• 1. Sir Handel and the Bridge - Sir Handel rescues Duncan when he falls off a bridge,
  • 2. Duck Helps Out - Duck rescues Sixteen when he falls into a puddle of mud.
  • 3. Mavis to the Rescue - Mavis rescues Toby when he derails at the crossing.
  • 4. Gordon's Turn - Gordon meets a new female tender engine.
  • 5. Trusty Duck - Duck rescues Diesel when he gets stuck in a old bridge.
  • 6. James Is Not Pulling Any Goods Train! - James doesn't like pulling any goods train and steals Emily's coaches from her by refusing to pull a goods train, untill he gets into trouble, which Duck and Stepney laugh at him.
  • 7. Big Eric - A new double decker bus is rude and mean.
  • 8. James Kills Kenny - After James pushed a new engine called Kenny off a cliff and kills him, Thomas, Duck and Boco get angry for killing him, so Sir Topham Hatt punishes James for not being nice to Kenny and sends him to the shed for the next two months.
  • 9. James Needs Help - After James killed Kenny and is sent to the shed for the next two months, he realizes how cruel and rude he can be to Kenny. He seeks help from Murdoch while Kenny is sent to Crovan's Gate Works.
  • 10. Crovan Goes on Strike - Crovan (formerly 87546), the governer's private engine is tired with working too much and goes on strike. Thomas is cross because he has to do some of Crovan's work as well as his own.
  • 11. James Forgives Kenny - After James needed with Murdoch, Kenny is rebuilt into a traction engine, and later a tender engine.
  • 12. Henry's Tenders - Henry wishes he could be as splendid as Flying Scotsman and Gordon. Henry overhears that he might be getting six tenders. After his six tenders cause him problems, he decides to be a single tendered engine again.
  • 13. Pop Goes the Judge - Judge Judy returns to Sodor and crashed at the quarry
  • 14. Quarantine - OJ almost gets scrapped.
  • 15. Munitions - Bluenose, the naval tender engine, starts a fire.
  • 16. Emily, Molly and the Flowers - Emily and Molly are having flowers for Thomas and James.
  • 17. A New Engine for Edward - Edward worries about more passengers coming to his branchlines. Thomas and Percy sees an old engine in a shed near Ballahoo. They have an idea, and shares it with Sir Topham Hatt.
  • 18. James Goes on Strike - James is tired of pulling goods trains and goes on strike. Percy is happy when he has to do James' work.
  • 19. Thomas' Very Christmas Special
  • 20. Jock the snow engine - Jock crashed into the snowman for the snowman party. The children were happy at Jock as a snow engine.
  • 21. Mavis cracks a nut - Mavis runs over nut on the track.
  • 22. Spencer vs Crovan - Spencer and Crovan have a rivalry.
  • 23. The Black Five - Henry talks about his brothers back in the old days to the other engines

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