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The Third Federation is a current RPG/Nation sim using a forum and a unique and vibrant background.

Site for the game = Third Federation

Third Federation Timeline
The following is the introduction to the game.

Humanity's Future History:

Humanity rises and humanity falls, and then it continues over again. The great empires of Earth did this for millenia. When humanity reached into space the same happened. The First Federation ruled the Sol System and kept it from breaking out into religious, ethnic, planetarist, and cultural wars. Then humanity reached the distant stars, and for more than a century they wandered and colonize, and did so freely, with little interference from Sol. A small confederacy spread over the stars for decades, but soon the planets wanted independence, and the government collapsed. The core systems reformed it, rebuilt its military, and conquered all of known space. The reign of the Second Federation began. They found an alien species who integrated with human civilization, and ruled for centuries more, until their inevitable collapse. Like the fall of Rome and its empire, many different things brought this system crashing down, and civilization was brought to its knees. but this time, communication and travel was cut off. No visiting or talking to another star system for 500 years....


The current date unknown on the old calandar. SolGov and Space Pope of the Orthodoxy declare that with the restart of the Ansible Network, the new year is 1 RB: 1 year after the Rebirth of Humanity. Other planets have their own dating system, but more or less agree that with the opening of the Ansible Network again, this is a new beginning for the Human and Ik'Tae species. SolGov starts the Core Empire Council and the Council for Doctrine led by the Space Pope in an effort to reunify the Human/Ik'Tae species into a new signular government.

Several planets who wish to be independent of the CorEmp band together and create their own governments. The Communion of Worlds works to defend themselves should the CorEmp try and attack them, but has little in common, no leadership and much infighting. The Federation of Free Systems, a band of systems able to keep up ties through mostly luck, has become a set of bickering states who only hold together now through their fear of each other and hate for Sol. The Darkin Empire streches beyond the outer edge of former human space, and claims to be the rightful hier to humanity's future.

In the dawn of the third age of humanity, some want to rule, some want to be left alone, some want to do business, and some want to create....

The Third Federation

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