• 1. James vs. Rutger - James meets a custom tank engine called Rutger, who ignores Duck's advice. James soon destroys Rutger by pushing him and his gunpower trucks off a cliff, and Duck arrives with Rocky to lift the destroyed Rutger on Rocky's flatbed, as soon Sir Topham Hatt is cross with James for destroying Rutger and gives him a punishment by keeping him in the shed for two months.
  • 2. James Helps Out - James is in the shed for two months, and helps Gordon with the Express and birds drop on him.
  • 3. A Bruise - Emily ends up in an accident with Nigel, and needs to go slowly while on a temporary tire.
  • 4. Fletcher Owns Up - Fletcher is conceited, but a group of coal trucks teach him a lesson.
  • 5. Overloaded Train - Henry has very overloaded trains and comes on Duck's branchline
  • 6. Sixteen takes the plunge - There's going to be a football tourament and Sixteen has to deliver the football clothes and pull some trucks and splashed into the puddle and ruined the clothes.
  • 7.Talyllyn's visit - Duke is feeling ill so the thin controller borrowed Talyllyn from the Talyllyn railway.
  • 8. Veto the V2 - Herbert comes to Sodor and he takes Gordon's passengers when he's broken down.
  • 9. Spencer and the Herring Gull - Sir Ralph Wedgewood comes to Sodor and Spencer thinks he's an imposter.
  • 10.Emily's butter - Duck told Emily about City of Truro and Emily spilled butter churns and meets City of Truro and City of Truro did her work and left to go home the next day.
  • 11. Thomas and percy's substitutes - thomas and Percy had to go to the Dean forest railway because Wilbert is ill and Jinty and Pug did their work and Emily didn't like them coming to Sodor.
  • 12. Sixteen's disaster - Sixteen tries to pass the danger board with some trucks but they used the buffers to block it and he had an accident.
  • 13. The LNER brothers - Gordon talks to Hiro About his 6 brothers and told him that they were scraped.
  • 14. Gordred and Percy - Gordred meets Percy and became friends.
  • 15. Duck the hunter - Some trucks were missing and Duck needs to find them.
  • 16. Ballstrike - A football tourament was coming and Jock got nearly hit by a ball and it knocked the seal off the brakepipe that made the others laughed.

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