Thomas' Great Adventures is a 2011 CGI show based on the well known TV-series.


For new readers, this is about Thomas and his friends who live on the Island of Sodor with all the character any Thomas fans know and some new characters.

Magnificent Engines/The Steam Team

The Steam Team is the central cast in the show and all steam engines. Except for one, that is. The name has since been changed to the Magnificent Engines.

Thomas is NWR no. 1 and with Molly and their kids, May, Thomas Jr., Stacy, and Claude.

Molly is NWR no. 23 and with Thomas and their kids.

Edward is NWR no. 2 and with Bridget and their sons, Matthew and Alex.

Bridget is NWR no. 42 and with Edward and their kids.

Henry is NWR no. 3 and with Emily and their kids, Daniel and Victoria.

Emily is NWR no. 12 and with Henry and their kids.

Gordon in NWR no. 4 and with Danni and their kids, Dominic, Orion, Dawn, and Gail.

Danni is NWR no. 26 and with Gordon and their kids.

James is NWR no. 5 and with Daisy and their kids, Melissa and Josh.

Daisy is NWR no. D1 and where the problem comes in. (STEAM Team!) She is with James and their kids.

Percy is NWR no. 6 and with Lady and their kids, Kelly and Billy.

Lady is with Percy and their kids.

Toby is NWR no. 7 and with Flora and their kids, Brock, Misty, and Max.

Flora is NWR no. 22 and with Toby and their kids.

Duck is NWR no. 8 and with Chelsea and their kids, Doug and Talia.

Chelsea is NWR no. 43 and with Duck and their kids.

Donald is NWR no. 9 and with Olivia and their kids, Tavish and Zoe.

Olivia is NWR no. 44 and with Donald and their son.

Douglas is NWR no. 10 and with Anna and their daughter, Kenna.

Anna is NWR no. 45 and with Douglas and their daughter.

Oliver is NWR no. 11 and with Rosie and their sons, Nate and Phoebe.

Rosie is NWR no. 21 and with Oliver and their sons.

Stanley is NWR no. 13 and with Wendy and their kids, Michelle and Stanley Jr.

Wendy is NWR no. 46 and with Stanley and their kids, Michelle and Stanley Jr.

The New Magnifincent Engines

The Above

May is the daughter of Thomas and Molly. She is NWR no. 49 and with Daniel.

Daniel is NWR no. 48 and the son of Henry and Emily. He is with May and their children, Daniel Jr. and Molly.

Matthew is NWR no. 47 and the son of Edward and Bridget. He is with Stephanie and their kids, Edward and Liza.

Stephanie is NWR no. 54 and the daughter of Spencer and Quinlee. She is with Matthew and their kids.

Dominic is NWR no. 50 and the first born of Gordon and Danni. He is with Victoria and their kids, Scott and Nigel.

Victoria is NWR no. 52 and the daughter of Henry and Emily. She is with Dominic and their kids.

Thomas Jr (now Thomas II) is the son of Thomas and Molly and NWR no. 51. He is with Kelly and their kids, Thomas III and James Holden II.

Kelly is NWR no. 53 and the daughter of Percy and Lady. She is with Thomas Jr and their kids.

Brock is NWR no. 55 and the son of Toby and Flora. He is Melissa and their kids, Josh and Stephen.

Melissa is NWR no. 56 and the daughter of James and Daisy. She is with Brock and their kids.

Orion is NWR no. 57 and the son of Gordon and Danni, He is with Phoebe and their son, Otto.

Phoebe is NWR no. 73 and the daughter of Oliver and Rosie. She is with Orion and their son.

Josh is NWR no. 57 and the son of James and Daisy. He is with Dawn and their kids, James and Maddie

Dawn is NWR no. 58 and the daughter of Gordon and Danni. She is with Josh and their kids.

Doug is NWR no. 59 and the son of Duck and Chelsea. He is with Misty and their kids, Harry and Taylor.

Misty is NWR no. 60 and the daughter of Toby and Flora. She is with Doug and their kids.

Max is NWR no. 61 and the son of Toby and Flora. He is with Gail and their kids, Noah and Brian.

Gail is NWR no. 62 and the daughter of Gordon and Danni. She is with Max and their kids.

Tavish is NWR no. 63 and the son of Donald and Olivia. He is with Michelle and their kids, Caleb and Carol.

Michelle is NWR no. 64 and the daughter of Stanley and Wendy. She is with Tavish and their kids.

Billy is NWR no. 65 and the son of Percy and Lady. He is with Kenna and their kids, Frank and Gwendolyn.

Kenna is NWR no. 66 and the daughter of Douglas and Anna. She is with Billy and their kids.

Claude is NWR no. 68 and the son of Thomas and Molly. He is with Talia and their kids, Hamilton and Reagan.

Talia is NWR no. 70 and the daughter of Duck and Chelsea. She is with Claude and their kids.

Alex is NWR no. 67 and the son of Edward and Bridget. He is with Stacy and their kids, Amy and Janet.

Stacy is NWR no. 69 and the daughter of Thomas and Molly. She is with Alex and their kids.

Nate is NWR no. 71 and with Zoe and their sons, Zack and Nick.

Zoe is NWR no. 72 and with Nate and their sons.


Season 1

  1. Thomas' and the Guys

Movies, Documentaries, and Feature Length Films

  1. How Thomas' Great Adventures Came To Be
  2. Diesel 1 and the Golden Stone

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