This story is about that i had Laura as a partner. Stacy wanted to join to. the 2 girls got into a fight. then i punched stacy in the arm and it become WIDE open. she was taken to the emjermy room to get stiches. the doctor said that she CANNOT play the games at church. here we go!

Stacy : can i be your partner laura.

Laura :  i alady have a partner

( Stacy gets very angry. she scearmed to DEATH )


( Stacy was pushed to death her arm was wide arm )

Stacy ( cries ) WAHHA.

Laura : I'M SORRY ( also cries )

then stacy was put in the first aid section

Pastor Brain : OH OH OH OH. That will be like 10 stiches.

5 hours later.

Me : doctor? will stacy go to church?

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