Thomas' Big Adventures: The Movie is a 2009 film based on Thomas' Big Adventures. This movie has been rated "PG" for the use of "mild language".


Diesel 1 captures Rosie, and it's up to Thomas, Duck, Oliver, James and Henry to save Rosie from Diesel 1.


Part 1

Thomas the tank engine has lived on the North Western Railway for many years, and he knows it very well. One day, he was on his branch line, pulling his last train of the day. The sun was setting on Sodor’s horizon as he puffed up the valley to Ffarquar. His coaches and younger sisters, Annie and Clarabel, were filled with passengers going to the station. Thomas enjoyed running his evening train as the day slowly came to an end. The sky seemed so beautiful with streaks of pink and orange. After puffing his way through the tunnel, Ffarquar appeared up ahead and Thomas began to apply his breaks. He came to a gentle stop with his coaches at the platform. Thomas saw Hector the Union Pacific hopper truck on a siding. Hector was married to Annie, and they had two daughters, Blake and Chelsea.

Thomas: Hello, Hector. Lovely evening isn’t it?

Hector: Of course. So, how are things at the sheds?

Thomas: Oh, couldn’t be better, old friend. What about you, Hector?

Hector: I’m fine, thank you. It hasn’t been the same much since you and Molly got married you know. I miss our trips around the mountains, and you pulling me and your Coaches.

Thomas: I know, Hector. Times have changed for both of us, haven’t they?

Hector only smiled at Thomas and agreed. Just then, the last of Thomas’ passengers left, and he had to go.

Thomas: Well goodbye, Hector I must go. Annie and Clarabel are quite tired. Tell you what - I'll take you with them home.

Hector agreed, and they arrived at the sheds. Hector and the two coaches were alone, but they didn't mind. Thomas really didn’t see Hector or Annie and Clarabel that much anymore, because he had to take care of his family. But his thoughts were soon interrupted by a voice.

Flora: {furious} Brock, I told you that the rock hopper isn’t a toy! You almost buried me in quarry dust!

Flora pulled up alongside Toby with three smaller engines next to her. One looked like Mavis and Toby put together, one looked like Toby. And the last one looked like Flora. The engine that looked like Toby and Mavis put together was arguing with Flora.

Brock: But mom, I only wanted to see how it worked. How was I supposed to know that tons of quarry dust would come pouring down and almost bury you alive?!

Flora: Well I can’t keep an eye on you and your brother and sister. You should know better than to wander off while I’m still working!

Toby: Brock, I thought I told you to be good for mother while Uncle Percy and I came down here.

Brock: Yes, dad... But I wanted to see what was in the big pipe. But all it had was a bunch of dust. And mom was so mad at me she almost went as red as tomato.

Thomas smiled at Brock’s mess up. He was quite the trouble maker indeed. But Toby knew how to keep him in check. He was impressed by the way Toby and Flora could take care of their three children and still work.

Toby: {sternly} Well you’re going to be hauling tomatoes with me tomorrow as punishment.

Brock: But dad-

Toby: No buts! If you can’t behave, then you have to help me with the harvest. Understand?

Brock: Yes, sir.

Thomas felt sorry for him all the same.

Thomas: Cheer up. Its time to go home to the sheds now. Come on.

And they all puffed away toward Tidmouth Sheds. Tidmouth Sheds had been home to the engines for years. At the time the Sodor Airport was being built, The Fat Controller had decided to rebuild it so there would be two more spaces for his engines. Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Duck, Donald, Douglas, and Oliver were already there with their wives Bridget (Edward), Emily (Henry), Danni (Gordon), Daisy (James), Chelsea (Duck), Olivia (Donald), Hanna (Douglas), and Rosie (Oliver). Molly (Thomas' wife) was there, and so were Lady and Wendy (Percy and Stanley's wives).

The engines' children were playing about. Matthew (Edward's son) was reading a book about LNER engines. Daniel and Victoria (Henry and Emily's son and daughter) were talking about their days work. Orian (Gordon and Danni's second child) was bragging to his younger siblings. Doug (Duck and Chelsea's son) was talking to Tavish and Kenna (Donald and Olivia's son and Douglas' daughter). Josh (James' son) was bugging James a lot. And Kelly (Percy and Lady's daughter) was trying to have some rest. But that wasn’t easy when her younger siblings kept getting in the way.

Kelly: Billy, you shouldn't be playing with that.

She was trying to keep her Brother out of the workmen's tools. Billy was the spitting image of Percy except his buffers were gold like his mother Lady’s. He was also cheeky and caused a lot of accidents.

Billy: I just want to know what it is, sis!

Billy seemed a very curious engine. Sometimes he was a bit too curious for his own good. He pulled out a wrench from one of the toolboxes and using his front buffer wheel, swung it around a few times, trying to learn its purpose. But all he did was hit his sister’s nose and made it bleed. Kelly looked at her dented nose in utter shock. Billy put the wrench down and looked at the damage.

Billy: Oops. Sorry, sis. {Kelly keeps her eyes fixed on her nose.} Sis?

Kelly: My n-n-n-nose!

Orian smiled the biggest smile ever. For once, someone had been able to do the unthinkable. Kelly was now hurt beyond belief.

Orian: Well, Kelly, your nose isn’t so perfect now is it?

Kelly was so torn up about the destruction of her nose she began to cry. Orian fell about laughing at Kelly’s suffering. Thomas Jr. (Thomas and Rosie's son) felt somewhat sorry for the cute, magic engine. Orian was still laughing hysterically at Kelly's predicament. Thomas Jr. felt sorry for Kelly, and walked towards her.

Thomas Jr.: Aww, come here.

Thomas Jr. hugged Kelly and kissed her cheek. Kelly calmed down because of this.

Kelly: {sniffles, thinking} He's so sweet.

Thomas Jr.'s older sister May and seen everything. She, too, felt sorry for Kelly. She was about to comfort her, but the sound of Thomas’ whistle stopped her.

Thomas: Hello, everyone. We’re home.

Thomas Jr. felt better now that Thomas was there. Things always seemed perfect when he was around. Percy and Stanley had come with him, and they were very tired.

Stanley: Phew! Thank God we're not busy as that every day!

Percy looked at his sobbing little girl, and Thomas' son hugging her with a puzzled look.

Percy: What’s wrong with Kelly?

Orian: {calms down} Billy dented her nose with a wrench. And now, she's heartbroken!

Orian felt this amusing and fell back into his laughter. Rosie sighed and let Thomas, Percy, and Stanley in. Rosie listened to Danni tell Orian off.

Danni: Honestly, Orian! I can’t believe you’d sink so low that you’d go and take advantage of Kelly's suffering.

Orian was beginning to lose his patience with his mom's lectures. It was very annoying to hear Danni go on and on about right and wrong. Instead of listening to his mother, Orian thought back to his talk with Gordon's famous brother, Flying Scotsman the last time he came to Sodor...

Orian: So all the other A3's were scrapped?

Flying Scotsman only frowned at the repeat of his bad news. Gordon and Orian had never felt so miserable in his life.

Scott: Well, cheer up, Orian - the others may be gone, but we're still here. This is our chance to survive in this quickly modernizing world. You, your brother, father, and I, the pioneer A3, the newest A3's, and the fastest A3. Try and remember that. I’m going to leave soon, you know.

Domanic: Where are you going, exactly?

Scott: I'm going on tour to the United States and Canada.

Orian: Can't we go with you?

Scott: {chuckles} I think you're better off here than you would be over in the U.S. But maybe someday soon, we’ll meet up again.

{End flashback…}

Danni: ...and now you make fun of Kelly for her inability to control his own siblings! You really need to learn to consider others feelings, Orian. Are you even listening to me? Hello. Orian, Orian. Wake up, you fool!

Orian heard his mom that time and snapped out of his trance.

Orian: Huh? Oh, sorry, Mom. Did you say something?

Danni sighed in frustration. It was no use repeating what had been said. Thomas and Molly looked at them and smiled.

Thomas: How do you feel?

Molly: I’m fine. A little discomfort in the belly, but I’m fine.

She looked at her pregnant belly and sighed. She and Thomas already had two kids - May and Thomas Jr. - and little kid number three was on the way.

Toby: What's wrong, Molly?

Molly: {sighs sadly} I wish our parents had been at mine and Thomas' wedding.

{Thomas Jr., May and Kelly walk over. Kelly has tears running down her face, and a tissue for her nose.}

Thomas Jr.: What's going on here?

Thomas: Molly was talking about her parents.

May: Oh. Where are they, mom?

Molly: They died protecting me and Toby from Diesel 1, Diesel 10's father. I'll tell the story...

Part 2

{Cut to a flashback in an LNER style house. Toby and Molly's parents, James Holden and Claud Hamilton Holden, are sitting at the dining room table. Toby is next to James, and two years old. Molly is being fed by Claud, and eight months old. A radio is on.}

Narrator Molly: It all happened when I was just a little girl. Diesel 1 was arrested for reasons unknown. And for some strange reason, he wanted to kill me.

Radio: Breaking news! Criminal mastermind Diesel 1 has just escaped from prison, and is on the loose for steam engines.

James Holden: This can't be good.

Claud Hamilton: What do we do to the kids?

James Holden: I don't know.

Narrator Molly: Then, it happened! {A crashing noise is heard.}

James Holden: What was that?!

Claud Hamilton: No! It's Diesel 1!

James Holden: Defend the children! I'll stop him!

{Claud Hamilton picks up toddler Toby, who coos in confusion, and baby Molly, who whimpers. James Holden arrives at the front door, as Diesel 1 crashes in.}

Diesel 1: We meet again, James Holden!

James Holden: You're not hurting my wife and kids!

Diesel 1: Is that so?

Narrator Molly: My father sacrificed himself to defend me, my mother, and Toby. I don't know what happened to him, but we heard his scream. I cried. My father was dead and gone. My mother escaped me and Toby out the back door, and locked it.

{Cut back to present day, Thomas Jr. feels quite worried.}

Thomas Jr.: Why would your mom lock the back door behind her?

Molly: She didn't want Diesel 1 to get her. So here's what happened to my mom. {Cut back to Molly's flashback.}

{Claud Hamilton (carrying Toby and Molly) is running away from her house. She stops at another, and drops off Toby and Molly.}

Claud Hamilton: I hope you will be safe here, Toby Fletcher and Molly James Holden. {She hugs Toby.} Goodbye, my little angel. Mummy loves you. {She kisses Molly.} And I love you too, my little girl. {She knocks on the door, and runs off behind a barrel. A man called Stephen Holden answers.}

Stephen Holden: Hello? {looks down} Oh, Toby and Molly. {notices a note on Molly} What's this?

Narrator Molly: Mom had left a not on me before she died. It read-

Stephen Holden: "To Stephen: Please help us! There's an evil man on the loose. Please take care of little Toby and baby Molly for us. From: Claud Hamilton and James Holden." Oh, my! {He holds little Toby and Molly} Don't worry, my niece and nephew. I'll take good care of you two.

Narrator Molly: And so he did. Our uncle Stephen raised us. I am his niece, but we called him our father because his brother died protecting me, Toby, and my mom. I don't know what happened to Mom, but I heard that she died, just two weeks after my first birthday.

{Cut back to present day, where Molly has now finished telling her story.}

Molly: Eventually, time passed. I settled down with your father, and had you two.

May: Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't know your childhood was terrible.

Molly: Not your fault. Some things just happen when you don't expect them.

Thomas: Is there anything I can do to revive your parents?

Molly: I don't know, but I heard Diesel 1 had their souls in a yellow stone. I just want to kill Diesel 1, and retrieve my parents' souls!

Thomas: Well, Toby, are you up for defeating Diesel 1?

Toby: If it means avenging my parents, then yes.

Next morning, Thomas felt a meeting. Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Emily, Stanley, Neville, and Eagle were called here.

James: Right, we're all to show up here for what reason? I'm still tired!

Toby: We didn't come here to hear you complain for what that's worth!

James: Oh, shut up you old log cabin!

Eagle: Oh, here's Thomas. He must have called us here.

James: Oh, joy!

Thomas: Sorry to call you all here so early. As you all know, Diesel 1 killed Molly's parents when she was just a baby.

Percy: That a**hole, Diesel 1, he shows up and tries to kill us!

Oliver: He disrupted my passenger train right in the middle of the afternoon!

Toby: Mine too!

Thomas: We've learned that me, Percy, Stanley, and Toby can't fight Diesel 1 alone. But, if we all join together, we might have a chance.

Edward: Hey yeah!

Neville: We can really stick it to that ass muncher!

Emily: Are you guys dumb? We can't beat him, even with all of us. It's a waste of time.

Stanley: Dude, we have to try.

Emily: I've got better things to do.

Thomas: Emily, wait! {He moves around his podium to talk to Emily more directly.} If you had a chance right now to go back in time and stop Hitler, wouldn't you do it? I mean, I personally wouldn't stop him because Diesel thinks he was awesome, but you would, right?

Emily: {unshaken} I'm just gonna stop playing.

Thomas: When Hitler rose to power there were a lot of people who just stopped playing. You know who those people were? The French! Are you French, Emily?

Emily: No.

Thomas: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, Emily?

Emily: All right all right, I'll do it!

Gordon: So, what's the plan?

Thomas: All right, you all meet with me at precisely 7:30. {He walks up to a map of their quest.} We will meet at Henry's forest. My friends, to victory!

All: To victory!

James: I don't know about fighting.

Thomas: James, you said you were on you're flirting with girls all the time!

James: Yeah, but I have other work to do.

Thomas: James, you must help us fight Diesel 1 before we all murder you.

James: O-oh, o-oh, a-alright. All right then.

Part 3

Before they left to confront Diesel 1, they had to say goodbye to their beloved ones.

Edward: Bridget, I'm sorry that I can't bring you. I can't risk losing the most precious thing in my life.

Bridget: {sadly} I know. I love you, Edward...

Edward: I love you, too, Bridget. Matthew, you're a good son to me - 16 years old, able to look after yourself. Just so you know, I love you just as I love your mother.

Matthew: I love you too, father. {sniffles and hugs his dad}

Henry: Victoria, my little girl...

Victoria: I'm not little anymore, dad.

Henry: If I don't live through the battle, just so you know, I love you.

Victoria: I love you too, dad.

Emily: {hugging Daniel tightly} Mmm! My little boy!


Gordon: Danni, I can't bring you. If I did, you might die.

Danni: {in tears} I understand, Gordon, and I love you too. Our kids you you as well.

Dawna: Daddy could die?

Orian: No, he wouldn't!

Gordon: And Orian, be respectful to those younger than 11.

Orian: {sighs} Yes, dad.

James: Josh, I know you want to see the world.

Josh: I know, dad.

James: But you're always getting yourself in a lot of trouble. Be good for me, okay?

Josh: Yes, dad...

James: And Melissa, make sure he stays out of mischief.

Melissa: Okay.

Percy: Kelly, you're my special little girl. I can't risk losing you or your mom, but I'll always love you. And Billy, don't get in any mischief.

Toby: Brock, I know you like girls, but you can't wander off while I'm away. I want you to behave well, and look after Misty and Max.

Brock: Yes, sir.

Duck: Doug, I want you to know, that I especially care for you, and am proud of you.

Doug: Thanks, dad.

Donald: Och, Tavish, Kenna, I want you to be good for me whilst Uncle Douggie and I are in battle.

Tavish: Och aye, pop.

Kenna: Yes, dad.

Douglas: Hanna... I love ye.

Hanna: I love you, too, Douglas. {kisses him}

Stanley: Ash, you're my very special boy, and I am proud to call you my son.

Ash: Same thing.

Stanley: I can't risk losing either you or Wendy, but I want you to know that I love you.

Ash: I love you too, dad.

Thomas: May, I haven't much to say, but I love you and Thomas Jr. very deeply.

May: We love you, too, dad. {cries}

Thomas: That's it, guys.

Emily: Ahem!

Thomas: And girl, too.

Emily: Thank you. Where's Oliver? He was supposed-

Oliver: {pants} Sorry about that. Got up late.

Thomas: Right - to the Diesel's place!

And they set off on their (not-so-)perilous journey. Soon, they arrived.

Percy: Okay... who wants to get near the creepy building first?

Thomas: Tell you what - let's all go. {They do.} Halt! Hello! Hello!

Diesel 2: Hello! Who is this?

Thomas: I am Thomas the tank engine, and these are my friends: the Steam Team. Whose house is this?

Diesel 2: This is the house of my father, Diesel 1.

Thomas: Go and tell him we're looking for a special stone that contains my wife's parents' souls.

Diesel 2: Well, I'll ask him, but I don't think he'll be very keen... Uh, he's already got it, you see?

Henry: Yes I see.

Diesel 2: Good on you guys, now please off you go guys on your way.

Thomas: If you won't show us the stone, we'll take your house by force!

Diesel 2: You don't scare us, yellow bastards! I blow my nose at you, Mr. Number one, you and all your fearless friends!

Eagle: What a strange person.

Henry: Now look here, my good man!

Diesel 2: I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough water! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Percy: Shut up you stupid wanker!

Diesel 2: What did you call me?

Henry: You're fired.

Diesel 2: Excuse me?

Percy: Besides is there someone else up there we could talk to?

Diesel 2: No, now get out of here or I shall taunt you a second time-a!

Thomas: Now, this is your last chance. I've been more than reasonable, and you make me sad, so be it, come on guys.

Diesel 2: None shall pass.

Thomas: What?

Diesel 2: None shall pass.

Thomas: I have no quarrel with you good Sir Knight but I must cross this bridge.

Diesel 2: Then you shall die.

Thomas: I command you as King of the Britons to stand aside.

Diesel 2: I move for no man.

Thomas: So be it!

Thomas: Now stand aside worthy adversary!

Diesel 2: Tis but a scratch!

Thomas: A scratch? You're arm's off!

Diesel 2: No it isn't.

Thomas: Well what's that then?

Diesel 2: I've had worse.

Thomas: You liar!

Diesel 2: Come on you pansy!

Thomas: Victory is mine!

Thomas: We thank thee Lord, that in thy merc-

Diesel 2: Come on then.

Thomas: What?!

Diesel 2: Have at you!

Thomas: You are indeed brave, Sir Knight, but the fight is mine.

Diesel 2: Oh, had enough, eh?

Thomas: Look, you stupid bastard, you've got no arms left.

Diesel 2: Yes I have

Thomas: Look!

Diesel 2: Just a flesh wound.

Thomas: Look, stop that.

Diesel 2: Chicken! Chicken!

Thomas: Look, I'll have your leg. Right! [whop]

Diesel 2: Right, I'll do you for that!

Thomas: You'll what?

Diesel 2: Come 'ere!

Thomas: What are you going to do, bleed on me?

Diesel 2: I'm invincible!

Thomas: You're a loony.

Diesel 2: The Black Knight always triumphs! Have at you! Come on then.

Thomas: All right, we'll call it a draw. Come on, guys.

Diesel 2: Oh, oh, I see, running away, 'eh? You yellow bastards! Come back here and take what's coming to you. I'll bite your legs off!

Part 4

After an hour, they went home, defeated easily. Danni was still worried sick for her husband Gordon while the other girls tried to cheer her up.

Olivia: Don't worry, I'm sure he's okay as well as my Donald.

Hanna: Yeah, They'll be okay.

Danni: I don't know, he might be in peril well there's one of the ways I must do.

Danni went and brought in a tiny pink doll-like robot named Ai-Ya and then Danni spoke to her.

Danni: Ai-Ya, I want you to do something for us, search for our husbands and friends Thomas, Edward, Henry, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Emily, Stanley, Neville, Eagle, especially my husband Gordon and never leave them out of your sight.

Ai-Ya: Right back atcha, Danni-San.

Danni: Go {Ai-Ya then flies out the window to search for them} and do not fail us.

Flora: What good with this little robot of yours?

Danni: Ai-Ya has a built in monitor like a walky-talky only we can see it here. {Shows the girls another monitor.} So we'll be able to know our sweeties' safety through Ai-Ya's monitor.

Little did Ai-Ya know, about ten minutes later, the others returned home, still upset over the defeat.

Molly: Thomas, you're back early. Did you receive my parents' souls.

Thomas: No, but we found it at the Diesels' house. I offered to come up here and have a look, but they refused. And a cow fell on Emily! I'm very sorry I let you down.

Molly: It's not your fault. Diesels are trouble. No offense, Daisy.

Daisy: None taken.

Eagle: I'm feared. Those diesels with claws are plotting to ruin Sodor peace by having a war against good and evil.

Molly: This is not good.

Danni: {hugging Gordon} Oh, Gordon! Thank goodness you're okay.

Gordon: At least a cow didn't fall on me.

Emily: HEY! I can hear you!

Later that night, back at the Diesel's house...

Diesel 4: Heh heh. Those silly steamies were too dumb to know that Diesel 10 actually has the stone. And he's at the scrapyards with his three minions he calls Diesel, Arry, and Bert.

Diesel 3: So, what's our next plan?

Diesel 4: At 5:30 am, we will start a war on Sodor! And the steamies will be destroyed!

Diesel 5: Yes but we have a problem.

Diesel 4: What is it my dear boy?

Diesel 5: Diesel 2 had his arms and legs cut off by Thomas the Tank Engine.

Diesel 4: Oh this is bad. But anyway back to our plan.

{Diesels 4-9, and 12-13 cheer loudly. A party breaks out with pizza and beer.}

Later that same night, the engines' families were fast asleep. However, at 5:31, Thomas Jr. awoke. He looked out the window. The Diesels' plans has gone as planned. Thomas awoke, too, and was horrified!

Thomas: Oh, my god! WAKE UP, EVERYBODY!!! IT'S WORLD WAR III!!!

Everyone awoke and looked out the windows. Yes, the war was underway.

Gordon: HOLY CRAP!!!

Emily: Take Henry, not me! I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!! {cries}

Stanley: Quick! Down to the fallout shelter! The bombs are dropping!

Everyone followed Stanley down the bomb-resistant shelter. Thomas' family went last, because of Molly's pregnancy. They were all safe in the shelter.

Molly: Phew! If this were really a nuclear war we'd all be dead meat by now.

Thomas: What are we to do, now?

Outside, a bomb hit the sheds, and they exploded!

Thomas: No! Not Tidmouth Sheds! Where will we live, now?

Donald: Och, me, Douggie, Olivia, Emily, and Hanna could live in Scotland until the war ends.

Molly: Who could be the cause of this?

Thomas: It's obvious, isn't it?

Toby: Diesel 1... He's behind all of this!

Emily: I think Diesel 4 could be his brother or first-born!

Eagle: Hmm, by the looks of his face and hair, most likely son.

{Someone bangs on the door. Thomas answers, and there is Diesel 4.}

Diesel 4: Thomas, you blue puffball! I will know destroy your friends and family for cutting off Diesel 2's arms and legs off! And Sodor will be ruled by diesels. {glares at Daisy} And my slaves will be rotten traitor diesels!

Daisy: {sticks tongue out}

Thomas: You are not hurting my friends, and I will have my in-law's souls!

Diesel 4: It's impossible! Diesel 10 has it now!

Molly: You bloody liar! Diesel 1 has it!

Diesel 4: Diesel 1 and his son Diesel 2 are dead! So Diesel 3 is continuing his legacy, and no one will stand in my way!

Thomas: So be it!

Molly: Thomas, NO!

Thomas and Diesel 4 got in a fight, Diesel 4 head-butted Thomas in the stomach, but Thomas got a knife handed by Emily, and stabbed Diesel 4 in the heart.

Diesel 4: Oh, damn it! I will... {slowly dies} have... my... revenge...! {dies}

Thomas: Thank goodness. There's probably more where that came from. {He returns in the shelter.}

{Diesels 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, and 13 come to Diesel 4's cold, dead body.}

Diesel 7: Oh, no!

Diesel 5: Not Diesel 4.

Diesel 3: You yellow b**tard steamies! I'LL GET MY VENGEANCE ON YOU!!!

Soon, the bombings cleared by 8:00. The engines had lived at their once Tidmouth Sheds moved to the Culdee Fell Summit Hotel, and their train was a J70 tram with two coaches - one with end balconies, the other a composite coach.

Part 5

Meanwhile, Ai-Ya was still looking for the girls' husbands when she hid in the bushy branches of the tree seeing in a few meters are the diesels!

Ai-Ya: {gasp} What in the world are they up to?

Iron Arry: Everything is going according to plan, Diesel 10.

Diesel 10: Excellent. With the stone of the yellow puffball's parents' souls from my father, nothing can go wrong! When the time is right, we will strike!

Ai-Ya: Oh No! I must tell Thomas and the others when I find them!

Ai-Ya flew down tree, she slowly floated backwards nervously when she heard a frightening voice:

Sinister voice: It's kinda late for a stroll, isn't it?

Ai-Ya looked behind herself and gasped in horror, there was Devious Diesel himself!


She was about to fly away but Arry and Bert both caught her in their clutches! Meanwhile, Diesel 10 was waiting for Devious Diesel, Arry and Bert impatiently until they came back.

Diesel 10: Alright, where have you three been?!

Diesel: I'm glad you asked, {grins sinisterly} we've got us diesels a little pink spy!

Arry and Bert came with Ai-Ya who was struggling helplessly in their clutches. Diesel 10 stared at Ai-Ya and then grinned evilly.

Diesel 10: Well done boys, {grins evilly} this robot pipsqueak must belong to the puff balls which means we'll have her as hostage... to SCRAP!

Ai-Ya gasped in horror of what will become of her!

Meanwhile, some of the engines made it safely to the hotel. Thomas stood on the balcony with Stanley, Toby, and Gordon. Smoke, fumes and thunderclouds had blanked the view of the island out.

Stanley: Why did this have to happen?

Toby: It didn’t. It’s just the other railway’s way of making sure that Sodor becomes a steam free island.

Percy: It’s got to stop soon!

Thomas sat down beside Molly. Molly stroked her stomach.

Molly: What will we call it if it’s a boy?

Thomas: It’s a bit early to be thinking about that now. We should really be thinking of what we’re going to do if the baby comes before the war stops!

Danni: I haven't seen Ai-Ya since Gordon's returned. Where could she be?

Then, a ringing came from her pocket. Danni answered.

Diesel 10: {from screen} Hello. My name is Diesel 10. I'm a bad guy. I have Ai-Ya captured and held hostage, to scrap! {laughs evilly}

Danni: {gasp} Oh, no! Not Ai-Ya! I got to save her! {She runs off.}

Meanwhile, Duke was on the royal floor having a game of golf with his loyal friend, Bertram. Both were old gentlemen and didn’t approve of the younger people’s antics. Danni burst in.

Duke: Oh, hello, Danni. What's the rush?

Danni: I'm off to save Ai-Ya. She's been kidnapped!

Bertram: Well, good luck with that.

Danni ran off again. Duke hit the ball and it flew through the double doors and down the side of the mountain.

Duke: Oh, blast! There goes another one!

Duke grabbed his walking stick and hobbled out to the balcony. He looked down and saw the ball disappear under the clouds. The ball flew down and down until it landed in the scrapyards.

Diesel 10: Boys! Go find out what made the crash!

Diesel, Arry, and Bert set off to find the golf ball. Unluckily, they left Ai-Ya unguarded. Danni arrived at where Ai-Ya was being held captive. She freed her and ran off back to the hotel. Unfortunately for her, Diesel 10 saw everything.

Diesel 10: Break in! Get the puffball!

Danni: Oh, crap!

Danni knew what to do. Ai-Ya flew off in fear, and Danni stayed behind to fight the three bullies. They were no match for Danni, and she triumphed easily. When Diesel 10 found out, he was not very happy.

Diesel 10: You idiots!!! YOU LET THEM ESCAPE?!!?

Iron Arry: We're sorry, boss.

Meanwhile, Gordon was worrying about Danni. She then burst through the doors, to Gordon's relief.

Gordon: Danni, I thought you were killed!

Danni: I had to save Ai-Ya.

Ai-Ya: And I could've been scrap if it wasn't for her!

Suddenly, the hotel was bustling with noise and exited chatter.

Thomas Jr.: What’s going on?

Toby: We're getting reinforcements! We contacted the engine drivers of the British Railways to help! More North Eastern people are coming to help!

Molly: I'll be able to see uncle Stephen and Allen again!

Thomas: You mean... that we're going to get a second chance?

Toby: YES!!

And he did a little jig. The evening wore on and soon everyone was asleep.

Part 6

Next morning, the sound of bells ringing gently brought the people in the hotel to life. Toby was ringing the bells while Edward and James made the breakfast. The mist had surrounded the mountain and the sounds of gunfire still rang out. After breakfast, May, Thomas Jr., Kelly, Ash, and Brock went outside with the other children.

Thomas Jr.: When is this war going to end?

Ash: Prob'ly when the Diesels are chased out of Sodor.

May: I can't stand a chance against Diesel 3 or 10.

Kelly: Who knows how long we may be there.

Brock: {spots a pretty lady} 'cuse me.

Brock raced off after the lady.

Ash: {sees him} Oh no, you don't! I'll get you, you little nutjob!

Ash tackled Brock to the ground. Thomas Jr. sighed and shook his head. Matthew was inspecting the scenery outside the hotel. He pressed himself against the side of the mountain when he heard footsteps. The man was wearing silver clothing, he had long silver hair and he was holding... a gun!

Matthew: No, you don't!

Matthew tackled the man to the ground.

Spencer: Matthew, boy! Is that you?

Matthew: Mr. Spencer?

Spencer: {groans} Yep!

Matthew: Come on. I'll help you back to the hotel.

He and Spencer walked past Daniel, Orian, and Josh who stared at them in disbelief.

Josh: Is Matthew helping Spencer?

Matthew led Spencer across the tracks and into the hotel. There were gasps from everyone who saw them. Gail and Dawna (Gordon and Danni's youngest daughters) saw that Spencer was bruised and cut so they ran off to find a first aid kit. It was true. Spencer had been shot in the leg by a gun and he was injured badly. As people walked by, they frowned at Spencer. But when they saw how badly injured he was, they felt sorry for him and they asked if he needed anything.

Spencer: Just another chance to get back at that b**tard Diesel 10.

Gail and Dawna eventually ran back with the first aid kit and handed it to Duck who was a qualified first aider.

Duck: Thanks girls. {to Spencer} I shouldn't be doing this after you insulted the Great Western. But you are a good bloke for coming all this way to see us.

Spencer: Thanks, Duck. I owe you one.

Spencer stood up and Duck led him through to the dining hall. Percy, Stanley, Toby, Neville, Bill, and Ben were watching morning TV and Edward and Henry were reading the newspapers.

Eagle: Spencer. I heard you arrived. Here, have a spot of breakfast!

Spencer: Thanks, Eagle.

Spencer sat down to a plate of bacon, eggs and toast. Meanwhile, Donald and Douglas had snuck down to the prison camp to free some more prisoners. Zack, Dennis, Whiff, and Marty were waiting at the fence for them to arrive. After half an hour Donald and Douglas appeared.

Donald: C'mon, it's high time we should be getting ye out of here!

Douglas: And up tae hotel!

Zack: Phew! About time. Whiff was starting to make me feel nauseous.

Whiff: But I smell fine!

And they both pulled pliers out of their pockets and began cutting a hole in the wire. The hole was soon big enough and the four captives clambered under. Donald sealed the fence with a blow torch and they were about to start up the mountain when...

A gruff voice: Hello, lads!

They turned around. There was a man in a yellowy brown T-shirt with black trousers and rusty brown hair. Also, one thing stood out about him. He had a metal grabber for a right arm! Diesels 3-9, and 12-13 stood behind Diesel 10. They were all wearing similar to Diesel 10.

Donald: Oh, holy crap!

Douglas: Pish!!

Diesels 5-9 jumped on the six captives and pinned them to the ground. Suddenly, a voice came from the mist.

Stephen Holden: Diesel 10. It's been years and you still haven't changed!

A man in an apple green shirt with LNER on it, black pants, and brown hair stepped out of the mist.

Another voice: You want to put those blokes down, Diesel 10.

Another man looked liked Spencer, with black hair and blue clothes stepped out to join the other man.

Diesel 10: Who's gonna make me!

A young adult voice: We are!

A young adult stepped out of the mist as well. He had a blue shirt with a number "60114" on it, and underneath it read "W.P.Allen". Out of the mist stepped ten other men. One was western, most were Eastern and one was Scottish like Donald and Douglas.

Diesel 3: Get them!

Diesel 10 and his brothers charged at the team of thirteen strangers. The Western person smashed Diesel 7 in the head with a cricket bat, killing Diesel 7!

Hawk: This will teach you to mess with the Great Westerners!

A man in a Brunswick green shirt smacked Diesel 8 in the face and then kicked Diesel 6 in the mouth. Unluckily for Diesels 6 and 8, they were close to the edge of the mountain and fell to their death!

Herbert: Look out, Nigel!

Nigel: OK, Herbert!

The man who looked like Spencer walked up behind Diesel 10 with a man who looked like Gordon.

Scott: Well, well, well, Sir Ralph. Looks like we've scored the jackpot.

Sir Ralph: Right on, Scott!

Sir Ralph and Scott pinned Diesel 10 to the ground and began punching him. The prisoners watched as the one on one fighting turned into a dust cloud of fists, legs and shouting!

Dennis: Big brawl! {He jumps at the fighting, but Zack holds him back.}

Zack: It's not our fight!

The dust soon settled and Diesels 7, 9, and 12. Diesel 10 was lying on the ground. Nigel gave him one last kick in the stomach. Diesel 10 let out a groan and then shut it.

Douglas: Dinae' worry aboot that auld git. He had it coming. Noo come on. We have to get ye lot back tae the hotel.

They all followed Douglas and Donald up to the station and there they called for a train. Duck would have to get the first aid kit again though. Someone was in for a nasty sight...

Part 7

The train arrived at the summit hotel. Tavish and Arthur were driving a Gresley J39. Gordon, Toby, and Oliver were there, awaiting the visitors. Stephen was the first to get off the coach.

Stephen Holden: Toby, my one nephew! It's been years, and how you've grown.

Toby: Thanks, uncle Stephen.

Gordon: Hey, Scott! Nigel, Herbert.

Scott: It's good to see you, mate.

Herbert: I-I-I-Indeed!

Nigel: We're all still brothers.

Oliver: It's great to see you Hawk.

Hawk: You too, Oliver. How are you and Duck doing?

Oliver: Not bad, thank you.

Gronk was the last one to get off the coach. He took one step onto the platform and then fell to the ground in pain.


Allen: Gronk, what's wrong?

Gronk: It's my leg, Allen! I've... I've been mauled!

Gronk rolled up the leg of his jeans and they all saw what had happened. Diesel 10 had used his grabber to grab Gronk's leg and he had left it pretty bad. Dennis stepped out of the coach. He was eating a pasty. He took one look at Gronk's leg and he threw the pasty in the bin.

Stephen Holden: Well don’t just stand there staring! Go and get a doctor!

Zack ran into the hotel.

Zack: Quick! Gronk's been hurt!!

Thomas and most of the other people were standing around in a circle.

Nigel: What’s going on?

Emily: Molly's waters have broke!

Thomas was trying to calm Molly down.

Thomas: Now, don't worry Emily. Just take a deep breath and then breathe out.

At this moment, Dennis entered to see why no one had come out to see Gronk. He looked.

Dennis: Oh, no! Not again!

His face turned green and he ran out of the room. Nigel ran back out.

Nigel: Guess what!

Others: What?

Nigel: Molly's waters have broke! Must've been very expensive.

Deltic, the man with the face-paint ran into the hotel with Hawk and Geoffrey close on his heels. Stephen and Allen picked up Gronk and carried him into the hotel. Everyone else ran into the hotel as well.

Duck: {sighs} Oh, great - A casualty and a baby. Oh well. Better get the rubber gloves on.

Duck grabbed the first aid kit and ran over to Gronk.

Duck: Now, where does it hurt?

Gronk: All over my leg!

Duck opened the first aid kit and produced a bottle of anti sceptic and a lump of cotton wool. Duck poured the anti sceptic onto the cotton wool and then he handed it to Gronk. Gronk clamped it over his leg and he screamed.

Sir Ralph: Don’t worry Gronk.

Duck: It’ll sting for a while. But it'll do all the better.

Gronk: I bloody hope so!

Meanwhile, Emily and Thomas were making sure Molly was all right.

Emily: We’ve got to get Molly and Gronk to a hospital!

Percy: What about Harold! He can fly his helicopter down here and take Molly and Gronk to the hospital!

Danni: But Harold’s in the prison camp!

Allen: Right! We can take the train down the mountain!”

Tavish: Och, but we’d need two engines to do that!

Sir Ralph: And the last time that happened...

Sir Ralph couldn’t finish his sentence.

Scott: Yes! We all know Gadwall died when they tried that last time!

Molly: STOP!

She was in enough pain as the baby was on the way.

Molly: Take the train. {moans}

She collapsed in Thomas' arms. Stephen noticed something.

Stephen Holden: Where are Hebert, Nigel, Tavish and Arthur?

There were the blasts of two whistles from outside and the sounds of shouting. Everyone helped carry Molly and Gronk outside. There, standing at the hotel platform were two LNER engines. One was a J39, and the other was a V2 driven by Herbert and Nigel. Both were coupled up at either end and there were three BR Mark 1 coaches.

Arthur: Patients in the first coach and passengers in the others!

Thomas, Toby, and Stephen carried Molly into the first coach with Allen and Sir Ralph carrying Gronk behind them. Duck and Spencer clambered into the coach to join them. Everyone who was a driver of British Railways clambered into the second and third coaches with Edward, Henry, Emily, Gordon, Danni, James, Daisy, Percy, Lady, Flora, Chelsea, Donald, Douglas, Olivia, Hanna, Oliver, Rosie, Stanley, Wendy, Neville, Eagle, May, Thomas Jr., Kelly, Ash, and Brock behind them. The doors were shut and the cavalcade set off. The people on the platform waved as the train disappeared into the mist. The train rumbled down the mountain. The wind picked up as if it was an attempt to blow them off the track.

Arthur: Tavish, the wind's gonna blow us off the track!

Tavish: Och, no ye don't!

The passengers in the coaches were getting nervous. Molly was in pain and Allen had turned a bit green from the sight of Gronk's leg. Spencer had taken over from Duck and was now trying to calm Gronk down by reading him some jokes. Duck on the other hand gave Molly some painkillers and a bottle of water. It seemed to work, for a while and then Molly decided to start biting a handkerchief to stop herself ripping the seats to bits. Meanwhile in the other coaches, Gordon and Danni were trying to keep themselves calm. Gordon had blocked his ears.

Gordon: {whimpering} It’s only the wind. It’s only the wind.

Danni was going spare!

Danni: {yelling} LET ME OFF! LET ME OFF!!

Emily had smuggled a Terry’s chocolate orange on board and was now trying to break it. She had no luck stepping on it so he hit it against her head.

Emily: Ow! {collapses}

Brock saw that the chocolate orange had rolled to his feet so he picked it up and began to unwrap it and then he decided to fit the whole thing in his mouth!

Brock: Aaah!

Ash: Brock, you fat pig!

Ash then reached into his pocket and pulled out a Mars bar. He unwrapped it and then, in the blink of an eye he had scoffed the whole thing!

Part 8

Up at the front engine, Herbert and Nigel were having a hard time.

Herbert: N-N-Nigel! Your cap!

Nigel: Oh, bugger!! Bloody wind!

The train sped down the mountain and soon passed through and trundled down to the bottom of the mountain. Prisoners watched as the train sped by the prison camp and into the nearby station. They all got out and they saw there was another train there. The apple green Holden B12 driven by Allen and Stephen stood at the platform.

Stephen Holden: Everyone in!

They all clambered into the coaches while Stephen and Allen made up the fire. Smoke billowed from the funnel and steam whooshed from the wheels. Tavish, Arthur, Herbert, and Nigel waved goodbye as the train started.

Herbert: C’mon!

Both left the V2 and jumped on board the moving train.

Allen: What did you do that for?

Nigel: It’s not like we’re going to let you two have all the fun!

In the coaches, Danni was recovering by reading The Railway Children out loud.

Danni: {reading} "'It was like a great dragon roaring by,' said Bobbie."

Molly was now calming down and Percy was eating cakes in the next coach. Thomas had fetched Molly some chocolate bars and he had dipped them in icing sugar. Tavish, Sir Ralph, Neville, and Eagle were deep-frying Mars Bars in the buffet car. Sir Ralph licked his lips.

Sir Ralph: I’m hungry!

Eagle: Now, now, Sir Ralph. These are for Duck and Spencer. They've worked hard and they deserve a snack.

Sir Ralph: Oh, damn!

In the engine, Stephen and Nigel were driving the train and Allen and Herbert were shoveling coal. Up ahead, there were six people on the line. Stephen slammed on the breaks of the engine. The engine's speed decreased and steam blew from the wheels. The people couldn’t be seen because of the steam. All four men looked out of the engine.

Diesel 10: Well, well, well!

Nigel: Smeg!

There was Diesels 7, 9, 10, and 12. Diesel 10's metal claw snapped.

Diesel 10: Easy, Pinchy.

Herbert picked up his shovel.

Diesel 7: Don’t bother!

His claw shot forward and took a large bite out of the spade.

Herbert: Huh?

Allen tried to sneak away but Diesel 10 stopped him.

Diesel 10: Take one more step and you’ll be history! And don’t worry about your friends! Arry and Bert will take care of them! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

On board the coaches, Arry and Bert had sneaked on board and were now threatening everyone else. Diesel 10 had given them both baseball bats and pellet guns.

Iron Arry and Bert: You move and you get hurt!

Percy's last nerve snapped. He picked up both chocolate gateaux he had been eating.

Percy: Oh! Shut your cakeholes!!!!

He rammed both chocolate cakes into the faces of the two bad guys! Oliver had just walked in with the cake trolley. Emily laughed at Arry and Bert.

Iron Bert: OI!

He picked up a custard pie from Oliver's trolley. He threw it at Emily and the pie splattered in her face! Then Henry picked up a cake and threw it at Bert but he ducked and it hit Stanley!

Henry: Oops. Sorry, Stanley. I didn't mean to hit you.

Stanley: It's alright Henry.

In the other coach, all they could hear was the sound of shouting, laughing and splattering. Spencer looked into the next coach. There was an almighty splat and he turned around. He had been hit in the face with a cherry pie. Spencer licked his lips.

Spencer: MORE CHERRY!!

He dived into the other coach. Oliver wheeled into the other coach with the cake trolley.

Oliver: Any cakes?

Thomas picked up a lemon tart and made his way to the engine.

Thomas: Hey, Allen... {voice trails off}

Diesel 10 was standing in front of him.

Diesel 10: Hello... Puffball!! It's been a while!

Thomas: Oh, crap...

Part 9

Diesel 10 growled. His claw snapped. Thomas threw the pie at Diesel 10 and it hit him in the face. Diesel 10 got madder and he charged at Thomas. Thomas stuck out his leg and tripped Diesel 10 over. Diesel 10 went flying into the coal. Nigel pulled the whistle cord.

Nigel: Round one!

Diesel 10 got to his feet and ran at Thomas! He hit Thomas in the stomach! Thomas yelled in pain but he got up and hit Diesel 10 in the face! Diesel 10 roared in anger and he had another go at Thomas. Diesel 10 jumped in the air and pinned Thomas to the ground!

Stephen, Allen, Herbert, Nigel: Go on, Thomas!

It was no use. Diesel 10’s grabber cut Thomas' arm.


Sir Ralph: Bad show!

Sir Ralph had just walked out with a tray of deep-fried Mars Bars. He walked over to Diesel 10 and in the poshest way, punched him in the face. Diesel 10 took a swing at Sir Ralph but something caught his leg and he tripped. He looked down to see Thomas grabbing onto his leg for dear life.

Thomas: Leave me and my friends alone, Diesel 10, please!

Diesel 10: NEVER! {picks Thomas up} You’re gonna die today, puffball!!

There was an almighty shouting from outside the train. An egg flew into the cab and splatted on Diesel 10’s head!

Percy: OI!! DIESEL 10!! You mess with Thomas you mess with Sodor!!!

Toby: You mess with one of us and you mess with all of us!!

Stanley: {holding a crowbar} Hey Diesel 10! I got something for your ass!!!

He threw the crow bar and it hit Diesel 10's metal grabber. The grabber lunged at Thomas' face but a lump of coal hit it.

Molly: Diesel 10! You put my husband down!!

Diesel 10 threw Thomas to the floor and walked up to Molly.

Diesel 10: I’m gonna get you first!

James, Eagle, and Neville jumped into the cab and pushed Diesel 10 out of the other side.

Neville: YOU GIT!!

James: Molly’s pregnant and you were gonna kill her!!

Diesel 10: You just wait until Arry and Bert get here! They’re gonna rip you to pieces!

Iron Arry and Bert: We were?

There stood Arry and Bert, covered with cake and pie.

Iron Arry: Old bossy claw here was going to make us kill people!

Iron Bert: I know! We’re just gonna have to make sure he doesn’t make any more random orders.

Arry and Bert walked up to Diesel 10.

Arry: Hey, have you got a rope?

Bert jumped into the cab and Stephen handed him a rope.

Bert: Thanks!

He hopped out of the cab and handed the rope to Arry. Everyone watched as the five men tied a rope around Diesel 10 and left him reeling on the ground! Everyone boarded the train and they set off.

Thomas: Stephen, can we get any more speed up?

Stephen Holden: Why?

Thomas: Because I think I can see ahead!

Stephen gasped and then the train put on an extra ounce of speed. They were nearly there when there were three bumps!

Herbert: Oh, no! What we done! We killed an innocent deer!

They stopped the train and saw what they killed! It was Diesels 7, 9, and 12. They were just starting to destroy the tracks, when they were run over by the engine.

Thomas: Oh. I thought we killed a good person.

The train started up again. By the time the train started moving, Diesel 10 had got free and was now trying to catch the train. Percy and Edward began throwing cakes at him and he soon gave up. The train rumbled along the coastal route. The big station was nearby and the baby was about to arrive! Herbert and Nigel had walked back into the train to check on everyone.

Herbert: Everyone all right?

There was a loud crashing sound and everything went dark. Stephen and Allen came rushing into the coach.

Stephen Holden: There’s been a landslide. We’re completely cut off!!

Well, no body could see anyone else because the whole coach had been darkened. Duck who had just found the switch turned on the lights. Spencer ran through from the other coach wearing an apron and rubber gloves.

Spencer: We can’t bother waiting to get to the hospital. Molly's about to give birth and we can’t wait any longer.

At that moment, Arry, Bert, and Neville came rushing through wearing the same as Spencer.

Spencer: I’m going to have to ask you to leave while the baby arrives.

Everyone left the first coach and made their way to the other coaches. Thomas, Edward, James, Daisy, Percy, Lady, Toby, Flora, Chelsea, Olivia, Oliver, Rosie, Stanley, Wendy, Neville, Eagle, May, Thomas Jr., Kelly, Ash, and Brock went into the other coach to wait. Henry, Gordon, Donald, Douglas, Emily, Danni, Hanna, and the BR engine drivers went into the tender to dig the engine out from the mud. Gronk, Herbert, and Nigel were in the second coach and Gronk was now reading The Railway Children. Chelsea went into the buffet car with Olivia to cook some food. It was going to be a long night.

Part 10

After an hour, Gronk was now with Thomas, Percy, Herbert, and Nigel watching The Railway Children on Percy's mini DVD player and Edward and James were playing Scrabble.

James: What’ve you got, Edward?

Edward placed his letters on the board.

Edward: Luggage. What have you got, James?

James placed his letters on the board.

James: I’ve got a word called Eckythump.

Edward: {laughs} Where’s your black pudding then?!

Neville burst through the doors and fell over.

Neville: Molly’s given birth! {Everyone gasps.} It's a boy!

Thomas and Percy did a dance. Edward and James both stood up and knocked the Scrabble board onto the floor!

Thomas: YEESS!!!

Neville: That’s not the best part! Molly’s not finished yet! {Everyone stops dancing and stares at Neville.} But don’t worry! She'll be finished soon!

And with that, Neville walked back into to fist coach and shut the doors. Outside the train, Sir Ralph had fallen in the mud and he was now caked in it.

Sir Ralph: Oh, dang and blast!

Footsteps were heard and the sound of something snapping.

Tavish: Oh, fish.

Diesel 10 stepped out of the gloom, his claw snapping in rage. He had in his other hand, a gun! Everyone ducked as Diesel 10 pointed the gun at everyone. He then jumped inside the train!

Allen: Oh, bugger!

Diesel 10 strolled down the carriages and he luckily missed the compartment where Molly was giving birth. He then boarded the second coach. Thomas looked up. A gunshot rang out. Eagle lay on the floor, blood gushing from his chest. James had just walked out of the buffet car with a kettle, a mug and... a bag of sugar! James saw his brother on the floor and gasped in horror.

James: You... absolute... B**TARD!!!

In a flash James had grabbed hold of Diesel 10's neck and he had started strangling him! Diesel 10 choked and he fired the gun. The bullet hit Stanley's shirt and made a hole.

Stanley: This is my best top, damn it!

James wouldn’t let go! Diesel 10 had started to turn blue! Edward and Duck had to wrench James off of Diesel 10. But James didn’t give up! He grabbed the bag of sugar and he poured it all over Diesel 10! Diesel 10 screamed and he began to come out in a rash! Thomas walked over to Eagle to make sure he was OK.

Thomas: Eagle? Are you all right?

Eagle coughed and nodded. A stone from Diesel 10's pocket fell out while James was choking him. The doors were flung open again and Spencer walked in this time. He stared at Diesel 10 and then asked very politely.

Spencer: Would you mind shutting your trap?

Diesel 10 decided to shut it in case they had any more sugar! He then looked at the stone.

Diesel 10: Fine, you can have it. Just put it in warm water, and the girl's parents will be alive again.

And he walked away. James looked to his brother in tears.

Eagle: {stands up} Ohhh....

James: Are you okay, Eagle?

Eagle: I think so... Whoa... What a headache.

Thomas: That bullet almost hit your heart. It's all right you're alive.

Eagle: Thanks, guys.

Spencer spoke to Thomas.

Spencer: This may come as a shock to you. Now, I know you thought Molly was carrying only one baby. But it turns out that you've had two. A girl and a boy.

Thomas stared and then collapsed. Thomas was shook awake by James who was sitting beside him with a glass of water, and still in tears.

Spencer: Would you like to see Molly now?

Thomas: Yes!

Spencer led him into the compartment where Molly and the babies were. Spencer, Neville, Arry and Bert left them to be alone. Thomas kissed Molly on the cheek and smiled. Thomas Jr., May, Toby, Flora, and Stephen had also come.

Thomas: It may not be over, but I got your parents' souls. Diesel 10 said to put it in warm water.

Thomas noticed a dish of warm water and put the stone in it. Then, he walked back to Molly.

Molly: We sill have to decide on names.

Thomas: How about we call the boy Stanley-Percy, after two of my closest friends, or Stancy for short. The girl can be called Claude.

Molly: {smiles} Those names are perfect. {notices Stephen, looking sad} Hi, uncle Stephen. It's been a while!

Stephen Holden: It has been, Molly.

Molly: I think Stancy's middle name should be "Stephen", after you.

A voice: Hello, Molly.

Molly knew that voice. It was her parents, alive and well.

Molly: MOM! DAD!

Molly was happy her parents were here.

Molly: I thought I'd never see you guys again!

Claud Hamilton: We're so proud of you Molly.

James Holden: Sweetheart, you have done something your old man has been too afraid to do.

Claud Hamilton: Are you Molly's husband?

Thomas: Yes... Mrs. Holden. I'm Thomas.

James Holden: And I've grandchildren, too!

May: Yeah, I'm May, and this is my brother, Thomas Jr.

Thomas Jr.: {shyly} Hi.

May: And our new siblings are Stancy and Claude.

Claud Hamilton: Oh, my new grandson and daughter!

Molly's mom squealed as she took baby Claude from Molly. Molly struggled to let go, she never wanted to let go of her beautiful little girl.

Claud Hamilton: How are you, honey? {kisses her daughter}

Molly: I'm okay, thanks Mom.

Molly's mother walked away rocking little Claude in her arms. Molly felt the urge to run after her mother and snatch Claude away from her. She smiled instead at Thomas and baby Stancy.


After the deaths of Diesels 2-9, and 12-13, life on Sodor returned to normal, and the war had ended.

When Thomas and Molly returned home to Tidmouth Sheds, they received the news that Tidmouth Sheds was now rebuilt from the BR engine drivers. The reconstruction has since been finished, and the sheds now have twelve spaces. The engines couldn't be happier now that they have their home to come back to again at night.

Diesel hasn't been heard from since. The Other Railway limits his uses after hearing about the mayhem he caused, and Sir Topham Hatt is sure to be careful about where he borrows diesel shunters from now!

And as for Diesel 10, he still works at the ironworks. He's constantly thinking of ways to get back at the steam engines for playing tricks on him, but I don't think he'll be doing that any time soon, do you?


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