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  • 1. Bear's Bear - Bear has to pull the flying kipper and followed by a big brown bear for the carnival.
  • 2. King James of sodor - Duck talks to the engines about King James I and James thought he was king of Sodor and Duck explains that he was talking about King James I working alongside him when he was in Paddington.
  • 3. Other railway diesels - Diesel 10 introduces Judge Judy to the other diesels.
  • 4. Thomas and Culdee - Thomas meets Culdee and the mountain engines.
  • 5. James,Emily and Neil - James and Emily said rude things to Neil the new engine about being an ugly old box and Neil tells Donald and Douglas about his brothers.
  • 6. Jinxed - Ten Cents and Sunshine found a tender engine named Boomer who is jinxed but Ten Cents doesn't believe he's jinxed and the jinx causes everybody problems.
  • 7. Triple header - Green Arrow visits the Bluebell railway and Spencer turned over who was pulling the special train. Arthur, Stepney and Green Arrow had to triple head the train to Sodor.
  • 8.Pirate - Someone stole some trucks and the engines blame Ten Cents and team up with the Z-stacks. They found an engine called Sea Rogue who was forced to work with 2 green eyed evil engines.
  • 9. Ghosts - Big Mac saw ghost engines and the ghost engines scare all of the engines.
  • 10. Gordon and the arguement - Gordon, The Foreign engine,Duck,Sixteen, Chelsea and the rest are argueing about London station which worries Sir Topham Hatt and the engines on the railway
  • 11. Stop thief! - Spencer steals Mavis' oil trucks and Flying Scotsman chases him.
  • 12. Emily and the Railway series - The engines talk about the railway series and Emily wants to be in the railway series and ends up in an accident.
  • 13. Donald, Douglas and The old engine - The engines found out that The Old engine which Toby met a long time ago that is Donald and Douglas's cousin.
  • 14. Horace and Spamcan - Horace returns to sodor and made friends with D199.
  • 15. Maddie and Daisy - Maddie meets Daisy and Maddie rescues Daisy from an accident.
  • 16. Playing with fire - Percy accidently starts a fire.
  • 17. Burke, Blair, Arry and Bert - Burke and Blair befriends with Arry and Bert.
  • 18. Mike vs. Mike - Mike from the SWR meets Mike from the arlesdale railway and challenges him to a race.
  • 19. High speed Spencer - Spencer is jealous about Pip and Emma and slipped on icey rails while pulling the express.

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