This is the timeline and history of Third Federation.


Man has killed man from the beginning of time, and each new frontier has brought new ways and new places to die. Why should the future be different?
Col. Corazon Santiago
"Planet: A Survivalist's Guide"

  • Present to 2134 - Humanity continues space exploration, and heads onto other planets. Soon all the inner planets of the solar system either have human settlements in them (Mercury) on them (Earth & Mars) or over them (Venus' terraforming stations & Earth's colony stations). The moons of the outer planets start filling up with self-sufficient research stations and mining facilities. A US/EU mission sets up an observatory facility on Pluto. While the creation of Superstates whom all have access to ICBM and NBC technologies creates a limit on conflict around the world, the growth of populations causes a need to find more space. Colony stations are set up over the earth And several cities are set up on the moon.
Colonists start terraforming Mars and Venus, a slow and arduous process. Arguments over how things should be done off Earth creates the need for Space Fleets, and marine armies. The first conflict was over Mars between the United States of North America, the Socialist Siberian Republic, and the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. After a year of conflict across the system which led to several hundred million dead, the UN called an emergency meeting.
At the meeting, a set of rules were set down by the membership, limiting the military while increasing the cooperations of all. All non-Terran based militaries would be brought together under the new organization: the Sol Protectors. All Earth-based militaries were relegated to only be used for national defense and all space colonies and Lunar colonies are relegated as "independent of all Earth-based government." They however still were under the control of the Sol Protectors, and their taxes were enough to fund the organization.
Not being given independence, those on Mars, Venus, and Mercury hold a week-long, simultaneous strike. Sol Protectors arrive and break up strikes; force people back to work. Sol Protectors claim Mars' moons Phobos and Diemos as their new Martian bases. Resentment for Earth and the Sol Protectors seethes for a generation.
  • 2134
    • March - War of Halley's Comet: Independent Miners of Mercury, Venusian Front, and Martian Militias fight for independence from Earth-based governments. The conflict last for several months.
    • May - IMM rebels stuck in mines and raid for supplies, Venusian Front flees to the surface of Venus and set up underground bunkers to live in, Earth captures last of the Venusian terraforming stations, Martian Militias control all of Mars and its two moons.
    • July - Rebellion on Galilean moons put down, full force of Earth militaries come down on Martian Free State.
    • Late August - All rebellions put down, Martian moons under military control, Martian Militias a continuous problem for the next 5 years. The most well known militias, the Mollys (Irish Catholics) and Los Hijos del Dios (The Sons of God, Latin Catholics), are believed to be in control of most local governments over this time.
    • September - The 11 Superstates of Earth (United States of North America, Repúblicas De la Libertad, European Commonwealth, Siberian Socialist Republic, East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, South Asia Coalition, Indonesian Dominion, Asian Protective Federation, Islamic Democratic People's Republic of Africa, Democratic Republics of the Congo, Southern Socialist African States) send delegates to Tycho City on the moon to start the creation of a new government.
    • December - with the creation of the Unified Human Federation, elections are held all across Human territory for delegates, though in most sectors only those loyal to the former Earth-based governments are allowed to vote. Every superstate on Earth gets 1 delegate, and every other orbit gets 1 delegate (Mercury, Venus, Luna & Earth space stations, Mars, Galilean moons of Jupiter, Saturn's Moons, Uranus' Moons, Neptune's moon Triton, and Pluto with its moon Charon) which means 11 votes for Earth and 9 votes for all the other territories. The election for the President of UHF goes to the candidate Yoo Kim-kwon from Korea over the American candidate James Arnold and the Martian candidate Manuel O'Malley.
  • 2135, January 1st - Unification Day is declared by the new "President of Sol and all Humanity." Sol Protectors are made into the military of the UHF, and governors are put in place to control the non-Earth planets. All major changes to the Constitution of Humanity require a population vote (every member gains votes equal to the number of citizens they vote for) in order to pass. Earth has 10+ billion citizens, the rest of the Sol system holds ~2 billion citizens. Most of Mars' population is not given citizenship at this time.

2139 - The last sections of the Martian Militias are captured in the Grand Cathedral of Mars. The loss causes Martian patriots to march down Main Street of Ares, the planet's capital, from the Grand Cathedral to the offices of the Martian government. The protest is peacefully broken up, and all Martians are given citizenship. The last Martian Militia members are executed as traitors on the 5th anniversary of the Martian capture of Phobos and Deimos.


You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.
Irish Saying

  • ~2140-2170 - Widespread violence under UHF rule as governments try unsuccessfully to cope with the influx of weapons into non-military hands. The San Angeles conflict beings when street gangs take control of the megacity, UNF military destroys resistance over several months, ending up demolishing most of the megacity. General riots and resistance plague the government into the 2170s.
  • ~2150 - Almost all weather on Earth is controlled through various technological means, a space elevator reaching from the moon's surface all the way to the upper atmosphere of the Earth is finished for quick transit between the two celestial bodies, and Fusion power has created a need for the gas mining of the outer planets.
  • ~2165 - Terraforming of Mars and Venus ends. Colonists move down to Venusian surface to find the survivors of the Venusian Front. The United Defense Forces move in and subjugate them. New space colonies start to show up over Mars and Venus as people leave Earth for the new planets. Humanity now numbers over 20 billion.
  • 2165
    • Religious division of humanity: 31% Muslim (91% Sunni), 24% non-religious, 20% Christian (includes Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and others), 11% Buddhist (various), 4% Baha'i, 10% various other religions.
    • February - The new Pope Alexander X called together an “Ecumenical Council of the Christian Faith” which invited every Christian denomination to Nuevo Paradiso, a predominantly-Catholic space station. The council is to discuss a way to bring together Christianity and Humanity and heal their divisions. He gives a siring speech to open the week-long meeting:
"The war and current fighting has not only split families and peoples and our species as a whole, but has split our beliefs in Almighty God. We must work to unify ourselves in our beliefs, in hopes to mend the wounds of thousands of years of war and religious schism. Please, let us work together towards the betterment of our faith and the unity of our common beliefs so that we may bring a brighter future for all."
    • April - The "Ecumenical Council of the Christian Faith" comes to a close over a month after it was scheduled to. Supposed to find a way to bring togetherness in the Christian churches, it ends up being the creation of a new religion with a changed structure and new basis of faith: The Catholic Orthodox Church of Christ. 75% of all Christian denominations and 65% of all Christians join this new church.
    • June - Union of most churches on Mars leads to the formation of the Reformed Martian Catholic Church. They, born out of the former Martian rebels, are the heads of a movement called the Heterodoxy which calls for the diversity of religion and petitions the UHF to support such measures with the creation of a government council on religion.
    • July - UHF sets up the Council on Religious Affairs (CRA) to protect the separate religions from infighting, and their first act which was known as "Missionaria Protectiva" tried to work towards that effort by guaranteeing all religious members freedom to spread their religion so long as it didn't spread hate or condone violence or law-breaking. At first representation was based on the number of followers a religion had but this caused controversy as the government did not make distinctions for different denominations or sects of religions (thus all Sunni and Shi'a were marked "Muslim," all Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy marked "Christian") and many times people of one view would hold positions for those with other views.
    • August - CRA is changed. Any religion, denomination, or sect which holds over 100,000 members now has a voice on the council, and if it has more than 1 million members it also gets 1 vote to pass legislation to the UHF government.
  • Early 2169 - One day, pondering the course the Catholic Orthodox Church of Christ should take, Alexander X experienced an epiphany of Christ, not as a savior in the clouds but as the indwelling spirit within his own Heart. Before his startled eyes the figure changed into the form of Buddha, Krishna, and other religious and deific figures. Finally, the whole dissolved into a brilliant Light. As the epiphany faded, Alexander X realized, in the face of this unity, he could no longer affirm the truth of one religion as greater than all the others. Pope Alexander X claimed that "Because God is One, it is the same God that informs other faiths as also informs one's own. Let all believers thus be united in the affirmation of the Oneness of God and the siblinghood of all people." Several other religious leaders confirm similar experiences over the past 5 years.
  • Mid 2169 - A motion in the CRA is put forward to unify the separate religions into one. Pope Alexander X claimed that "Because God is One, it is the same God that informs other faiths as also informs one's own. Let all believers thus be united in the affirmation of the Oneness of God and the siblinghood of all people." Tensions run high and several small riots are put down across the system by the Sol Protectors. The center of the religious unification was a large movement by the Baha'i religion who pushed the idea of the Pope being a form of the "Supreme Manifestation of God" which would come from time to time to create a better understanding of God's plan, and even found a common ground with the Orthodoxy and even some Muslim, Hindu, and pagan sects.
  • November 2169 - The combined efforts of the unification movement creates the Blue Follower's Enchiridion (Handbook) which was a creation which unified most religious texts into one set of stories, removed all redundant or contradictory information, and claimed to add nothing "that hadn't already been passed down by the Almighty." Unification movement uses this to start unifying all religions which supported the new book.
  • 2170 - This new book and religion were seized by the UHF as the "frontier of Humanity's spiritual ascension" and quickly became the State Religion (although all others were still protected). The CRA was remade into the Blue Orthodox Council of Affairs (BOCA) and all non-Orthodox members were removed. The Heterodoxy (now all non-Orthodox religions which want to stay independent) sets up the Council of Diversity, which continually brought the government to court over the relationship of the state and church, such as the Pope being the head of the Orthodoxy and a representative within the Senate, but were continually defeated. Many times the Heterodoxy was shown in the press to be unfaithful or sinful people, as well as rebellious and stupid, playing on the fact that most of the Heterodoxy and its followers' were based within the colonies which had just rebelled a generation ago.
  • Late 2170 - The identification of several truly unique species of plants and animals on Mars and Venus which had slowly evolved over the years occurs. These species are the first "aliens" humanity had seen, and this revelation was seen by the Heterodox as a sign of their righteousness as "God gave them new creatures with which to view His wonder."
  • 2172 - discovery of the Unification Theory allows for the unification of the electormagnetic and gravty forces of nature. Applications for artificial and hover technology in development.
  • 2173 - All space and moon colonies given Earth-standard gravity. Work on "planetary artificial gravity" in progress.
  • 2174 - Start on Martian and Venusian Planetary Gravity Fields.
  • 2177 - Ares incident. The planetary artificial gravity malfunctions on Mars and destroyed their largest city, Ares. The Society of Ares is created to help “fix” the planetary gravity to 1g, and to rebuild Ares. It would go on to become the largest organization to focus on the betterment of the Sol colonies, with heavy backing from the Council of Diversity and the separate sects of the Heterodoxy. Before the end of the 22nd Century, the Society of Ares will spend more on the colonies than the UHF.

Late 2170s - Cybernetic enhancement becomes a major fad, with people getting "cool" enhancements.

  • 2190s - after a lull, Cybernetic enhancement becomes mainstream, with many gaining more and more Cybernetic enhancement to become "better."
  • 2210s - The drive for "advancement of self" starts the commercial genetic engineering craze. This "gengeneering" starts to compete with cybernetics as the most used enhancement to make humanity "better."
  • 2220s - Both enhancements stop abruptly due to waves of "Purity Terrorism." A group known as Baselines, create a wave of terror across the solar system, setting of EMP pulses to knock out cities and the cybernetics attached to people. Some attachments malfunctioned, wounding or killing many. They also created viruses which were spread through the air, water, and food of humanity and would not do harm to regular people, but reversed the genetic alterations that many had taken on or killed those with them.
  • 2223 - Heretical Priest Bogmal, leader of the Baselines, makes an announcement claiming "humanity has lost its path to God and had become self-centered. We must be returned to our righteousness." The UHF creates a special task force to hunt down the Baselines and reverse their attacks, known as the Special Security Forces. Creation of Homo Militis, genetic creations born of artificial wombs bred to fight and die for the Baselines.
  • 2225 - Unknown to everyone else, the population of Tartarus on Pluto is secretly replaced with Homo Militis. Tartarus becomes the Baselines' secret headquarters.
  • 2227 - Baselines fight Federation over Tartarus. Homo Militis population and Baseline terrorists fight against Federation forces, mainly their new soldiers known as the "Juiced" due to their heavy use of chemical cocktails to increase viability on the battlefield. As Juiced troops reach the center complex of the city, secret nuclear silos launch strikes against the fleet overhead, causing massive damage. The remaining fleet bombards suspected nuclear sites until the city disappears in the detonation of the Baselines' last nuclear weapon, wiping out themselves, the Homo Militis, and all the new Juiced troopers.
    • December, 2227 - UHF passes Anti-Modification Amendment, making it illegal to modify your body beyond human norm using cybernetics or gengineering. It also curtails research into research into these fields, and into creation of invitro humans grown into adult stage. Rumors persist that new "Juiced" supersoldiers are actually invitros.


Experience is a revelation in the light of which we renounce our errors of youth for those of age.
Ambrose Bierce

  • 2236 - The first intelligent robot, able to carry out menial tasks and reason at basic levels of intelligence, is commercialized and revolutionizes society. The middle class grows and becomes more comfortable, while the lower class is out of work. The government, now overburdened with unemployment. To remedy this, they create a huge surplus by doubling all taxes and gives everyone in the solar system enough money every year to survive. Those who want to make their lives more comfortable are able to do so, and those that want to waste away may do so as well.
  • 2241 - The first intelligent robots are sent to nearby stars to explore and find out their viability as colonization spots. They are to send a message back on information on all planets which are colonizable in a system before moving on to the next system at 90% the speed of light. their orders were to search for 100 years and then return home if possible.
  • ~2250 - Ansiable is created by Dr. Scott. Instantaneous communication is now possible for everyone, yet the government does not allow the information out. They use it to coordinate the government and cause it to run more efficiently than ever before. Dr. Scott and colleagues secretly create an ansiable network of their own. The doctor goes before the government and asks for funding for a university-run experiment. He gets it and their network and tests are given government funding.
  • 2277 - The first messages from the probes sent out to scout the universe come back, and terraforming ships run by intelligent computers are launched.
  • 2279 - The first space probe with an ansiable inside is launched from Neptune. Its information is instantaneously transmitted back to the ansiable network. The discovery of the brown dwarf star Nemesis leads to the declassification of the ansiable network. The current separate internets which thrived in their individuality, soon are merged into one Network.
  • 2300-2700 – Golden Age of Humanity. Humanity spreads throughout the stars, and various advances are made.
  • ~2300 - With the use of the ansiable technology, jumpgates are created. They cut down transit time between worlds, and soon are used to allow mining of the Oort Cloud beyond Neptune. Groups of people sneak through these portals on generation ships and head out to the stars.
  • ~2310 - The first jumpgate to be sent to another system is launched towards the Centauri System, our closest neighbors.
  • ~2330 - The first jumpgate to be sent to another system finally reached the Centauri System. It is turned on by Ansiable and the first explorers are launched through. They find several worlds that could be terraformed, like Venus and Mars were.
  • ~2350 - Martian terraforming is complete. Gravity Pumps allow the planet to stay at Earth norm gravity. This is essential to contain the atmosphere of Mars.
  • ~2360 - Venusian terraforming is complete. All terraforming, now nearly completely under the command of the Society of Ares, moves to the Centauri system.
  • ~2400 - Several planets of the Centauri system are terraformed and colonized. By now 15 other system have been colonized in this fashion, and are starting to terraform their worlds.
  • ~2410 - Ik'Tae homeworlds found. First contact established and after some time translation and communication were able to be carried out.
  • ~2500 - 30 systems colonized as it becomes harder and harder to launch jumpgates further and further.
  • ~2550 - Development of the Jumpdrive. Exploration and colonization increases exponentially over the next few decades and the UHF loses its monopoly over jump technology. Colonies are secretly set up while others openly rebel.
  • ~2600 - The UHF, unable to handle the breakup of its power, slowly declines. The Military takes over more and more power in the government until it finally declares itself the Galactic People's Confederated State and carries out a quick coup. Many colonies flock to the new Confederation, those that don't are soon conquered by the first jump-capable warships.


Our ignorance is not so vast as our failure to use what we know.
M. King Hubbert

  • ~2700 - Golden Age of humanity ends
    • Only a century ago the Galactic People's Confederated State was founded after brutally beating down the governments of all its member worlds, and so those who wished to escape it colonized further and further out, and were only slowly followed by the long arm of the Federated State. Many groups who wanted to escape the government jumped further and further away, taking the harsh life of terraforming and survival on alien worlds to being under the State.
    • First Cracks in the Federated State Appear.
  • ~2710 - Movement for Cybernetic and Geneforming rights gains strength throughout the Empire.
  • ~2720 - First case of a robot purposefully killing a human.
    • Da Vinci Virus infects the computers of 10 worlds, plastering the worlds with the art of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • ~2740 - Tryphan Plague wipes out 5 planets before being contained. 3 more planets are destroyed from orbit to contain the virus.
  • ~2750 - First contact with the "Darkin" people. Look like humans and speak our language but claim to have evolved from another system. DNA shows similarities.
  • ~2780 - Half the Senate is found to be on bribes in an expose, confidence in government is at an all time low


Where wealth accumulates, men decay.
Oliver Goldsmith

  • ~2800 - First robot rebellion slaughters the people of Fornax 4 before leaving the world stripped bare of technology.
  • ~2840 - First signs of a civil war. Government fractured between "Core" and "Periphery".
  • ~2870 - simultaneous riots on 15 worlds lead to martial law being declared throughout the Federated State. Violent backlash is found throughout the State.
  • ~2900 - Start of the civil war, 1/3rd of the military and government declare themselves independent of the Federated State. Federated State sends out its forces to quell the rebellion.
  • ~2950 - Robotic Rebellion. Robots move to wipe out all human and Ik'tae life. Rebels and Federated State work against each other and the robots.
  • ~2980 - Last of the robots leave for parts unknown, Civil War continues as known space is wracked with disease, both computer and biological, as well as violence and unrest. Darkin involvement in the Federated State only splits it more.
  • ~3000 - final battle of the civil war. Fleet of Allied Rebels jumps toward Earth to finally crush the Federated State while the State pulls in reinforcements to stop this final attack and crush the rebellions utterly. Amount of ships using the jumpgates to Sol System at once overloads them. Other gates try to take up the slack and are overloaded as well. Quickly the whole system goes down as the gates' safeties blow, many gates exploding. Large fleet of rebels and fleet of loyalists fight throughout the Sol System. After a year of skirmishes, truce is declared and the rebels are given the outer system while the loyalists hold the core.

By the end of it all, all jump-capable ships have been destroyed. Most ships are destroyed. The rebels eventually form corporations which represent them while the Core Empire sets up itself on Earth, being founded by the leader of the former Confederated State military in the Sol System, Het Sze Ma. House Sze Ma is set up as the royal family and bred to rule.

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