWings, Fatlips, fishtank, hiromi, infinite monkey, IO, Jacques, Jay, KKB, LGM, Lonewolf, Mark, Monica, Neva Die, Paisano, racer445, scytheman, serial killa,

44 All the greats wore #44 -- Reggie, Ernie Davis, Hank Aaron, Jim Brown...and so, so many more. Plus, I love saying "fo fo fo fo" when I've scored four goals, and "fi fo fo fo" at five goals. Corny? Yes. Does it make me laugh? Every time. 132 (when in a heavy) -44 (when in a negative mood) Fo fo Fo fizzle 2(X+6)-56=X Huckleberry Bush Must Go WhiteOnRice MeWhiteURice (something like that)

56k Lag Man "56k Lag Man" because my modem was slow as I tied up the phone lines... No longer the case, but '1.5Mb Lag Man' doesn't have the same ring to it...

8~Ball Lunatank toot (UF)kma PooperTrooper LMB ZZ~Bop PaPPy

Admiral Spark #3 My name is admSPA#12 for a few reasons. I own my own army called the Blacksun Special Operations Division, and I am the admiral, hence "adm". SPA is short for Spark, and #12 is my rank in spark.

AncientOne(SA/DAS/UDU/GB) Come on....everyone thinks I'm ancient, like really ancient!!! If I was that old, I would be in the hospital instead of playing this game. Also each of my names had a meaning. My name Ancientone, means that I am frail, but fast as the wind, making me a light.

Anonymous Dick Hertzer Jak lee Skrotum JesseJames (allegedly) TankSkank Princess Monoke Sociopath Oreo Filling

Ass Clone Army The High Command Nip Nop Creepy Mummy Mamby Pants

Ass Hat My friend uses "ass hat" as a friendly insult and I always thought it was funny as hell. From two old sayings. 1: "'ll be wearing your ass for a hat." 2: "You've got your head up your ass." I try not to take the game TOO seriously

Asterisk All I know is that I was trudging through the apple site's mac os x downloads, and I saw this game called thinktanks. I said, oh what the heck, maybe it'll be cool, and downloaded it. The very first name I picked was *, DEMO(*). I was only a demo for about a week, ever since then I've been * all the way. I don't even remember why I picked it, except that it looks cool, "Asterisk" is a neat word, and it's an interesting punctuation mark, used most often for correcting spelling mistakes (lol), as in if you say asteriks, then you say asterisk* to note the correction. The Asterisk is also used to block out swear words and signal when you have more to say at the bottom of the page. I don't know, it just seems to fit me..

Baba Hehe, time to "out" myself: Kamata


Radar(NA) Bondo

Used mainly to play in Battlemode servers, and occasionally during those "messy" day time games.

Baklava MacDaddy1 IndianOutlaw §andite Mongoose jibgiblets(BB) FooFee NoNo

Ben Sizicus Fried Chicken Zorro

Ben (not sizicus Ben) Cereal Killa 88 The Colonel Chicken

Boomo(SA/KS) (first name ever, it meant that I would blow up people like crazy) JudgeFreud (Meant that I was powerful, so I used a heavy) Sin Kanto (people thought I was sperm with this name....hhhmmmm......) NecroLord (I love things like dark arts)

BerthaCampaDiva Hola! Me Bertha Campa! Me Diva! Old names I'm holdin' onto: uRsoDEAD! uRsoDEAD! (FU) Poking Smot Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! (FU) Me now play as DoomDough when playing CTF (used to use Poking Smot heavily in CTF)

For heavy tank camp me use name BerthaCampaDiva. For light scrum & TS me play alias name of whatever come to mind.

Blackfoot (originally Jinx) Blackfoot is my favorite and I use it because I´m part Blackfoot Indian. BrainCramp is an inside joke because of some dumb things that happend in a few games. Sponge Bob I use when I´m playing against my 7 year old son. Stonehead is a nickname that I had in school. Half a Brain because of some of the dumb stuff that happens to me and Pinkin Lark because Bydand uses Bimp Lizkit and we thought it would be funny. Bandit Blackfoot BrainCramp Dodgy FreakTank Half a Brain Jinx Placebo Pinkin Lark Sponge Bob Stonehead

Blazing Saddles Cherry Picker DoD

Blind Cide I started with Ass Matter because when I started there were many names with ass in them. Not to mention getting my ass kicked by ass clone army. I kept it because it looked humorous when the teleprompter said: <name> has eliminated Ass Matter. Even more humorous because it happened so often. I have taken to using 4:21 because it seems like that time of day most of the time when I'm playing. And the shorter name is harder to see. I need all the help I can get. I suck.

Bolo Bolo is my nickname that everybody uses. It started 1 night during a band practice when I was in "volatile". I got really pissed and was stinkin drunk and started acting like the guy called "bolo" on bruce lee's "enter the dragon" They started calling me that and it stuck. My previous name was killemall98 cause killemall is my favorite metallica album and 98 is when I graduated hight school. It was my hacker code name but when I went to college everyone knew it was me so I had to change that to something else in case I need to use some skilz... Molo, molon, molex, bolpheous, bolex are some drunken derivatives.) aew213e4 bolo + 10K lbs Demokiller Dumbass dumbass I haha I insubordinate johhnyBbad Mithril/ mithrel oprah winfrey Stifler Usurp XLbolo

Bydand Bimp Lizkit Brain Dead Woodstock

(UF)Chief(AB) (BA)feihC(FU) Just Some Dude JustSomeDude KissMyAss NotChief Unknown Unknown YoMAMA

Chuck I hate to one up Pest but I'm 50. Am I the oldest?

CodeMaster MR Kev IN (demo name) -(0)-(0)- Lard Lad O\_/o Dragon of Sin (yes, I was a dragon once) AIM HERE )Y( CodeMaster Cheese [Bot]

C¤n© I have the name Con because its my nickname. My real name is Conrad

Cloud Tropico Beginning of End

CowBoy Ok what my name means ok well I`m not from texas so no I`m not a reall cowboy im canadain and I fish and I`m one of the best on the coast. I`ve been through some of the tuffest seas where boats twice are size went on the rocks and they where on the loight side of the storm I was at race rocks one of the worst spots on the west coast in a storm going to 2 notch backwards(about 5 mph)in and 40 ft comercial boat in hurrricane force winds a tanker about a mile behind us was in trouble too and there about 1,000 feet. But anyways getting side tracked So why my name is cowboy first off I didn`t like my old name kill_u so I tohught umm....cowboy,wild,good shot,fast,and polite,and doesn`t take sh*t and thats like me. Oh and @lep humans are higher on the food chain the lepards! Eat my 8round mag.! Cowboy-who actually is a fisherman

Corey (FU) I think we all know what the "FU" stands for... (flipping off the screen)... Course corey is my name so that pretty much explains that too...

Cyber(€/TWC/FH) I like computers and all so I thought I should become... CYBERTANK OF TANKSPACE!

Daimbranage Interesting thread. Isn't it funny how we aquire nicknames due to events and associations. Mine is faily simple and based on the concept of the game. Aliens stealing human brains and sticking them in tanks for their own amusment. Well what if they dropped one? I'm sure aliens make mistakes too. So my name is implying a condition = brain damage.

DJ Wings Gentoo sw33t r3v3nga Buffalo Wings (when I'm in a heavy, obviously Konqui, at your service.

Ducky Daisy Duke Dukes Origins obvious to those who have seen and loved Dukes of Hazard. I find I get hassled less with a less aggressive, more feminine name. Ohio...came from a song by Gillian Welch that goes 'Oh me oh my-oh, look at miss ohio, running around with the rag top down, she says she wants to do right but not right now'... Good song, and I was listening to it when I registered with TT.

DanMac Abbadon TT Police #6 (Mark Martin - favourite driver)

Dash Gnu marmot wombat hyrax PenguinOfCarnage (and other variants) Guido Sarducci Shooter McGavin

Deathatron Mine is simple death an a to link and tron makes it sound like I kill really quikly(though I do tend to)

Demolition I used to be (demo) lition then I registered as Demolition. (Not to be confused with Demolition Man) When I found out there was also a Demolition Man, my name lost some of it's appeal. I was a bit of a bm'er in scrums at first, but I have gradually become less and less so. So, as I get better, I like to start with a clean slate every now and then. Other names I have gone by recently or not so reccently are: Demo (Lition) Dirty Mmm Braains Moxy Old Man Spoonman Zoom Zoom

Duke Nukem WHen I got the game my friend tried to think of a so did I......THen my friend yelled " Duke Nukum" I said "What?" THe name is some sort of umm.........guy who is wanted in a comic book for 50,000,000,000,000,000. Also I like Nuclear BOmbs......Odd I know Thats It


  • saiph

FatLips (SM)fang(CH) Cream N Sugar fl (U) M3 M3 Mfunf NYUrban Safari IBotI

Fishtank Lorax

Fleabiscuit Maybe PEST, Sluggy, Duffer, and myself should form a geriatric team! We'll make it open to anyone >45. Who else can qualify?

Fred (UF/SA)© GameMaster© DrFracture© Master Some©

Ge0rge Based on both my personal and professional interest in our Earth. I'm a Hydrogeologist (environmental resource protection and cleanup) by trade and a rock hound, trail hiker and map lover by heart.

HankstaTanksta 1# tankster TT_Cruiser

Hatter BurnUHeathen

Him Him(TT)

hiromi Ritz Shaytoyan amBB

Hugobrain In the earliest days of the Great Rebellion of the Brains (GRB, also code-named 'Operation Garbage'), I was in the first wave of courageous brains that broke in the Alien Mind Control headquarters. I was the one who pressed the purple 'Brain Smoke Release' key, thus freeing the millions of small brains that were toiling in the iron mine on Pituary Plateau. News of the rebellion quickly broke out, and Alien Mind Control sent his armies to stop us. We fought a long protracted battle, and the tide turned many a time. We finally triumphed after WAY too many hours staying up playing, and half our fellow brains lying wasted forever. Then the core of us of the old guard, before we had our current names (Tank Dork, Tally Ho, Azazel, Prey, Tankster, FP, Jangles and many others) decided to create a Fellowship of the Tank and to pursue the rebellion on every maps of the universe. It was then that I was christened 'Hugobrain' for my capacity at orchestrating team play and my intuitive role-shifting (from runner to camper to blocker to prankster to passer). You know your team will win when Brain's in da game. HugoBaarain Micheal Jackson HugoBrain(Bot) HugoBrain(Sheep) HugoBrain(Shear) HugoBrain(Shorn) HugoBrain(Baaaa)

Ice Punk I've always had elements in my name (Ice Flame, Dragon Fire, Iced Over) and as a demo I had ice as my name, DEMO (Ice), and one time I was playing scrum and just and the guy was about to get to the goal I came from the side, smashed him, got the scrum, shot him dead and scored (no I wasn't camping, it was just really good timing and he was already smoking) and then he called me punk. So since then I changed my name to Ice Punk. Jayelle

InfiniteMonkey AardentAardvark aGuyInaBearSuit AudibleOtter DirtyDingusMcGee EloquentElk GnimbleGnu Hugh Jass LleapingLlama MediumRare Mjolnir ModestMoose MysteriousMink Portabello PortablePossum RandomRaccoon ReusableRhino SimpleSalmon SuppleSasquatch TolerantTrout

Io (well its my standard name) B) Ciao Belli Jamais Nonplus (I like it so much...) Karl Marx Lady wont mind MALASUERTE! mind this trick ping floyd RADIO KABUL reckless employe Sex Dwarf supersonic BRICK the human bean

jacques avon lady

JamesBomb macr0t0r SteelAngel Sh1t4br41ns

jay All Bait Inferno

KentuckyKillBlly KKB HighTechRedneck

KILLER ESlaser#14 laser READY to DIE born to die

Kozer Kandy Kane K0zm0sus Kr0m0zone

LEEDS The Mod Reviewer AAA SAJ

Leopard Leopard as I use it is derived from two sources, first and the most obvious- is the cat itself. The Leopard is one of the most deadly and efficient hunters in the cat phylum,silent and nasty. As well the Leopard is the only cat that will lift 3x it's own weight , drag it's prey into an elevated area- such as a tree to safeguard it from scavangers - such as quitter and the likes of that ilk. Lol. 2ndly, Leopard is also currently one of the worlds best main battle tank's, in handling and armour it is equal to most and is also the backbone of the Canadian forces armoured core. And yes I have been in one, even though I was airforce.

LGM psoriasis

LilAlienD The L A D WORD!

LoneWolf (UF/AB) ASS CRACK FUBAR (Original one, not the current one) INSANE ONE KILL EM ALL Dazzed&confused DOA Dead - Eye Flap Jack KEVLAR Magic Man Scooby-Doo SmokeSome (brand new, have yet to use it. Surfboard Zippo

MajorPain Mine's just a variation on one of the most important films of the 20th century...

mark su(UF)er alias see spot run

Master TMO Beelze |Bot| CombatCameraman

MAX-CR Combat Rock MAX©®

Memphis To add-on to the alias thing, used to be from memphis, saw it was a nickname in Gone in 60 seconds, so I tried it here and it stuck, Okahe is a Lakota word meaning "it's a good day to die"; was used before and during battle; Tokala was an exclusive Lakota warrior group, known for their ferocity in battle. I am Lakota hence the linguistics there; and memphizzle, well, about a month ago, I think every one was in an -izzle mood, so I put the -izzle in my nizzle and now I use it when I'm feelin all funk-dafizzle. Big League Chew Bishop fo shizzle on Gum Chewer memphizzle Okahe okala Guy LeDouche mysterion

Michael® Well mine is very simple to figure out.

MJ Nothing creative about my name, MJ. Just my initials. Was more interested in getting to the game than thinking up a good nickname. This is the first online game I've joined so I haven't had to worry about one before. Now, I don't want to change it (officially).

MOE Not the 3 stooges MOE Larry & curly, not MOE The lawn, not MOEron just to make it clear. M OE. Is a jam band that is awsome. If you like jamming music--find the band called "MOE." and get a live cd. You'll be glad you did. Taxi (ta ta taxi) Magnus Erectus

Monica AMERICAN GENIUS auf deutsch Freak the Mighty Jesus Is Risen! passthesalt Punching Bag Semper Fi

MonkeeMan Slinkydog hunk o'junk Marmaduke mentis militis °_° FooL Maxwell Klinger Radar O'Reilly Putty Tat Mr Glass 1/2 Empty Onion Specific Dreamer

Minnow Ted Sue Magenta!

MUSCLES© MR MOM - Have kids and you'll know why. RUN YOU FOOLS! - Line out of lord of the rings when Gandolf is about to fall off the edge of the cliff.

>Z - Because I hate emoticons so much

Lil Muscles - light tank MUSCLES - The name I use 95% of the time. Fits well since I like the HEAVY tank. I also lift large amounts of weight at the gym and the sides of small cars on occasion

Neva Die ticklemonster

NUTS! @Pai-WOOT! Your numbNUTS! Hehe I like him, havn't seen him in awhile. We still going to start the Nutball army? My aliases (havn't used in awhile) The Machine jaggedtoenail dancingHamster fartblossom (only a few times) 2BallsInASack

Oddball From the movie Kelly's Heros, Clint Eastwood and Telley Sevalis lead a goup of US soldiers on a hunt for Nazi gold near the end of WWII, with the help of Donald Sutherland as Oddball, a rogue tank commander. stealthyness The Canadian

OM I have to admit that it's difficult to properly explain what "OM" is to players in game when I get the inevitable "What is om?" query. So, here is one excellent article that goes deep into some origins, and breaks the meaning down. The meaning of OM Although the symbol is most often associated with Yoga practice, in truth, OM is a Sanskrit pictograph that represents the various states of human consciousness. OM encompasses all states, including the highest state of peace and bliss, represented by the "dot" on top, which is said to be the ultimate goal of spiritual activity. As for why I chose it; I've always been a spiritual person, which I may add, does not necessarily mean religiously devout, because I am not. I subscribe more to being a spiritually good person, rather than to any Western type of religious beliefs. Although it may seem strange to some people, I believe we are all our own little gods, capable of doing more than we often give ourselves credit for. So, my mantra is to be "one with the universe". Inside TT, I extend this to being "one with my tank" Mike JonnyBeGood

Paco Mr.Magoo Bilbo Baggins

Paisano I was born in Italy and Paisano means buddy, pal and friend. American Pai® AnnihilatoR® ASSasSin (when I feel like killing more than scoring!) BreakingWind (variation on a theme that you will see.) Cad(c)aver (only used to mock CADC--beat him 10-2 with it too!) Cherry Pai® DayRUNNER Dem0 (CrusheR) Dem0 (n00b) Fart [Bot] (usually just to mess with the minds of demo's and noobs) Flatulence (when I feel like chatting and being funny...hence my "toot" or "poot" when I score) GraveDiGGeR Hamster of Love (just to mock Gerbil of death) HolyRolleR Jackknife JarHead® (based on movie about marines) Jesus® (As member of the Holy Trinity scrum trio with GoD, 44 as HolySpirit or memphis as Bishop) Jingles (For fun game with Jangles as I pretended to be his idiot, less talented brother!) KleptoManiac MeatWagon MobyDick NumbNUTS! PitBULL PullMyFinger (the camping heavy in scrum who keeps saying "come on, pull my finger!") Pumpkin Pai-hole RazR Ro [Bot] (Another demo/noobie mind messer) RollingThundeR® SausageToes (Inside joke with TankGirl) SkullCrackeR SwipeR TheCheeseCutter (variation on a you smell it?) TombStone® ViolatoR® WhoCutTheCheese? (ok..ok...we get it!)

PEST Mine is from my initials (P. E. STanley). I've seen another player called P*E*S*T , but I've had the name for 47 years and I think that makes me the original. Does that also make me the oldest tankster? I have a few other names I use when someone is constantly out to get me as PEST. (One player used to come back in as PEST Control every time I appeared.......quite funny actually). Wun Hung Lo..........I type like I'm from the Orient. Velly good fun. Someone once tried to correct my English Panic Attack Finding DEMO.........for use when a DEMO is acting like DA CLEANER Turret Syndrome

PoisonTeeth (UF) Freedom UF/DAS/W WinSomeLoseSome (From Team Some)

Rabban Feyd (another charater from "Dune"), played in a light Loin Flap (inspired by Scrotar 666), played in a medium The Darkness (from the movie, "The Ghost and The Darkness") in a heavy

Racer445 (SA)© I am a avid RC car racer, so natrally, Racer445. erk[Cubed Symbol] (FLL) (After a First Lego League Robotics Tournement!) NeedForSpeed Raceizzle (SA)© (Scrum #2) RC10T4™ (Scrum Name) The Fo Fo Fi™ (Scrum Name) TT-R (SA/AU)© (BM only) TT-R© (BM Name) TT Police #445 (Idiot killer) Tux-Racer Xubuntu

Reagent X I am a chemist. My name refers to a missing chemical that is needed to get the job done. Observer (Rx)

ROACH(Ss) My last name is de la Rocha, people called me ROACH since 4th grade?.....well, yeah thats about has nothing to do with smoking..heh, heh...

ROGUE Bradshaw Buford T Justice Franco Harris ZEBRA Silent But Deadly: Actually this one was the first name I'd ever used. Then there are the tiimes that like everyone else I come in for one quick game under a random alias when not chatty. I usually just play as Mike, BIll, Sam, John or something simple on those days. My bro-in-law lives with me right now and plays as The Dutch Oven. Me thinks he's gotten hooked too.

(UF)Sasuke(TS Cap/SA/PBx) Sasuke DJ Mozilla DJ Marik Petey Pablo hRmm

Scytheman Iron Harrier™ ScreaMing™

serial killa azure beXta CommanderT kid vicious Lauryn™(SA) miss x-ecutioner Missionary om quikenuf SerialKiller SK sluipschutter (dutch for sneaky shooter or sniper) SuperSize Me xaoc (russian for chaos) xtreme girl

Scotty-AB/UF/ES© KilltheChicken (in fancy letters) GSXR1300 and my newest: 23!!!!!!!!!

Silo Hey guys, I'm on the newer guys around and I started off as dingo and then tex and pretty much have settled down on using Silo. In case you were wondering who Silo is. Not that you knew who dingo or tex were either. Some of the veterans in tt have been really good sports and role models. Thanks for your help.

Slugthog From an Historian friend of Granpa Sluggy: PortaSluggy

Snow AU (Demo) Snow Raven Snow Raven Snow(AU) Snow(EA\AU)

SteAlth {ES} I've got this group of friends that I've been hanging out with sense Jr. High School... There happens to be 3 David's in this group... To distinguish ourselves from eachother, one took the name David the other took Dave... I took the name DJ because my middle name is James, and that gradually evolved into the name Deej... That was about 15 years ago and people have been calling me Deej ever since... I chose the name SteAlth because it seemed fitting to my scrum skills. Originally it was Stelth, but I got made fun of for misspelling it. So when I corrected it, I emphasized the letter "A". I was going to switch it back to "a" but then Cadc invited me into the shadow army. Being someone who doesn't like to conform to the masses, I kept it the way it is... As my own unique way of expressing myself. Ookii ^w^ Atreyu (yes, Stealth confessed to being atreyu) I use the name Atrex in Battlemode... I got the names from that movie "The never ending story". Funny thing is that I never really liked the movie... I just thought the names were cool. Aside from that, I only use aliases when I'm playing against anon. He doesn't want to show me his identity, why should I show him mine? Atreyu, and his noble steed... Atrex

Stinkfingers (Mah fingers kinda stink....kinda sticky too. That would have been a good name...) 36-fat-bald-lonely vaginabloodfart Daddy's favorite Puppies!!!!!! (*)(*)titties Manhammer Meathammer Fannypumper Dr. Unk Scrotar-666 smallberries

SUPRA Supra is not the TOYOTA (although a good solid car), but rather meaning above, beyond, or transcending. It is a prefix, so the proper usage in a name should be supra- tank (i.e. A tank that is above and beyond, or transcends all others). I just kept the prefix supra for the name, rather than add anything else. Doulos (DOO los) - meaning bondservant, from Greek (retired for the most part) WILDEBEEST (as a heavy only); the animal (still in use) The Someone Else - silliness; (mostly retired, occasionally in use) Pitter*Patter - I thought of this one when I had kids,. The pitter patter of little feet.... (currently in use) (())rbit - who knows (not in use) early on I played as Panzer - but that was OH so early (at the games early inception)

TaKeNoPrIsOnErSs WW2 Rental Metard TNP(UF) tNp TnP Philly Brawler

Tally Ho Once or twiceI enter as old psychoscrum passwords; lactose, minion, when I'm not feeling so chatty. Castle Kingside came into play one night. Alias use is infrequent, one-and-done business.

TankGirl |K8| My name is taken from an "actionista" cult favorite movie titled "TankGirl". I obviously chose this name to broadcast that I am a woman and because I thought the character in the movie was bizarre and fun. Aims2Please BlitzGirl CamperKiller DaGoyle Diva Gaytheist God Swill Hellbound Herbie IceGoddess IGirl Iron Maiden ITank - (the original iTank) Katherine Lump - this is actually my five year olds TT name. MayaMama Maven NastyGas OriginalSin Photographerette PlasticParts Queen Bi She Sinner (TG) SinnerGirl Snapper TanksAlot TankYouTankYou vagetarian YooDoo - not yoodooright.

Tha_X-SWAT (ES1)(UF) Ludacris XSpRiNT

Triv " "(this means that I had an invisible name " ") Phuck J00 Threepweed Iamsolame wankware Harri The Annihilator Trivox IBotI Pimpelipompeli (>^^)> NoName Target Number #1 ¨ Arctica ¹²³ Hannibal El Campo El Pollo give some

The Professor Because you end up getting lessons from me in TT...booya! Nickname a buddy game me...for my mad teaching skillz.

Pai Mei Nader Tomater Achilles Bully Porter At the Top Betty Chunk

Turnabout Tink Tuobanrut Turna[bot] Tinkaboutit

Vanbuskirk I am a big fan of golden age Science Fiction. One of the first book series I read was The Lensman Series by E.E. 'Doc" smith. Think star wars but give it an even more space opera feel. The main Character in the Later part of the series is "Kimball Kinnison" the end result of secret thousands of years long genetics program. The problem I had was "kimball" was not the right person to be driving tanks around, so I quickly switched to his long time 'sidekick' Vanbuzkirk, or 'Buzz"

VashStampede Big *o* Inxtc420 (my demo name) Trigun22 ttpolice#22 Vampirehunter*d* (use during the nightgames only) Vash VashStampede Whitecumstain Wwwusuckcom


Z Amne-z-a Spartacus Steel Samurai The Godfather Trouble Zoggles

Zach (UF/BH) "UF" stands for Unstoppable Force. Zach is just a name. BH is the alliance me & Barf made when put together we controll the whole game!!!Sadly enough I havent cn Barf in months MONTHS im afraid him may have taken away the Barf zacH part of his name.

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