What is Thinkfeel?

Thinkfeel is essentially the oppostie of feelthink. Thinkfeel, however, requires the mind to be able to do two contrary things: to deny that thought is necassary, and all the while to feel that thinking is necassary. This implies that thinking at times is not needed - a daydream of thoughts would do just as well. The interesting glitch of this term is that feeling is more emphasized than ever. Feeling is key in this terminology's use.

How does Thinkfeel Function?

The functionality of thinkfeel is much like to those of Feelthink. This word which contains two contradicting meanings hold that reality is based on thoughts, and not ideas. Feelings is all that is needed. An unconscious desire must be met - for so long as it is able to be denied by the person whose practising thinkfeel.

Implications of Thinkfeel and other related Terms

The implications, and thought processes of thinkfeel is that it is employed in the sciences especially the classical sciences. In science, say physics, biology, and chemistry, there would be no need to think at all while doing those questions. This meas that feeling is irrelevant, and insignificant for so long as it is used for a wise reason. Science - it is based on speculations, and those speculations are based on theories, which are still based on ideas, and realistic observations. A master of thinkfeel, or feelthink would be able to make sense, or nonsense of what is known, and what is believed.

The political implications of thinkfeel is that politicans at times have no need to think, they could easily pretend in their political lifestyle. The feelings of the people - to the thinkfeel politician - is unimportant, for so long as they are able to think for the masses, and defeat the feelings of the masses by controlling their feelings.

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