"Thomas' Busy Adventures Volume 2" is a US VHS/DVD release including twenty-six fourth season episodes narrated by Michael Angelis. It was distributed by Strand VCI Entertainment in 1991, Strand Home Video in 1992, Time-Life in 1994, Video Treasures in 1995 and Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2003.


  • Granpuff
  • Bulldog
  • You Can't Win
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Four Little Engines
  • A Bad Day For Sir Handel
  • Peter Sam and The Refreshment Lady
  • Rusty Helps Peter Sam
  • Home At Last
  • Rock 'N' Roll
  • Special Funnel
  • Steam Roller
  • Passengers and Pollish
  • The Gallant Old Engine
  • Rusty To The Rescue
  • Thomas and Stepney
  • Train Stops Play
  • Bowled Out
  • Henry and The Elephant
  • Thomas Meets The Queen
  • Bulls Eyes
  • Thomas and The Special Letter
  • Toad Stands By
  • Fish
  • Special Attraction
  • Mind That Bike

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