Thomas Magical Adventure is Direct-to-DVD Special narrated by Pierce Brosnan


Thomas listens to a story at Great Waterton, it was all about The Legend of The Ruby Castle, Thomas believes the story is true, so he goes out to find it himself.Thomas finds The Ruby Castle at a hidden part of Henry's Forest, Thomas is overjoyed by this. Next morning, Thomas told the others about this, but they didn't believe his story and they thought he must've dreamt it, this made Thomas upset. That night, Thomas came back to The Ruby Castle, he thought it was one of the most wonderful sites, he had ever seen, the full moon rises and the big ruby in front of the castle glows, the glow was so bright, it was seen by everyone on the Island of Sodor. Thomas is teleported to a fantasy world, Lady puffs up to him, she told him the magic of the big ruby brought him here, Thomas is shocked that everyone he knows at his home are gone, Thomas wanted answers, he was confused, Lady puffed after him.Next morning, when Thomas' friends and The Fat Controller realise that Thomas is missing, The Fat Conroller sends out a Big Search Party, Thomas' Friends are worried by this, so they went off to find Thomas themselves. Lady made Thomas feel welcome to this world and she agreed to help him back home, Lady told Thomas all it takes is dreams to get him back home, Thomas and Lady began their epic adventure and Thomas thinks this is wonderful to go on an adventure with a Golden engine.