Thomas' Evil Twin is a family movie produced and distrubuted by Paramount Pictures and HIT Entertainment. It is Thomas' first Tomy movie.


Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends are working hard all day. Thomas and Percy meet Duck and Toby who are at the station. Duck tells Thomas and Percy about thier friendship. Thomas and Percy are told to take some trucks to the scrapyards when a evil twin called Hitlinator appears and Thomas and Percy run away. They tell the Fat Controller what's wrong. Meanwhile Duck talks to James the Red Engine. James says that Hitlinator should scrap steam engines and diesel engines. Thomas talks to Oliver that his evil twin, Hitlinator is black and looks like him. Oliver puffs away. Hitlinator is enjoying himself and decides to scrap engines

At the Narrow Gauge Railway, Harmood is grumbling untill he derails. Skarloey takes him back to the Transfor Yards and Sir Handel takes his place and arrives at the station. He is happy.

Back to the Fat Controller's railway, Diesel 10 talks to Duck that Hitlinator will scrap engines. Duck tells him about Thomas' evil twin. At the scrapyards, Hitlinat\or is talking to his friends, Diesel, Arry, Bert, Bluck and Bob. At Tidmouth Sheds, the twelve engines of the Steam Team are talking. Duck is telling Thomas about Hitlinator. Thomas must stop him. The next morning, Neil is pulling trucks to the Transfor Yards and coes home. Emily is talking to Oliver. Oliver suggests that Hitlinator is a evil, red-eye, black tank engine. Donald and Douglas are at Tidmouth Sheds talking. Douglas suggests Hitlinator is evil. Donald says he is a black tank engine. At the scrapyards, Hitlinator talks to Diesel. He must scrap engines. Meanwhile Salty is talking to his buddy, Mokey. Mokey says Hitlinator is scary. The Fat Controller tells the Steam Team to work at the docks. At the docks, Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald & Douglas, Oliver and Emily tell Cranky about Hitlinator. Cranky talks to Bill and Ben.

At the Narrow Gauge Railway, Duke takes some trucks and talks to Neil about Hitlinator. Sir Handel takes some coaches and talks to Thomas at the wharf. Duncan is shunting trucks at the wharf untill he pushes them to hard they fall down a canel. Duncan has a punishment.

Back to the Fat Controller's Railway, Edward talks to Duck about Hitlinator. Duck says that Hitlinator is evil. Meanwhile Rosie is pulling trucks untill she derails and is rescued. At the docks, Thomas talks to Duck. Duck suggests that Hitlintor is evil.

At the scrapyards, Hitlinator says that he will scrap Percy and goes to find him. At the docks, Percy cries. Thomas tells him that he will stop Hitlinator. Percy is glad he will be rescued. At the Narrow Gauge Railway, Neil goes to talk to Sir Handel. Sir Handel suggests that Hitlinator will scrap all the engines. Back to the Fat Controller's railway, Thomas talks to Duck and Rosie. Duck says that Hitlinator is nowhere to be somewhere. Suddenly Hitlinator arrives at the docks and knocks some trucks over and goes after Percy, who screams. Then he goes to tell Diesel that Percy is the scrap piece. Thomas goes after Hitlinator. Thomas races after Hitlinator and finds him. Thomas pushes Hitlinator off a cliff. Hitlinator falls off the cliff and lands on the ground. Thomas wins. Thomas saves Percy's life and Sodor. Sodor is back to normal.


  • Thomas We Love You
  • Pactince is Viture
  • Little Engines
  • Engine Roll Call


  • Thomas/Duck: Eddie Glen
  • Edward/Toby: Clom Feore
  • Henry/Oliver: Kevin Frank
  • Gordon/Hitler/Diesel 10: Gary Glitter
  • James/Donald/Douglas: Roger Bump Ass
  • Percy: Steve Asquith
  • Emily: Paul Tibbit
  • Pierce Brosnan: Thomas (as narrator)

& More!


  • Movie made with TOMY/Trackmaster models and CGI.



  • Narrated by Pierce Brosnan as Thomas (narrator).

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