Thomas' Busy Day is the first episode of the first season of Thomas The Tank Engine Kids.

The Fat Controller gives Thomas three jobs to do. First, Thomas has to collect coal from the coaling plant, and take it to the depot. Then, Thomas has to collect stone from the quarry, and take it to Brendam Docks. Finally, Thomas has to collect milk from the dairy, and take it to the farm. When Thomas arrives at the coaling plant, he fills his trucks with coal, and sets off for the depot. Thomas arrives at the depot, delivers the coal, and puffs off to do his next job. Soon, Thomas arrives at the quarry, where Mavis is busily shunting trucks of stone. Thomas arrives at the quarry, and collects some trucks of stone. Soon, Thomas arrives at Brendam Docks, and delivers the trucks of stone. Finally, Thomas arrives at the dairy, and collects the milk. Thomas soon arrives at the farm with the milk. After a hard day's work, Thomas puffs back to Tidmouth Sheds, where The Fat Controller call him a really useful engine.

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