Episode List

  • Prologue - We are introduced to the Steam Team and North Western Railway.
  • 1. Thomas and the Star Fleet - Thomas and his friends meets the Star Fleet and the Z-Stacks.
  • 2. Duck the Really Useful Engine - James and Diesel claim that Duck is no useful at all, but they get into a sticky sutuation. Duck rescues them.
  • 3. James' Big Fight - James and Diesel get into trouble when they get into a big fight.
  • 4. Duck Rescues Diesel - Duck rescues Diesel when he gets stuck on a broken viaduct.
  • 5. Edward and the Christmas Train - Edward rescues Diesel when he dangles on a edge of a cliff.
  • 6. Fergus and Diesel - Fergus rescues Diesel after he gets stuck on a collasping bridge.
  • 7. Duck Saves the Day - Some trucks chase Duck and tried to stop them.
  • 8. Stepney Returns - Stepney returns to Sodor.
  • 9. Percy and the Bully - A new engine, Horace, arrives and bullies Percy.
  • 10. James and Molly - James falls in love with Molly.
  • 11. Rosie and Lady - Rosie meets Lady and befriends her.
  • 12. Trapped - A big hopper gets stuck and traps, Bill, Ben, James, Percy, Gordon, Henry and Toby.
  • 13. The Curse of the Were-Engine - James becomes a were-engine and plans to ruin the Halloween party.
  • 14. High Winds - A evil steam garratt engine arrives from Australia to Sodor.
  • 15. Ten Cents Gets Tricked - Ten Cents gets revenge on Zorran for teasing him.
  • 16. OJ Helps Out - OJ is let out of the shed and helps Zorran up a hill.
  • 17. James vs. Diesel - James vows revenge on Diesel when he blows up Zorran.
  • 18. South Western Railway - Thomas visits the South Western Railway.
  • 19. Emily and Maddie - Emily feels upset because a new steam railcar comes and she thinks thomas is going to leave her.
  • 20. Judge Judy - Two new diesels arrive on Sodor. Its up thomas & friends to defeat Judge Judy for being mean
  • 21. Molly's Duck - Molly befriends a duck. James thinks it's selfish, but Molly says it isn't.
  • 22. Duck Helps James - Duck must defeat James for stealing Thomas, Toby, Oliver and Stanley's cars.
  • 23. Dirty Goods Train - The Fat Controller sends for Whitelocke, a grumpy freight engine to run his Railway. He refuses to pull heavy goods train.
  • 24. Emily's Colorful Paint - Duck introduces Emily to the Small Railway and ends up in an accident with a lorry full of paint.
  • 25. Ultra rescue - Emily saves Jock from a puddle of water and made friends with the Arlesdale railway.
  • 26. Johnny Cuba - The engines meet an evil diesel engine named Johnny Cuba and made friends with the Z-stacks.
  • 29. Bill's new paint - Bill had to wear green paint and the engines laughed at him.
  • 30. Fast friends - Stephanie and Alex come to Sodor and Bear quickley makes friends with Stephanie.
  • 31. Thomas and the new engine- when new engine named Luke come, when thomas rescue Luke .

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