Thomas' Magic Adventure is a CGI Direct-to-Special that features Thomas going into a Fantasy World and Lady is telling him that this magic railway lived a long time ago and the big ruby made people go to this world whenever the full moon rises.

Thomas learned the legend of the Ruby Castle existed,he tried to tell the other engines about it,but they don't believe him,despite this,Thomas decides to go and find the Ruby Castle back were he went.When Thomas came back,the big Ruby infront of the Castle started to shine, so brightly,that the Ruby's glow could be seen by everyone on the Island of Sodor.Next Morning,When The Fat Controller realises Thomas is missing,he sends out a very big search party to look for him,Thomas' Friends are worried about Thomas,so they decide to help find him,Thomas goes on an epic Adventure of magic and Thomas finds this exciting,so he goes off to look for magical things.

Thomas' Magic Adventure Characters