Thomas' Big Adventures
File:Thomas' Big Adventures.jpg
Director Steve Asquith
Keith Chapman
Producer Britt Allcroft
Phil Fehrle
Simon Spencer
Narrator Joseph J. Terry (US)
Michael Brandon (US TV Redub)
Michael Angelis (UK)
Music Mike O'Donnell
Junior Campbell
Ed Welch
Robert Harshorne
Editing Abi Grants
Distributor Hit Entertainment
Aired U.S.

November 14, 2009
AustraliaDecember 5, 2007
UK/IrelandOctober 25, 2009

Runtime 5-10 minutes per episode
Country U.S., U.K.
Language English

Thomas’ Big Adventures is a fan-fiction model animated series based on the well-known TV series. The series was produced and distributed by and Hit Entertainment and Chapman Entertainment.


Steam Team

  • Thomas is the main protagonist of the series. He has two coaches named Annie and Clarabel, and works on his branchline. His closest friends are Percy, Toby, and Stanley.
  • Edward is a wise oldest and most smartest of the engines.
  • Henry is a big green engine who has conversations with Gordon.
  • Gordon is an big express engine, close friends with Henry.
  • James is a vain red engine who has a friendly-rivalry with Gordon.
  • Percy is Thomas' best friend, smaller than Thomas is.
  • Toby is a wise old steam tram who tends to take some time off.
  • Duck is a hard-worker who does work without fuss.
  • Donald and Douglas are Scottish twins who enjoy a good joke.
  • Oliver is Duck's close companion, seen with his brakevan, Toad.
  • Emily is the only girl in the Steam Team, is in love with Henry.
  • Molly is Edward's love interest, but is very shy and sensitive.
  • Neville is Molly's best male friend, looks a bit like a diesel.
  • Stanley is an occasional member of the Steam Team, good friends with Thomas.
  • Eagle is James' older brother with differences between them, very old and wise.

Other Engines

  • Bill and Ben - Tank engine twins that enjoy teasing the other engines.
  • Stepney - An honest, hard working tank engine who wants to be really useful.
  • Lady - A magic engine who holds the source of Sodor.
  • Harvey - The crane engine who enjoys being a part of the team.
  • Fergus - A traction steam engine who calls himself the "Pride of the Cement Works".
  • Arthur - A tank engine who enjoys working in the fishing village.
  • Spencer - Gordon's cousin, is arrogant and pompous.
  • Murdoch - Sodor's biggest and strongest engine on the whole railway.
  • Rosie - Thomas' love interest.
  • Whiff - A most smelly engine, good friends with Percy.
  • Billy - A young tank engine and is very immature.
  • Hank - The biggest and strongest engine in the team, apart from Murdoch.
  • Flora - A yellow steam tram who enjoys helping Toby.
  • Hiro - An old Japanese tender engine who is the "Master of the Railway".
  • Victor - A red Hispanic tank engine, resides at Sodor Steamworks.
  • Charlie - Billy's older brother, is very shy.
  • Marty - A silly, clueless tank engine working on Normanby Branch Line.
  • Devious Diesel - A very evil, scheming engine, leader of the Diesel team, rival to Thomas.
  • Daisy - A diesel rail-car, has a love/hate relationship with James.
  • BoCo - The most sensible and biggest diesel on Sodor, hands out good advice, strong like Gordon and Spencer.
  • Mavis - A moody diesel shunter who works in the quarry.
  • Derek - A loyal and friendly diesel who has teething troubles.
  • Arry and Bert - Diesel's henchmen.
  • Salty - An old diesel who enjoys telling stories to the others.
  • Diesel 10 - The main villain of the series.
  • Dennis - The exceptionally lazy diesel engine.
  • Alfred/98462 and 87546/Crovan were rude, spiteful, impolite, and nasty tender engines.

New Engines

  • Zack (LNER Class J83/NWR No. 15)
  • David (LMS Super D)
  • Tavish (LNER Class J39/NWR No. 13)
  • Carl (LNER Class K3/NWR No. 16)
  • Diesel 11 (BR Class 55)
  • Jerry (BR Class 06)
  • Allen (Ivatt Class 4)
  • Nigel (LNER Class C1 "Atlantic"/NWR No. 17)
  • Kyle (LMS Fowler Class 4F.)
  • Clyde (Caledonian Railway 0-4-0T)
  • ZoZo (BR Class 20)
  • Tornado (LNER Peppercorn Class A1)
  • Herbert & Green Arrow (both LNER Class V2/NWR No. 18)
  • Ned (BR Class 09)
  • Bluenose (LMS Stanier Class 8F)
  • Virgil (Southern Railway N Class/NWR No. 19)
  • Olton Hall (GWR 49xx Class No. 5972
  • Wendy (LSWR Class T9 4-4-0/NWR No. 20)
  • Hunter (GWR 45xx Class)
  • Quinten (SR Class Q1 No. C1/33001)
  • Theodore (LBSCR Class E2)
  • Danni (Caledonian Railway Single/NWR No. 26)
  • Alex is NWR 4-2-4 tank engine and is the first locomotive to be built by the Sodor Steamworks. When the NWR was desperate for another engine, Sir Topham Hatt turned to Homestar Runner, Jr. for ideas. Homestar Jr., of course, has a lot of ideas up in his head, and thought up of a custom 4-2-4 tank engine. Sir Topham Hatt felt this was a good idea, and sent him, Palm-Palm, Thomas, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Homeschool, Strong Sad, Bubs, Coach Z, Strong Bad, Pom-Pom, Stan, and Kyle to go to the scrapyards to look for suitable parts for Homestar Jr's engine idea. When they found enough parts, they were shipped to the Sodor Steamworks, and the engine was soon completed. At the naming of the new engine, Homestar Jr. thought up of the name "Alex", and the newly-built tank engine liked the name. When Alex passed his trail, a further six of his class were built (named Jase, Ellie, Sarah, Harris, Bob, and Zicky), and were sold to other railways after three months on Sodor, but Alex stayed. Alex now works on Thomas' branchline, taking suburban passenger and stopping trains, and has found Stanley the silver tank engine a great unique friend. Alex has a lot to learn, but has a big heart, and is very helpful. He is also very unique - instead of having one solid color, he is made of four! (red, yellow, green, and black) He also works on Thomas' branchline.
  • Stephanie is a yellow 4-4-0 tank engine and is the second locomotive to be built by the Sodor Steamworks, designed by Homestar Jr. Like Alex the 4-2-4 tank engine, Stephanie was salvaged from old steam locomotives, and Thomas with Homestar Jr. and Palm Palm, Percy with Stan and Kyle, Emily with Wendy and Bebe, and Molly with Marzipan and Homstand went to the scrapyards to find suited parts. Stephanie is a one-of-a-kind tank engine. A second one of her class is currently being built. Stephanie works on the Norramby branchline, shunting trucks with Zack the J83. Stephanie is found a very shy and quiet engine, even around boy engines. Her best friends are Molly and Emily, and she has a crush on Eagle.

Narrow Gauge Engines

  • Skarloey - The oldest of the railway.
  • Rheneas - Skarloey's brother and best friend.
  • Sir Handel - The Big engine.
  • Peter Sam - The kind-hearted, respectful engine.
  • Rusty - The first diesel, does maintenance work.
  • Duncan - A stubborn engine.
  • Mighty Mac - A double-end Farlie engine.
  • Fearless Freddie - The old warhorse engine.
  • Duke - Sir Handel and Peter Sam's mentor.
  • Bertram - Duke's younger brother, and old warrior.
  • Smudger - Rheneas' brother, very careless.
  • Proteus - Sir Handel's brother, has a magic lamp.

Rolling Stock

  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Henrietta
  • Troublesome Trucks
  • S.C.Ruffey
  • Hector the Hopper
  • Toad the Brake Van
  • Rocky the Crane

New Rolling Stock

  • Jamie, Kathy, and Lucy are Neville's coaches. All can carry passengers, but Kathy can carry luggage, whilst Lucy can carry the guard. They are used for helping Thomas with Annie and Clarabel on Thomas' branchline. They are painted blood and custard. Jamie is based on GWR coach, Kathy based on Composite GWR coach, and Lucy based on Brake GWR Coach. They are friends with Neville, Thomas, Annie and Clarabel. They work on Neville's branch line.

Non-rail Vehicles

  • Terence the Tractor
  • Bertie the Bus
  • Trevor the Traction Engine
  • Harold the Helicopter
  • Bulgy the Double-Decker Bus
  • George the Steamroller
  • Caroline the Car
  • Bulstrode the Barge
  • Cranky the Crane
  • Tiger-Moth the Biplane
  • Elizabeth the Steam Lorry
  • Jeremy the Jet Plane
  • Madge the Snub-Nosed Lorry
  • Colin the Crane
  • Kevin the Road Crane


  • Sir Topham Hatt (The Fat Controller)
  • Mr. Percival (The Thin Controller)
  • Tony Pilot Silver (Mary's Captain)

Guest Characters

The Homestar Runner characters first appeared in season one, and have made appearances since. The South Park kids were introduced in season one, and have appeared since. The Star Fleet and Zero Fleet (TUGS) also made appearances in every season.

Homestar Runner

  • Homestar Runner is a loving, absent-minded, terrific athlete. Stanley's fireman.
  • Strong Bad is Homestar's rival, has a Mexican personality. James' fireman.
  • The Cheat is Strong Bad's pet, close friends with Strong Mad. Rosie's fireman.
  • Strong Mad is Strong Bad's older brother, very loud and stupid.
  • Strong Sad is Strong Bad's younger brother, very sensitive. Henry's fireman.
  • Pom-Pom is Homestar's best friend, has 27-500 girlfriends. James' driver.
  • Marzipan is Homestar's hippie wife, loves music and animals. Molly's driver.
  • Coach Zee is the coach who has many problems. Gordon's fireman.
  • Bubs is the concession stand owner who chats with Coach Zee. Gordon's driver.
  • The King of Town runs the whole Island of Sodor.
  • The Poopsmith is The King's smelly lackey, good friends with Pom-Pom. Whiff's driver and fireman
  • Homsar Walker is Homestar's older brother, very crazy and friends with Strong Sad. Guard.
  • Homeschool Winner is Homestar's twin, smart and friends with Strong Sad. Henry's driver
  • Dijjery-Doo is Homeschool's pet, good friends with The Cheat.
  • The Princess of Town is The King's daughter, will take his place soon.
  • Homstand Singer is Homestar's sister, Pom-Pom's girl, and Marzipan's best friend. Molly's fireman.
  • Homestar, Jr. is Homestar and Marzipan's son, has a split personality. Thomas' driver.
  • Palm Palm is Homestar Jr.'s best friend, and Pom-Pom's son. Thomas' fireman.
  • Homezipan Walker is Homestar and Marzipan's daughter, acts very cheeky. Rosie's driver.
  • Strong Glad is youngest and only sister of the Brothers Strong. Stanley's driver.

South Park

  • Eric Cartman is a fat kid. Edward's fireman.
  • Stan Marsh is a very sensitive person. Percy's fireman.
  • Kyle Broflovski is a Jew, and Stan's best friend. Percy's driver.
  • Kenny McCormick is an unlucky person. Edward's driver.
  • Butters Stotch is a wimpy kid.
  • Wendy Testaburger is Stan's girlfriend. Emily's driver.
  • Bebe Stevens is Wendy's best friend. Emily's fireman.
  • Clyde Donovan is the next-fattest kid. Duck's fireman.
  • Craig Tucker, like Stan, has his own gang. Oliver's driver.
  • Jimmy Vulmer goes on crutches.
  • Pip Pirrup is a British kid.
  • Timmy is a disabled kid on a wheelchair.
  • Token Black is the African-American kid. Duck's driver.
  • Tweek Tweak is a coffee drinking boy. Oliver's fireman.
  • Ike Broflovski is Kyle's Canadian brother.
  • Shelley Marsh is Stan's older sister. Mavis' driver.
  • Kevin McCormick is Kenny's older brother. Toby's driver and fireman.


  • Captain Starr is the leader of his fleet.
  • Ten Cents is a switcher tug and the first Star fleet tug.
  • Big Mac is a harbor tug.
  • O.J. is a paddle boat harbor tug.
  • Top Hat is a railway tug.
  • Warrior is a harbor tug.
  • Hercules is an ocean-going tug.
  • Sunshine is Ten Cents' best friend.
  • Grampus is the Star Fleet submarine.
  • Captain Zero is the leader of his fleet.
  • Zorran is the first Zero fleet tug.
  • Zebedee is the rouge of his fleet.
  • Zak is a threatening harbor tug.
  • Zug is the first switcher of the Zeros and Zorran's henchman.
  • Zip is Zug's best friend and Zorran's other henchman.
  • Lille Lightship is a lightship boat. Ten Cents has a crush on her.
  • Izzy Gomez is a devious, sleepy tramp steamer who tries to get a tow each day.
  • Boomer is a jinxed tug.
  • Billy Shoepack is an alligator tug.
  • Fire Tug patrols the harbor in case of fire.
  • Burke and Blair are evil scrap dealers.
  • Johnny Cuba is a violent tramp steamer.
  • Big Mickey is Cranky's next-door friend.
  • Lord Stinker is an aged garbage barge.
  • Frank and Eddie are twin railway barges.
  • Puffa is a steam engine, friends with Thomas.
  • Bluenose is a pompous naval tug.
  • Sally is a seaplane. Sunshine has a crush on her
  • Scuffy is a little switcher tug & Ten Cents' Brother
  • Mary is the star fleets only Moran Tug & Tony Pilot Silver's Tug mighty Houseboat

The Cuties

  • Paulina the Octomaid is a loving, cheeky, terrific athlete. Thomas's caretaker.
  • Grace the Pink Mermaid is pop star with a vain personality with Strong Bad and Pom-Pom as her men. James' caretaker.
  • Alice is a sweetie-pie with an overactive imagination and good friends with Paulina. Percy's caretaker.
  • Quimby Gregory is stupid but funny, kind, and strong boy, close friends with The Cheat and in partners with Pete and Edwin. Rosie's caretaker.
  • Rita the Seahorse Cowgirl who is a whizz at lasso and to swing from tree to tree, lamp post to lamp post or building to building with it. Toby's caretaker.
  • DJ Lila is a hippie with an 80's flair who listens to her ipon. Henry's caretaker.
  • Francine is a nervous old red-head with ideas of her own, though a tiny bit stubborn, she's nice and doing her best. Edward's caretaker.
  • Pete Dawson is the brainy lad with brains and some people or engines called him a pointdexter. Molly's caretaker.
  • Harry Harley is an athletic cocky old laddie and sometimes let Wendy and Bebe dig him. Emily's caretaker.
  • Mirabella the Octomaid is a beautiful blue maiden thought has eight legs but is very rich and Bubs and Coach Z often call her "Your Highness". Gordon's caretaker.
  • Shanti who is cute and doesn't mind the filth and is good friends with Whiff. Whiff's caretaker
  • Amelia is sweet, smart and friends with ones who are fond of the great western. Duck's caretaker
  • Leanne is Amelia's sister who is also sweet and friends with ones who are fond of the great western. Oliver's caretaker.
  • Edwin Harley is Harry's twin brother with a hardhat and is often unlucky and is in partners with Pete and Quimby. Danni's caretaker.
  • Belinda and Patina are twin sisters in different color uniforms turquoise and magenta and have the pride of Scotland. Donald and Douglas's caretakers.
  • Bibi is Grace's sister who is very wise and pink with a heart of gold. Eagle's caretaker.
  • Matt Kunfu has a split personality plus self-defence in martial arts and karate. Mavis's caretaker.
  • Abigal is a cute purple Arabian lassie who likes to have adventures like her friends, especially at night. Charlie's caretaker.
  • Lucinda is a kind hearted goth whom she only wanted to be useful and be a more "cutie" cutie. Neville's Caretaker.
  • Prissy is a spoiled cutie who wanted to be the most prettiest above all the other cuties and acts very bossy too. Spencer's caretaker.
  • Odette is one of Paulina's good friends who is a terrific athlete as well. Stanley's caretaker.