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About / This Is My Life: Developing the Information Portal of the United Kingdom by sharing knowledge and ideas. - Box - Click here for Home page

Creating a integrated information portal for UK web-users, that serves beneficial information is no simple task. Relevant information which is easily accesible to UK web users is the purpose of this web project.

Want to get involved ?

You can start-here by adding information to this mini-wiki. Why not create information that you think, may be useful to web-users in the United Kingdom.

A very brief example of the potential information that can benefit web-users in the UK: >

"I was looking for information on Discretionary Housing Benefit(DHP) payments, then I found - Directgov"

Benefits of This Is My Life (PIP)

  • A personal information portal that can be customised as required.

  • Only information that a user wants or needs

  • User enabled system , which works for the user

  • Custom log-in details - e.g.

  • Free communication and knowledge sharing between users.

  • A central point for web-users to access information anywhere, anytime.

Notice: This mini-wiki is in the primary phase of development.

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