Thomas' Railway Movie is a movie based on Thomas' Railway Adventures.


A evil diesel, Smelter, plots to destroy Molly. It's up to Thomas, Duck, Oliver, James and Stepney to stop Smelter and rescue Molly.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Oliver
  • Emily
  • Stanley
  • Smelter
  • Bixby
  • Gregory
  • Diesel 10
  • BoCo
  • Diesel
  • Arry and Bert
  • Splatter and Dodge
  • Eagle
  • Lady
  • Lord
  • Rosie
  • Molly
  • Stepney
  • Mavis
  • Ten Cents
  • Big Mac
  • OJ
  • Top Hat
  • Warrior
  • Hercules
  • Sunshine
  • Grampus


Part One

{pitch black}

Narrator: I believe that most folks - like yourselves - understand that on a train journey, great adventure may never be very far away and that long after the sound of a train whistle has vanished, it's romance will be safe in every human heart - whatever age, whatever the time. Most folks are happy to know this is a pity because that’s all it takes to cause a lot of trouble to some of the most precious things in life. This is a story about trains working together; as they were meant to be.

{We see Thomas puffing out of a tunnel with Annie and Clarabel. Cut: Thomas is puffing behind some bushes.}

Narrator: Every story, like a railway, has it's heroes.

{Thomas is puffing down the rails.}

Narrator: This is Thomas. He's the number one tank engine.

Thomas: {whistles} Hello!

Narrator: But he's running a little late today.

{Thomas is pulling Annie and Clarabelle past the river mill.}

Narrator: This is the North Western Railway, sometimes known as the Island of Sodor, where Thomas and his friends live. Most of the story takes place here.

{All the engines working and talking: Molly pulling red coaches to Henry's tunnel and whistles to Emily pulling Martha and Jennifer, going out the tunnel; Gordon pulling the express with Donald and Douglas working in the harbor; Toby pulling Henrietta and Victoria at Edward's station, Edward in a siding, and Henry pulling the express and the three whistle at each other; Percy pulling the mail, Stanley shunting trucks; James and Eagle pulling a goods train; Neville helping Duck and Oliver at the docks.}

Narrator: It is a great place, even when a man named Sir Topham Hatt is running it.

{Thomas is chuffing happily along the branch line, which happened to belong to him. Annie and Clarabel (his coaches) are full of passengers as Thomas pulls them happily along the line.}

Narrator: It was on this particular morning, Thomas was puffing down his branch line, with his two coaches Annie and Clarabel.Thomas was singing to them.

Thomas: {singing happily} I am Thomas the tank engine, Puffing happily down this track. Annie follows close behind, And Clarabel is at the back!

{Thomas stops at Tidmouth Station. He meets Gordon, with the Express, who is waiting at the platform.}

Gordon: I'm waiting.

Thomas: You're late, Gordon.

Gordon: I'm waiting for the passengers to take on ride. What does that say?

{Thomas sees a board}

Thomas: Hmm, "North Western Railway: Really Reliable and Right On Time. Sighed Head Of The Railway, Sir Topham Hatt."

Gordon: You're cheeky, Thomas.

Thomas: You're bossy, Gordon. The Fat Controller's son will be in charge of the North Western Railway.

Gordon: Railways will have long jobs.

Narrator: Suddenly, a large, green, intimidating diesel engine, Smelter, with a metallic hydraulic crane arm on his roof with a giant metal claw, sped by.

Smelter: {deep, gruff voice and a strong Australian accent (with the lashings of Russian)} Get out of my way! This is dreadfully useful! I'm fully bad, and anything useful is bad for my jobs.

Gordon: {scared} It's Smelter!

Thomas: Devious deeds and brutal strength.

Narrator: Meanwhile, Smelter came into the siding and the scrapyard. He was planning to destroy the engines.

{Smelter is purring slowly on the smelters. He stops alongside an diesel like him - Bixby}

Bixby: You do know this stupid attempt may well have put our motors under the guillotine!

Smelter: You ordered it, Bixby.

Bixby: I never once did say you going and destroy god-#$%! stations! You killed nearly twenty people from what I heard! You have been too cold-hearted. You kill innocent people, exactly the opposite of what I expected from you. You will be dealt with. You will be followed wherever you go. And any attempt of destroying anyone else will be the end of you.

Narrator: Smelter sneered at Bixby, and purred away, to prepare his next scheme.

{Thomas is puffing crossly towards Timouth Sheds}

Narrator: Thomas wasn't happy about Smelter coming to Sodor.

Thomas: That diesel, Smelter. The Fat Controller says "However long he stays, I hope you will make him welcome and comfortable. Run along now and show him the shed. He will want a rest after his journey."

Narrator: Thomas backed up to Tidmouth Sheds where James, Duck and Oliver were there.

Thomas: What are you doing in the shed?

James: I'm feeling a little blue, which isn't so hot when you're red.

Duck: The Fat Controller think we're really useful engines.

Oliver: They never complain about it.

Narrator: Smelter came into the shed.

Thomas: The Fat Controller said "Here is Smelter, the Scrap Diesel, who has come to help while Molly"

Smelter: {laughs evilly}

Thomas, James, Duck and Oliver: {gasp in terror}

Smelter: You'll always need help! Because steam engines are cowardly, cranky, worn out hunks of metal, who couldn't hurt a fly!

James: No we're not!

Smelter: Yes you are!

James: Aren't!

Smelter: Are! Now, I've come to find the yellow puffball. I'm going to destroy her and replace you. And then, you'll be nothing but useless scrap!

Smelter: {laughs evilly as he purrs away}

Thomas: We're really useful engines. If you won't replace us, you won't destroy her. I'll find The Fat Controller and Molly now.

James: Molly.

Duck and Oliver: What yellow puffball?!

Part Two

Narrator: Thomas grumbled towards the other engines. But he stopped, he could see Molly in the shed with five other engines. They were boasting.

Molly: Thomas, I'm happy to see you.

Thomas: Molly, what are you doing?

Molly: I was with the other engines. They are boasting about me. {sniff} I'm so worried.

Narrator: Molly tried to smile but she was sad.

Thomas: Molly, would you like to come out and meet James?

Molly: {cheerfully} Yes, Thomas.

Narrator: So the Fireman lit the fire and made a nice lot of steam. Then the Driver pulled the lever, and Molly puffed away. The others were very cross at being left behind.

{We see Molly puffing in and out of a tunnel with four old coaches.}

Narrator: Molly had a happy day. All the children ran to wave as she went past and she met old friends at all the stations. She worked so that the Driver promised take her out again next day. Meanwhile, Smelter was at the quarry. He saw a rockface represented the sculptures of Diesel 10, Splatter, Dodge and Alfred. Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge arrived.

Diesel 10: I have a job for Smelter and Splodge.

Smelter: Yes, Diesel 10.

Splatter: No, boss.

Dodge: I refused to help.

Smelter: {crossly} Shut up, Splodge.

Splodge: {groans}

Smelter: {smugly} I've come to find the yellow steam engine.

Splatter: The yellow steam engine?

Dodge: Yeah, she's going to be scrapped. Do we scrap her, Splatter?

Splatter: We always have to keep look for her.

Smelter: When I come, I'm planning to destroy her. Meanwhile, I will do her work.

Splatter: {crossly} A-A-A- d-diesel, Boss?!

Dodge: {crossly} Destroy the yellow puffball?

Diesel 10: Whatever is that destroyed yellow puffball?

Splatter: However long he stays?

Dodge: We will make him unwelcome

Smelter: SILENCE!!! I want to destroy the steam engines! I'll get rid of this! {laughs evilly as his claw lifted and knocked him in the face} Ow! Stop! I can't!

Diesel 10: Pinchy, stop him!

Splodge: {chuckles}

Narrator: Later that night, Thomas wasn't happy anymore. Thomas was complaining about Smelter's recent arrival on Sodor.

Thomas: Smelter's resting in the sheds with me.

Narrator: Smelter was next to Thomas, cackling. Edward came to the shed. He felt sorry for Thomas.

Thomas: Smelter's trying to destroy and replace Molly. The Fat Controller wants him to work tomorrow.

Narrator: This gave Edward an idea.

Edward: I've got some trucks to take on tomorrow. If you take them instead of me, I'll pull Annie and Clarabel.

Thomas: Thank you. That will be nice.

Smelter: Nice things?! {growls}

Narrator: Next morning Edward and Thomas asked their driver if they could switch jobs for a day. When they said "Yes", Thomas and ran off happily to find trucks. Smelter was very cross and slithered away, sneering. Thomas had lots of fun shunting of his trucks, but the trucks didn't. Smelter hated goods trains. The trucks were being dragged backwards and forwards through the yard all morning! Eventually Thomas and Smelter were ready. When the guard blew his whistle, Thomas and Smelter started off. They slowly moved out of the yard and onto the main line, but the trucks weren't ready.

Troublesome Trucks: Oh! Oh! Oh! Wait, Thomas Wait!

Narrator: But he wouldn't wait. He gave them a rude bump and set off for Edward's Station. Smelter came scuttling along, very slowly, and very crossly with a lot of very dirty old trucks.

Smelter: {grumbling and growling furiously} A goods train! A goods train! A goods train! The shame of it, the shame of it, the shame of station!

Narrator: He went slowly through, with the trucks clattering and banging behind him.

Troublesome Trucks: Oh! Oh! Oh! We can't! We won't!

Smelter: {growls}

Narrator: Thomas clattered through stations and whistled at all of them. He also liked the beautiful country side. Smelter clattered through stations and growled at all of them. Thomas whistled as he rushed through Henry's tunnel. Smelter growled as he rushed through Henry's tunnel. Thomas and Smelter rumbled over the bridge near Gordon's Hill.

Thomas' Driver: Steady, Thomas, Steady!

Narrator: Thomas reached the top. Then the driver began to pin down the brakes, but it broke with a clang, jumping his driver off the footplate.

Thomas: {gasps} Cinders and Ashes! I've broke my brakes. My driver was not there.

Troublesome Trucks: On! On! On!

Narrator: The trucks rushed down the hill. Thomas' driver went for help. Thomas ran away without his driver. He was shocked.

Thomas: Help!

Troublesome Trucks: Chase them! Bump them! Throw them off the rails!

Narrator: Thomas raced through Edward' station. The trucks pushed him on and on. He passed through the junction where Molly was waiting.

Molly: Bubbling Boilers!

Narrator: Thomas rattled straight through and swerved into the goods yard. He raced past Oliver who was taking on water.

Oliver: Be careful! The switches ahead are faulty!

Narrator: But Thomas heard him He came to the broken switches, but instead of going to the other railway, he was diverted onto an old branch line! Bushes, leaves and dirt were everywhere, but Thomas moved on. He came to an old four-space shed. He crashed into the front of the shed. At last, Thomas stopped. It was very quiet.

Thomas: Smelter will back in the shunting yards now. My best friends, Percy, and Stanley, will be wondering where I am. I don't know where I am.

A voice: Hello?

Narrator: Thomas gasped.

Thomas: The voice came from the shed. But there's no train on this line.

Narrator: In the shed was a very old, broken and rusty engine. It was of Ivatt/Gresley hybrid build - a cross between Great Northern Railway Class C1 and LNER Class A1/A3 with a 4-6-0 wheel arrangement, a completely cylinder-like boiler, a front dip and a LNER Holden B12-style tender. His British Railway express blue paint had been scratched and his front end and his cab roof were dented. The side of his boiler had been ripped into, creating a hole; his dome was cracked; one of his wheels was bent; one of his front buffers was broken and the other was bent; his headlamp was smashed and his whistle was broken and smashed. He had broken and snapped a side rod and lost two of his drive wheels. Thomas felt scared, then the engine smiled. It was a little, frightened smile, but it made the engine look friendly, kind and gentle, making Thomas less scared.

Old Engine: Hello, Thomas. It's been years.

Narrator: Percy, Stanley, Toby, Molly and Emily came to the old shed.

Thomas: {nervously} H-H-Hello. My name is Thomas.

Old Engines: Hi, my name is Lord.

Stanley: Hello, Lord

Thomas: Lord, these are my friends, Percy, Toby, Stanley, Emily and Molly.

Percy: {nervously} H-H-Hello.

Emily: Why are you here? Where have you been?

Lord: That's a long story. Do you like stories?

Thomas: Yes. The little engines tell us stories all the time.

Lord: Then, I hope you will like mine. I came to Sodor a long time ago. I was one of the first steam engines on Sodor.

{Shows a flashback of Thomas, Edward and Lord working on the Tidmouth, Knapford and Elsbridge Railway.}

Lord: {narrating} I arrived in the 1920's, with Edward. When I arrived, it didn't look at all like home.

Molly: {voice-over} What was Sodor like then?

Lord: {narrating} It was very quiet. I was one of the few engines on Sodor. They called me "God of the Railway" here. I was very happy.

Percy: {voice-over} What happened to you?

Lord: {narrating} {sighs sadly} 62 years later, I rolled too fat and fell off the edge off the cliff. Then, came the loud smashing sounds of them hitting the ravine with a loud crash, I was broken and the manager punished me to stay in the shed for always.

ut back to present day.}

Lord: I'm sure I'll never be useful again.

Molly: We've got a problem right now - an engine known as Smelter had heard of you, and wants to scrap you for being famous.

Lord: Oh, no! I'm too useful to be scrapped. I must be kept out of harm's way.

Narrator: Thomas, Percy, Emily, and Molly looked at their sad, new friend. They felt sorry for Lord.

Thomas: Don't worry, Lord. The Fat Controller knows of you. He wouldn't scrap any useful steam engine. We will help you become "God of the Railway" again!

Narrator: Lord smiled the biggest smile he had smiled in a long time.

Lord: Thank you, Thomas. Thank you for looking after me.

Part Three

Narrator: Victor and Kevin of Sodor Steamworks arrived. They took Thomas and Molly to the Sodor Steamworks. In the meantime, a fitter was repairing Thomas and Molly. Thomas had his brakes fixed.

Thomas: {thinking} I hope this goes well.

Narrator: The fitter finished repairing Thomas.

Victor: Okay, Thomas, it's all fixed. But I suggest you move slowly. You might make that wheel come loose.

Narrator: Diesel 10 arrived. He was shocked, much to his fright.

Diesel 10: {growls} So we meet again, Thomas and Victor for the last time.

Victor: Not today, Diesel 10!

Narrator: Diesel 10 slithered away, sneering.

Thomas: Now I've got to get ready.

Narrator: Just then, Stepney puffed in.

Stepney: Thomas, Smelter is planning to destroy Molly. We have to stop his plans.

Thomas: You're right, Stepney.

Narrator: Also just then, Sir Topham Hatt arrived.

Sir Topham Hatt: Tomorrow, there is one thing that I want is Really Useful Engines.

Narrator: Later, Thomas arrived at a level crossing, the gates were closed to trains. On the other side was Emily.

{George the steamroller passes by.}

Thomas: Hurry up George, I'm going to be late.

George: Are you sure steamies. I got to pave this road. {his thoughts} I wish I could get rid of these engines.

Emily: George is a bossy boiler, that one.

Thomas: I wish he had never come to Sodor.

Emily: Haven't you heard, Thomas? We're being called to a meeting at Tidmouth Sheds this evening.

Thomas: I've heard about it. {The gates have now opened.} I gotta go now, see ya, Emily.

Emily: Bye then, Thomas.

Narrator: Thomas made good time as he continued his work along the branch line, stopping at each station to pick up and let off passengers. As dusk started to fall, he arrived at his final destination; Ffarquhar station. Thomas pulled into the station, and slowed to a stop. On the road beside the station, Bertie was waiting. The remaining passengers on the train got off Annie and Clarabel, left the platform, and started to board the bus.

Bertie: Hello Thomas. Any news from your branch line?

Thomas: No, not really Bertie, except Sir Topham Hatt has told me, Percy and James that there is to be a meeting at the sheds.

Bertie: Really? What about?

Thomas: I don’t know. But I’ll have to go now to find out. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

Bertie: Okay. Goodbye Thomas. See you tomorrow.

Narrator: And tooting on his horn, Bertie set off down the road, while Thomas left the station. He traveled to a large railway yard near the sheds. This was where all the coaches were kept. There were many coaches in the yard, large and small. He shunted Annie and Clarabel into the yard.

Thomas: Goodbye, you two. See you tomorrow.

Annie: Goodbye, Thomas.

Clarabel: Don't forget to tell us about the meeting tomorrow.

Thomas: I won't.

{On one of the lines near where Thomas parked Annie and Clarabel, we see Gordon and Spencer shunting four express coaches onto the line.}

Thomas: Hello, Gordon. Did you hear about the meeting we have to go to?

Gordon: Only just. He tried to tell me as I was racing through Edward’s station with the express. He was telling Edward about it, and as he saw me approach the station, he called out to me, trying to get the message to me. But I could barely hear him, and just raced through without stopping, and I caused his top hat to blow off his head. Edward managed to follow me, and tell me the message when I was at the next station. He also told me I was lucky that Sir Topham Hatt managed to find his top hat.

Spencer: Sir Topham Hatt lost his hat.

Duck: Spencer, I'll find his top hat.

Narrator: Duck puffed away with Spencer.

Spencer: Come on, Duck. Let's go and find his top hat.

Narrator: Later, Thomas puffed into the shed with a flatbed of parts for Lord.

Lord: Thomas found my parts, and now I'm with Lady.

Thomas: Lord, you will have your parts fixed.

Narrator: Workmen were fixing Lord. His front end and his cab roof were mended. The side of his boiler was taped. They straightened one of his wheels and his buffers. They fixed one of his front buffers, whistle and headlamp. Lord had fixed a side rod and gained two of new purple drive wheels. Workmen removed his funnel, dome and cab.

Thomas: You're fixed now.

Stepney: Well done, Thomas.

Lord: You're welcome.

Narrator: Meanwhile, Smelter and Diesel 10 were planning to destroy steam engines.

Diesel 10: When the yellow puffball comes, I'll destroy her.

Donald and Douglas: Wait, Diesel 10.

Diesel 10: Donald and Douglas, why are ye here?

Donald: Because I'm a very busy engine.

Douglas: Me too.

Diesel 10: You two are going to be scrapped.

Smelter: I'll scrap both of you.

Narrator: Duck and Oliver were busy shunting trucks with new parts for Lord.

Duck: We're going to help Lord.

Oliver: He's going to be really useful.

Narrator: Diesel came into the siding.

Diesel: Smelter will scrap every engine on Sodor.

Stepney: Diesel, you're going to tell lies.

James: Wobbly wheels!

Thomas: Puffy pistons!

James: Thomas, I should collect Sir Topham Hatt!

Gordon: James is right, little Thomas. Collecting Sir Topham Hatt is an important job. Important is big. James is a big engine. You, Thomas, are small. Small, small, small. Teeny, weeny, weeny. And I am a big blue engine who knows everything!

Thomas: Bossy sprockets! All that steam has gone to your funnel!

{On "funnel!", he backs up to the trucks. Splatter and Dodge are giggling and chattering.}

Toby: {the engines discuss about how to stop Diesel 10} What's important is to stand up on our own wheels to Smelter.

Henry: Toby's right. Smelter knows that the lost engine in the legend really exists.

James: What Engine?

Percy: What Legend?

Henry: Of an engine whose magic makes him more powerful than Smelter will ever be, that's why he wants to find him. Percy: Then we'd better find him first. James: {comes out of the shed} Leave it to the big engines, Percy.

Thomas: Little Engines can do big things, especially when they have nice blue paint like me.

Splatter: Hey hey! Just watch what happens to that blue puffball -

Dodge: - when Harold the "flopper-chopper" flies past here!

Splatter: Right!

Harold: Routine fly-by, chaps! Hello!

Splatter: The boss dumped sneezing powder everywhere!

Dodge: Let's start laughing now!

{Splodge laugh as Harold descends, causing Thomas, Splatter and Dodge to be covered in powder}

Harold: Sorry, fellas! Bit of a dust up! Love to stay and clean up. Got to go! Bye now!

Splatter: Uh, did you mean to look like that?

Dodge: Uh, no.

Splatter: Uh, neither did I.

Thomas: {puffing away} This must be Smelter's doing. Ah-choo-choo.

Narrator: At the office, Sir Topham Hatt was telephoning what happened.

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas caused an accident. He broke his brakes when pulling heavy goods train up the hill. He crashed through the four-space shed. Thomas is supposed to be at Sodor Steamworks. I'll send another engine who take his place while he's away.

Narrator: Later at the docks where Edward, Gordon and Henry, Sir Topham Hat brought a new tank engine. He looked like Thomas, only he was orange with yellow lining, and black footplate.

Sir Topham Hatt: Here is Georgo, the E2 Tank Engine, who has comes to help while Thomas is away.

Henry: Please, Sir. Will Thomas be come back soon?

Sir Topham Hatt: That demands. Meanwhile, however long he stays, I hope you all will make him welcome and comfortable.

Henry: Yes, Sir.

Edward: Please, Sir.

Gordon: We'll try, Sir.

Sir Topham Hatt: Good! Run along now and show him the shed. He will want a rest after his journey.

{Georgo, Edward, Gordon and Henry puffs away to Tidmouth Shed.}

Part Four

Narrator: Georgo was hard to please with himself. He was in the shed with Edward, Gordon and Henry.

Georgo: This is dreadfully clean! I'm highly-sprung, and anything clean is bad for my services.

Narrator: Thomas arrived. He saw Georgo in the shed.

Thomas: Hello, Georgo.

Georgo: Thomas, why are you not at Sodor Steamworks?

Thomas: {crossly} Because my brakes are fixed. I have my driver now.

Georgo: {unhappily} You are fixed.

Thomas: {happily} Yes, I am.

Georgo: But why?

Thomas: Because I must find and fix Lord. He will be restored.

Narrator: Thomas puffed away to find Lord. He arrived at the same old branch line.

Thomas: Lord, you are already fixed.

Lord: I can't move.

Thomas: Why you can't move?

Narrator: Smelter came into the shed.

Smelter: Hello, puffballs!

{Smelter lifts his claw and crushes the shed.}

Thomas: Run, Lord. Smelter will destory.

Narrator: Lord started to move. He pumped his pistons, his wheels spun and his boiler burst. But his tender coupling snapped, and his gear jammed in the sleepers. Lord puffed away from Smelter, leaving his tender behind.

Lord: Oh!!! No!!!!

Narrator: Lord failed to puff. His tender was missing, and his cylinders was broken, coming off and losing his valve gear. Smelter was pleased with himself. His claw tried to reach Lord.

Smelter: Lord is a heap of scarp to the smelters yard!

Thomas: You'll never scarp Lord, Smelter.

Smelter: {snapping his claw} You're not clever to stop me!

Thomas: Yes, we are.

Smelter: No, you're not!

Narrator: Duck and Oliver arrived. They carried some sugar wagons.

{Smelter screams in terror, and growls.}

Smelter: Make your lives, and don't like it tomorrow. Neither did I.

Narrator: Smelter ran away, snapping his claw.

Thomas: Lord, what happened?

Lord: I don't know, Thomas. I've lost all of my puff.

Duck: Losing your puff?

Lord: I need some coal. You'll fix me later.

Narrator: Later that night, in the shed, Thomas and Stanley were talking about Lord.

Thomas: Lord is an very old engine. He can't puff.

Stanley: He is missing his tender and cylinders. He can't puff at all.

Thomas: Shall we fix Lord?

Stanley: No, Thomas. We shall help bring Lord to the Sodor Steamwork. He'll be a magical engine again.

Narrator: Stanley smiled at Thomas. Duck, Stepney and Oliver were upset.

James: Thomas, Lord will be fixed.

Duck: He can't puff properly.

Oliver: He'll must be restored.

Stepney: He'll be a legendary engine like Lady.

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt arrived. He was very cross.

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas, you are a very disobedient engine. You've caused confusion and delay.

Stepney: Thomas is not a disobedient engine. He's a really useful engine.

Sir Topham Hatt: Gerogo is supposed to take your place where you're away.

Duck: Thomas is already fixed.

Thomas: Please, Sir. I'm mended.

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas, your goods train is missing. You must go to find your goods train. It's at the old branch line. Find it at once by order.

Narrator: The Fat Controller's voice boomed out over the railway. Thomas might find the missing trucks.

Oliver: Thomas has left us behind.

Duck: We'll find him.

James: The trucks are missing.

Narrator: Thomas arrived at the same old branch line where Lord had lost his tender, valve gear and cylinders.

Lord: My cylinders, valve gear and tender are missing.

Thomas: Your tender is behind you.

Narrator: Thomas coupled to a flatbeds, sugar wagons and Lord's tender. The workmen put Lord's cylinders and valve gears on the flatbed. They were tied up.

Thomas' Driver: Come on, Thomas. Let's go.

Narrator: Thomas puffed away with a flatbed, sugar wagons and Lord's tender. He arrived at the Sodor Steamworks, where Victor and Kevin were waiting.

Thomas: Victor, I brought you Lord's cylinders, valve gears and tender.

Victor: Well done, Thomas. {Kevin bumps the flatbed off the rails} Kevin!

Kevin: Sorry, boss!

Victor: Thomas, his cylinders, valve gears and tender are at the safe place. Lord is waiting to go.

Whiff: Thomas, will you help me?

Thomas: No thank you, Whiff.

Narrator: Thomas had to take some empty trucks to the coaling plant. They were filled with coal. Then he took them to the slate quarry. Mavis was there.

Mavis: Thomas, why are you taking some supplies to Lord?

Thomas: Because Lord is an legendary engine.

Mavis: You want me to do something to help?

Thomas: Yes.

Narrator: Meanwhile, Diesel 10 found Thomas' goods train from the old branchline. He back up, was coupled up, pulled away, and left Thomas' first truck behind. It was coupled up to Lord. Diesel 10 was pulling Thomas' heavy goods train.

Trucks: Hurrah! Hurrah! We've broke away! We've broke away! Chase him! Bump him! Throw him off the rails!

Narrator: James, Duck, Oliver and Stepney puffed through the stations. Diesel 10 was chasing them. He lifted his claw opened, and tried to grab them. They raced through the station where Gordon was pulling the big Express. Diesel 10 nearly grabbed both engines. He snapped his claw, blew his horn and went down on the wrong track. He stopped at the end of buffers. Diesel 10 wanted to go that way, backed up and chased them. Molly felt surprised. She could see Diesel 10 chasing James, Duck, Oliver and Stepney. She puffed away.

Diesel 10: I'm taking Thomas' trucks to the Smelter's yard.

Molly: Stop it, Diesel 10.

Narrator: Diesel 10 was furious. He was blocked by Gordon and Henry. The Fat Controller came to Diesel 10, very cross.

Sir Topham Hatt: Diesel 10, you've caused confusion and delay. I'm not impressed with you. I'll send you back to the Other Railway, and give Thomas back his trucks at once.

Diesel 10: I'll destroy those yellow and blue puffballs.

Narrator: A few days later, Thomas and Percy arrived to see Lord. His cylinders, valve gear and tender were missing.

Lord: My parts were falling apart. I'm old and rusty. I want to be restored.

Percy: You're "God of the Railway".

Thomas: You're right. Let's go and ask the Star Engines.

Narrator: Thomas and Percy puffed away to find the Star Engines. They arrived at the Bigg City Railway.

Ten Cents: {whistling} Oh, Thomas are you right?

Thomas: Yes Ten Cents, but sometimes everything happens at once, I have to see Captain Star to get my orders right away. The journey from Sodor keeps getting bumper and bumper.

Ten Cents: Does it? {Thomas blows his whistle} Smelter is back, Thomas. You better be careful.

Thomas: Captain Star warned me about Smelter. Don't worry Ten Cents. I'll just pop in and out with my sparkle and whereever he goes and keep him in order. I hope.

Sunshine: Percy.

Percy: Sunshine, are you my friend?

Sunshine: Yes, Percy.

Narrator: Thomas forgot about Lord. He had to take him to the Sodor Steamworks.

Ten Cents: Sunshine, go and find new parts for Lord.

Top Hat: New parts? Pah! I'm an express engine.

Big Mac: I can pull heavy goods trains. I'm helping the other engines.

OJ: I'm old and helpful.

Warrior: I bump into trucks.

Grampus: I will help on the flatbed.

Hercules: Thomas and Percy, my dears. Will you help the other engines find Lord?

Thomas and Percy: Yes, Hercules.

Narrator: Thomas, Percy and the Star Engines agree. They puffed away to tell the other engines.

Part Five

Narrator: Meanwhile Smelter had to scare and destroy the engines. Gordon found Duck being attacked by Smelter. Edward and Smelter were arguing. Oliver came across Bill being menaced by Smelter. Smelter and Diesel were arguing. Smelter chasing Stepney by James' surprise. Smelter was chasing Henry. Smelter was chasing Ben to Toby's surprise. Smelter was menacing Stepney. Stepney came across Smelter menacing Duck. Duck, Stepney and James saw Smelter and Diesel 10 planning something.

Smelter: We are planning to destroy steam engines.

Diesel 10: Yes, we are!

Narrator: Diesel 10 still had Thomas' trucks. One of the trucks' brakes were on. Eagle puffed in and whistled loudly.

Eagle: I'll distract Diesel 10.

Diesel 10: It's an old rust bucket. Destroy and smash him, Pinchy!

Narrator: Eagle puffed away. Diesel 10 tried to chase Eagle, but the trucks wouldn't move. He pulled them so hard that the brakes came off. The trucks pushed Diesel 10 off the rails. He crashed into the shed. He roared in fury, blew his horn loudly and snapped his claw.

Eagle: Good show.

Smelter: I will plan to destroy the steam engine.

Diesel 10: Get me out of here!

Narrator: Diesel 10 and Smelter were in disgrace. Luckily, Thomas, Percy, and the Star Engines had arrived. Grampus was on the flatbed, pulled by Sunshine.

Eagle: How did you get there?

Thomas: We come to help you...

Percy: ...bring Lord to Sodor Steamworks to be mended and rebuilt.

Molly: Thomas! I'm glad to see you!

Duck: Lord will be restored.

Diesel: What! That's not oily!

Top Hat: Diesel, you are not telling lies.

Oliver: Lord's a legendary engine.

Big Mac: Lord will be a really useful engine.

Warrior: Really reliable and useful.

OJ: Really old-fashioned like me.

Hercules: Really gentlemanly.

Grampus:' He is really old.

Georgo: He's legendary.

Narrator: This was very good news for Sir Topham Hatt's engines and the Star Engines, but very bad news for Smelter, Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge. The diesels immediately started thinking of ways to get rid of steam engines. Thomas later arrived at the same branch line where Lord was waiting.

Thomas: Lord, you will have your parts fixed.

Lord: Thank you, Thomas. But my cylinders, valve gears and tender are missing. I will still be restored.

Ten Cents: I'll help you get fixed.

Thomas: Ten Cents, you are helping Lord restored.

Sunshine: I will help you with a coal truck for your tender.

Narrator: Sunshine shunted Thomas' first truck onto Lord's back end. He was coupled up. His tender was replaced with Gordon's old eight-wheel tender. Ten Cents helped Lord with cylinders and valve gear. They were replaced by Gordon's old three cylinder conjugated valve gear.

Lord: I like Gordon's old three cylinder conjugated valve gear.

Thomas: Duck and Oliver will come and help out tomorrow.

Lord: I hope the Fat Controller will remember me after I have been restored.

Thomas: Lord, you will have your parts fixed and mended.

Narrator: Lord smiled and said "thank you" for Thomas. Meanwhile, Diesel, 'Arry and Bert were at the Smelters' Yard.

Diesel: Lord is a heap of scrap.

Arry: We shall scrap him.

Bert: We shall cancel the railway.

Splatter: Dodge, I think we shall scrap Lord.

Dodge: I think you're right, Splatter.

Narrator: Big Mac and Warrior were pulling some trucks and flatbeds of new parts for Lord. They, Gordon and Henry worked together. Top Hat was pulling Frank and Eddie. He and James worked together. OJ was taking red coaches to the branch line to be restored. He and Toby worked together. Hercules was taking new parts for Lord. He and Edward worked together. Harvey was clearing some branches from the rails. Rocky was lifting the old shed and Marty took it to Sodor Steamworks. Emily, Molly, Donald and Douglas were ploughing a lot of branches, leafs and vines off the rails, and dump them into the sea. Rocky was settled the old sign by the rails. Workmen repaired the sheds and sign. The sign said "Legendary Branchline". Molly was very happy. Instead of being boasted, she was forgiven.

Sunshine: Molly, you're very happy.

Molly: Yeah! {sniff} I shall leave now.

Narrator: Suddenly, Lady puffed in. She was happy to see her new friend, Lord. Rosie was very happy too. to see Thomas.

Lady: You did a great job, Rosie.

Rosie: Thank you, Lady.

Lady: Rosie, can we help Lord?

Rosie: Yes.

Narrator: Later that evening Lord and Lady were resting the shed.

Lord: Lady, I'm glad to see you.

Lady: Thanks, Lord.

Narrator: The Stars Engines were worried about Lord.

Ten Cents: Lord is a lost engine.

Big Mac: He's magical and strong.

OJ: He's old

Top Hat: His paint shines.

Warrior: He's kind.

Hercules: He's legendary.

Sunshine: Lord will be an restored engine.

Narrator: The Fat Controller's engines and the Star Engines were talking about Lord.

Part Six

Narrator: As the sound of Lord's magic echoed through the night, the engines on Sodor had him very much in their thoughts.

{Percy puffs through the night pulling mail and milk and stops at Knapford Station next to Thomas. Smelter snickers in a nearby shed.}

Smelter: {cackles evilly}

Percy: Molly, I was thinking. How does Lord travel place to place?

Thomas: By gold dust.

Percy: Maybe if he's a lost engine, maybe there's a lost railway, his own railway!

Thomas: The journey gets bumpier and bumpier as Stepney told me.

Percy: He talked about buffers in his sleep last night! Buffers are the end of a railway. I think that's how Lord travels here, on a secret railway.

{Smelter leaves his shed slowly and quietly.}

Thomas: Belonging to Lord! Percy, you are very clever. Oh, my wheels are suddenly getting very wobbly. I think Smelter is near!

{Toby stops next to Molly and Percy.}

Toby: I'm sorry, you two. Smelter heard everything you said. I'm going after him to see what he does next. You'd better carry on and get the mail delivered.

Percy: You're very brave, Toby.

Toby: Diesel 10 won't bother with old engine like me. He thinks I'm really useless.

{Diesel 10 is running through the scrap yard.}

Diesel 10: {spoken} I’ve been working on the railway, all the livelong day. {laughs; spoken} Who wants to do that anyway?

{Toby hides behind a pile of scrap.}

Toby: There they are.

Diesel 10: Come in! Come in and join the party, Splodge!

Dodge: Hooray! We’re gonna have a party.

Splatter: I love parties.

Dodge: Who’s go the balloons?

Toby: What are they talking about?

Smelter: Correction - join the party that’s over. Just like Twinkle Toe’s magic railway is over.

Diesel 10: Gone, like the lost engine and the buffers that lead us to her.

Splatter: What are you gonna do?

Dodge: That’s a good question.

Diesel 10: It’s time to put Twinkle Toe’s lights out.

Smelter: With a little help.

{George the Steamroller comes by.}

George: Railways are no good. TURN THEM INTO ROADS!

Dodge: What is the plan?

Smelter: Our little buddy, George, is going to flatten and destroy every buffer on the railway after we destroy the lost engine.

{Diesel 10 and Smelter snap their claws in excitement.}

Toby: I've got to delay him. I've got to distract him! Hmm! Hmmm!

{Toby rings his bell loudly.}

Diesel 10: It’s the old teapot! Smash him!

{Diesel 10 makes his claw accidentally push one of the supports of the shed and Smelter makes his claw accidentally pushes one of the supports of the shed and it collapses on the villains. Diesel 10 and Smelter's claws break through the roof.}

Diesel 10: Pinchy, come back here! Don't make me come up there. You know I hate it when you do that!

Toby: {puffs away in triumph} Good show!

Splatter: Boss, did you mean to let the roof fall in?

Dodge: All the way in?

Diesel 10: I always mean what I do, you oil bowls!

ut to a sunset; Thomas with Annie and Clarabel, and Emily with Martha and Jennifer pass each other by a windmill.}

Narrator: Diesel 10 and Smelter were in a dump but the steam engines were happy and doing well.

Singers: He's a really useful engine, you know. {Thomas pushed some troublesome trucks as Percy pulls a couple of tar wagons}
All the other engines, they'll tell you so. {Thomas pulls Annie and Clarabel as Gordon passes them with the express}
He huffs and puffs and whistles, rushing to an fro. {Toby pulls Henrietta, Elise Victoria as Henry stops at Edward's Station to let off passengers}
He's the really useful engine we adore! {James is mad for pulling coal trucks and one of them is S.C.Ruffey}
He's a really useful engine, you know. {Edward pushing a flatcar of pipes out of the scrap yards}
Cause the Fat Controller, he told him so. {Thomas pulls Annie and Clarabel as he whistles past Donald and Douglas who are taking on water}
Now he's got a branch line to call his very own, {Molly, Neville, Eagle, and Marty are pulling goods and passenger trains, Dennis in a siding}
He's the really useful engine we adore! {Thomas, Percy, Stanley, Toby, Emily, and Duck are pulling Annie and Clarabel, the mail, red coaches, Henrietta, Elise and Victoria, Martha and Jennifer, and Alice and Mirabel, respectively at Knapford}
He's the one, {Thomas with his coaches as he passes the windmill (just the old TV show opening)}
He's the number one, {Thomas goes over the bridge and pass the watermill (just like the old TV show opening)}
Thomas the Tank Engine... {Thomas with his coaches puffs under the bridge with children waving like in the old TV show opening}
He’s the really useful engine we adore! {Thomas stops at a station similar to the one in the old TV show opening}

{Rear view of Eagle, Neville, and Gordon. Smelter moves into the frame.}

Splatter: Uh, so boss...

Dodge: How come you let the blonde escape?

Splatter: Yeah?

Smelter: Oh, I did it on... purpose, y'know. I was... testing her to see if she... could escape.

Splatter and Dodge: Did he mean to say that?

{Smelter growls at Splatter and Dodge, who shiver. Smelter extends his claw. Splodge retreats. Smelter turns his anger to the oil cans on Neville's flatbed, and crushes several of them in anger like mere beer cans.}

Smelter: All right! Playtime's over, Splodge!

Splatter and Dodge: Great...

Smelter: {as Cranky lifts oil cans} Now it's time for the next lesson, huh?! I call it "How to Stop Being Stupid".

{Smelter snaps his claw, and Cranky drops the oil cans, spilling oil all over him.}

Emily: {giggles}

Henry and Eagle: {laugh}

Smelter: {now oily mad} Now that's gonna ruin my facial!

Splatter and Dodge: Uh-oh.

Narrator: Thomas and Percy were taking coal trucks and water tankers for Lord. James and Murdoch took Smelter to the Sodor Steamworks. Smelter was oily and silent for the whole journey. At the Sodor Steamworks, Smelter felt more miserable than ever.

Victor: Come on, Smelter, it doesn't get the job done any faster if you don't smile. Come on, smile - I know you can do it!

Narrator: Smelter couldn't. Suddenly, there was a crash. Kevin had goofed again. Smelter had closed his eyes because of the noise.

Victor: Kevin! Why are you going too fast? Slowly, slowly - gently, gently.

Kevin: Sorry, boss. Just a slip off my-

Victor: Hook. I know.

Part Seven

Narrator: Late that night, Molly was searching for the lost engine.

Molly: I must find Lord. I must!

Narrator: She gasped as she stopped at the sidings. Splatter and Dodger were there.

Molly: Splatter and Dodge! What are they doing?

Splatter: Gasps?! What does gasps mean?

Dodge: I don't know you tell me.

Molly: I'll find Thomas.

Narrator: Molly puffed away to find Thomas. The next morning, She arrived at the same branch line. Lord was waiting to be fixed. A few days later, Lord was mended. His boiler bubbled, his fire was burning nicely and making steam. Suddenly, they had a horn. It was Smelter.

Thomas: Run, Molly and Lord. Quick, and I'm going to help you!

Molly: So am I.

Narrator: Thomas and Molly puffed away. Lord started to move, his wheels spun, pistons pumped and his boiler burst. At last, he puffed. Suddenly, Diesel 10 was chasing Percy, Stanley, James, Stepney, Duck and Oliver.

Thomas: DIESEL 10!

Narrator: Diesel 10 was chasing Molly, with Thomas, Percy, Stanley, James, Stepney, Duck, Oliver, and Lord behind her, with Smelter behind them.}

Smelter: I’ll see if I can destroy them and Diesel 10. Then I will rule Sodor, and my class will take over!

Narrator: Thomas quickly drew level with Diesel 10. Molly was reversing quickly in front of them, a wide moving gap between her and Diesel 10.

Molly: Thomas! Help me!

Thomas: Keep running, Molly! You have to-

Diesel 10: {angrily} SHUT UP, PUFFBALL!

Narrator: Diesel 10 quickly turned his claw towards Thomas, and made a grab for him - but Thomas quickly drew in front of the diesel – the claw only just missing him. Now with Thomas only just in front of him, Diesel 10 was very angry.


Lord: {drawing level with Diesel 10} You won't catch them! And you won’t destroy us! We’ll-

Narrator: Diesel 10 swang his claw around and tried to hit it onto Lord's side. He tilted over and landed on the side of his boiler beside the line. Thomas slammed on his brakes, Diesel 10 raced past him, and Thomas backed up to Lord.

Thomas: Oh, no, Lady!

Stanley: Are you all right?!

Lord: Don’t worry about me, Thomas. Stop Diesel 10! Save Molly! Save Sodor!

Percy: I'll stay here, Lord.

Thomas: Why, Percy?

Narrator: Then suddenly, Thomas heard a whistle behind him. Knowing it was Smelter coming up fast, he shot off down the line and chased after Diesel 10, and with Stanley and Duck behind him.

Stanley: Wait for us!

Narrator: Thomas could see up ahead that the line Diesel 10 and Molly were on joined his. Thomas watched as Molly switched onto his line, and then Diesel 10. Now with the diesel right in front of him, he couldn't see Molly. Thomas crossed the points as the very confused signalman quickly switched the points so he could go along the line safely. All Thomas could do was follow Diesel 10 and hope to stop him somehow. Then suddenly, Diesel 10 screeched to a halt.

Thomas: {taken by surprise} What-? {bumps into Diesel 10} Ack!

Narrator: What Thomas couldn’t see was that Diesel 10 had chased Molly towards two sidings. Molly was in one of them, right up at the buffers. The ends of the sidings were right on the edge of a cliff, below which was a large ravine.

Narrator: Diesel 10 revved up his engine, raised his claw, and snapped it open and shut, his eyes fixed on Molly, not taking notice of anything else around him. Molly shut her eyes in fright, awaiting her doom. Then, all of a sudden, as Diesel 10 darted across the points, he suddenly diverted into the other siding. With a cry of surprise, he slammed on his brakes, but it was too late. With a mighty crunch, he crashed through the buffers. His front end dangled dangerously over the edge of the cliff.

Diesel 10: {panicked} Oh, no! I'm going to fall!

Thomas: This is the end of the road, Diesel 10!

Narrator: With a loud angry whistle, Thomas charged quickly forward, crossed the points, steamed up to the back of Diesel 10, and then - timing his braking just right – pushed Diesel 10 off the edge of the cliff.

Diesel 10: {screams} NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Narrator: A loud scream escaped from the evil diesel, as he fell down toward the ravine. Then suddenly, his scream was cut short by a tremendous smashing sound as he hit the ravine hard. The sound of bit and pieces breaking and flying followed, and then the loud noise died down to silence.

Thomas: I did it! I stopped Diesel 10!

Duck: Well done, Thomas!

James: Well done, Thomas! Well done!

Oliver: You're my hero!

Stepney: You're the really useful engine!

Stanley: You're our number one!

Thomas: Have that, you dastardly diesel, and you too, Smelter! Maybe now, you’ll think twice of destroying steam engines when I’m around! So now you can’t- {voice trails off}

Narrator: There was a sudden blast of a horn. Smelter came charging into the sidings and was coming up behind him. His claw almost extended toward him.

Smelter: Well, goodbye, Thomas, and thanks for ruining my plans once again!

Molly: Thomas! Look out!

Narrator: But it was too late. Smelter rammed into the back of Thomas, and shunted him off the edge of the cliff – but then Smelter rolled too far and fell off the cliff also.

Molly: {screaming} THOMAS, NO!!!

Narrator: But Molly's cry was barely audible compared to the screams that came from Thomas and Smelter as they fell. Then, came the loud smashing sounds of them hitting the ravine with a loud crash, and then, there was complete silence. Though the silence seemed like an eternity to Molly, due to the shock she was in, it was broken after a few seconds as someone cried out. Harold arrived, with Sir Topham Hatt.

Sir Topham Hatt: Oh my goodness!

Molly: {looks at the points to see Sir Topham Hatt} Sir? Where did you come from?

Sir Topham Hatt: I landed here just now with Harold. {He points to the left side of where they are, where Harold is standing on a helipad. Molly sees that Harold is in shock to.} We saw you coming. We watched as Diesel 10 chased you into the sidings. Did you not see me?

Molly: I was too scared to notice you, sorry, Sir.

Sir Topham Hatt: Don't apologize. I expect you were. Thomas seemed very scared too; scared of what Diesel 10 was planning to do to you. And it seemed Diesel 10 was too fixed on you to notice me. So while he was bracing himself to destroy you, I ran over to the points and switched them so they led to the other siding.

Molly: So you saved me?

Sir Topham Hatt: Correction; Thomas saved you - and the rest of Sodor. {sighs} But as we saw just now, Smelter the Scrap Diesel pushed Thomas of the cliff - and also fell off himself. It's my fault.

Duck: No, Sir! It was Alfred who pushed Thomas off the cliff! You were making sure Diesel 10 didn't destroy Molly.

Sir Topham Hatt: {sighs} Maybe. But now is not the time to dwell on it! I'd better go and call for a rescue team, to bring Thomas back to the rails. We'll have to bring the villains back too, but I'll be sending Diesel 10 away. And if we can repair Smelter, once we have, he's going back to the Mainland.

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt turned and started to walk towards Harold, but Molly stopped him as she called after him.

Molly: Sir? you think...Thomas is okay?

Sir Topham Hatt: {turns back, looking grave} I'm afraid I couldn't answer that right now Molly. I can't judge the damage Thomas took after that fall. We'll see if he's okay after we've salvaged him, and then see if he can be fixed.

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt then boarded Harold, who then can out of his shock. As his blades started to whir, he smiled at the yellow Claud Hamilton.

Harold: Don't worry, Molly. Thomas has had plenty of accidents before. And he's always been fixed and running again after them. {Still smiling, he takes off to the skies.}

Molly: {sadly} Maybe... But none of Thomas' accidents has been him falling off a cliff. He's had accidents which he's survived. And even if he's survived this one, he might not even be able to fix.

Narrator: One hour later, Molly watched as a large crane was now standing by the cliffs, it's base in the ravine. Some flood lights had been brought to light up the place. The crane was now lifting something from the ravine. As it did, Boco and Edward reversed into the siding which Thomas, Smelter and Diesel 10 had fallen off the end of, a flatbed coupled behind him. They stopped when the flatbed was on the edge of the siding, standing next to Molly.

Edward: Are you alright, Molly?

Molly: {sniffles} No.

Narrator: At that moment, the crane lifted it's first salvaged load above them. As they were facing away from it, the three couldn't see what it was. But when the crane placed the load on the flatbed, Molly saw what it was. It was Diesel 10. But he looked more startling than ever. His paint was completely scratched all over, making him an ugly grey. His claw had completely come off, making him without his weapon. His windows had also been smashed. His eyes were closed. He started to grunt, much to Molly's fright.

Diesel 10: I....can'!! {His eyes suddenly jerk open. Molly gasps with fright. The diesel's eyes turn to look at her and he snarls.} But I'll be back! I'll come back and destroy you puffballs! You haven't heard the last of me!

Boco: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on.

Edward: You won't be seeing another steam engine again after tonight.

Narrator: A short while after Boco and Edward left with Diesel 10, Eagle and Dennis reversed into the siding where the engines had fallen off the end of, also with a flatbed coupled behind them. The crane was now lifting it's second load.

Eagle: Diesel 10 won't be bothering anymore steam engines now. What do you think to that Molly?

Molly: He would have destroyed me if it wasn't for Thomas.

Dennis: I'm sorry for Thomas, Molly.

Narrator: The crane unloaded it's second salvaged load. It was Smelter. His dark green paint had been scratched, making him an ugly grey, like Diesel 10 and his claw had completely come off, making him without his weapon. His windows had also been smashed.

Smelter: {eyes closed, grunting} What...happened? Did I...destroy...Thomas?

Narrator: Smelter's eyes suddenly jerked open. Molly gasped with fright. The diesel's eyes turned to look at her and he also snarled.

Eagle: Come on, Smelter, we're going to see if you can be repaired. And if you can be, then once you are, you're going back to the Mainland.

Narrator: Eagle and Dennis left with Alfred on the flatbed, and headed towards the works. Shortly afterwards, Molly was still in the sidings, when this time, Emily, James and Duck backed into the siding next to her. Duck was coupled behind James, and he had a flatbed coupled behind him. Emily and Molly knew who this flatbed was for.

James: We heard about what happened to Thomas, Emily and Molly.

Duck: I hope he's okay.

James: We should be really be happy, because he saved Sodor.

Duck: But we can't be, because though Sodor is okay, Thomas may not be.

Narrator: Emily and Molly said nothing. They were every lost in thought. Just then, the crane unloaded it's last load, and when Emily and Molly saw it, they were horrified. It was Thomas. But he didn't looked liked Thomas. The side of his boiler had been ripped into, creating a hole; his dome was cracked; one of his wheels was bent; his cab roof was dented; his lamp and whistle were smashed. Most of all, his blue was badly scratched.

Emily: {tearfully} Thomas? Are you okay, sweetie?

Molly: {tearfully} Are you alright?

Narrator: At that moment, the almost destroyed tank engine opened his eyes. He looked at Emily and Molly and smiled.

Thomas: Hey, Emily. Hey, Molly. Are you okay?

Emily: {sadly} No.

Molly: {sadly} Not really.

Emily: Look at you Thomas! You could have been destroyed.

Thomas: I couldn't let Diesel 10 and Smelter do that to Molly.

James: We're going to take you to Crovan's Gate now.

Stanley: We sure hope you can be fixed.

Molly: Please be okay, Thomas.

Thomas: I will. Don't worry - I'll be fine. I love you, Emily.

James: I love you, Molly.

Narrator: Then Molly watched through eyes full of tears as James and Duck pulled Thomas away.

Emily: I love you too, Thomas.

Molly: I love you, too James. {She starts crying. Emily starts crying, too. "Close to You" by the Carpenters plays.}

Narrator: Emily and Molly began to cry. They loved Thomas and James more than anything else in the world, and thought about her relationship with him.

Karen Carpenter: Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.
Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.
On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue.
That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around.
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.
{instrumental break} On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue.
That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around.
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.
Just like me (Just like me)
They long to be
Close to you.
Wahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Wahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Hahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Lahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.

Narrator: {as music dies away} Later that night, Emily and Molly were puffing back to their shed. They were very miserable. They had been horrified when they saw the state Thomas was in, because he had saved Molly. The line passed Tidmouth sheds. When the sheds came into view, Molly saw that the only engines who usually slept there were Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Duck, Donald, Douglas, and Emily. But also with them were Spencer, Danni, Mavis, Neville, Lady and Lord-who had been put back onto the rails by Rocky earlier that night.

Neville: Hey, Molly, we're filling up the spaces in the shed while the other engines are away.

Emily: Why don't you join us? It's better than being on your own.

Narrator: Molly, who couldn't have felt more alone, agreed. She went onto the turntable, turned around, and back down into the one empty space in the shed that was between Gordon, Lord and Lady.

Gordon: How are you feeling? {Molly sighs, and doesn't answer.}

Lady: I saw the state Thomas was in. I was very shocked! I didn't expect that to happen to him! We should all be happy now that he's saved Sodor. And then this happens. How did the engines down Crovan's Gate react?

Lord: Thomas was repaired. And I'll go to Sodor Steamworks.

James: They were horrified. They were in great shock, and I couldn't even snap them out of it by telling them that Sodor was now safe.

Danni: Even Oliver was stunned when he saw Thomas.

Narrator: Just then, Sir Topham Hatt came to the sheds.

Sir Topham Hatt: So while I've been away, Diesel 10 tried to destroy all steam engines.

Molly: Yes, sir.

Sir Topham Hatt: Well, as we all know by know, he was stopped by one steam engine that we all know - and that also got badly damaged in the process. Thomas is now at Crovan's Gate, and we're trying to repair him.

Danni: You can repair him, right Sir?

Sir Topham Hatt: To be honest Danni, I'm not sure. The damage is terrible. Thomas may be beyond repair. If we can't fix - then only thing to do is to scrap him.

Narrator: The engines said nothing. But they were very sad to hear this. To think that Thomas, their good friend who had just saved Sodor, could possibly be scrapped.

Sir Topham Hatt: The same goes for Smelter the Scrap Diesel. If we can't fix him, then we'll scrap him too.

Narrator: None of the engines cared about Smelter. They thought he deserved to be scrapped. He had tried to help Diesel 10 destroy the steam engines and he was the engine who pushed Thomas off the cliff.

Sir Topham Hatt: We'll just have to see how it goes. Try not to worry tonight and get some sleep. Goodnight.

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt then departed. The engines talked about their relationships with Thomas. Everybody loved Thomas. Emily had been Thomas' first girlfriend. Henry had sometimes acted that Thomas was like the brother he never had. Thomas was the closest thing to Lady as a brother, for she was a free lance engine. Percy thought about Thomas as his best friend, and the adventures they been through together. Gordon and Eagle were talking about Smelter.

Eagle: That wicked diesel could have completely destroyed Thomas! He deserves to be scrapped.

Gordon: Not every diesel was evil. Okay, maybe some were nasty, but-

{Gordon and Eagle stop, and look at Molly, realizing she is their friend.}

Eagle: Uh, no. Not you, Molly. I meant-

Molly: {smiles sadly} I know what you meant. Smelter... no good comes from him except destruction. He's the worst diesel engine that has ever worked on Sodor.

Narrator: Later, the engines fell into an uneasy sleep. All of them were very afraid. Thomas had risked his life to save Sodor - and his reward could turn out to be a one way trip to the scrapyard. Next morning, as Thomas was being repaired, Stanley took Lady to see Sir Topham Hatt. Sir Topham Hatt was surprised to see Lady and Lord.

Sir Topham Hatt: Is that Lady, the Goddess of the Railway?

Lady: Yes, sir, I am. I'm Thomas' old friend.

Lord: I am the God of the Railway.

Sir Topham Hatt: She is what we need while Thomas is being repaired.

Narrator: So it was arranged, as Thomas was being repaired after his fall, Lady did all of Thomas' work. Percy and Emily explained the routes and jobs that Thomas would usually do. Lady did them with no problem at all. Annie and Clarabel were quick to befriend her, but they missed Thomas still.

Part Eight

Narrator: As Lady was doing Thomas' work, Percy, Duck, Oliver, James and Stepney brought Lord to the Sodor Steamworks. Sir Topham Hatt was there.

Sir Topham Hatt: Lord, I'll be glad when you're mended, Lord.

Lord: Thank you, Sir.

Victor: Sir, Lord is going to be mended.

Sir Topham Hatt: Victor and Kevin, help Lord to be restored, rebuilt and given a new coat of paint.

Percy: Please, Sir. Will Thomas come back soon?

Duck: Emily misses him.

Oliver: She's his girlfriend.

James: Molly is mine.

Edward: No James, Molly is Neville's girlfriend and Molly broke up with you last month.

James: Well whatever.

Stepney: Sir, you will help Victor and Kevin restore and rebuilt Lord. He will have a new coat of paint. He's the God of the Railway again.

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt was delighted. Victor, Kevin and the workmen repaired Lord. He was restored, rebuilt and repainted. They replaced Gordon's old three cylinder conjugated valve gear with a new Stanier two-cylinder motion and Walschaerts valve gear, and Gordon's old 8 wheel LNER tender with a 6-wheel Fowler tender. He was rebuilt into a Ivatt/Gresley/Stanier hybrid build - a cross between Great Northern Railway Class C1, LNER Class A1/A3, and LMS Stanier Mogul with a 4-6-0 wheel arrangement, a completely cylinder-like boiler, a smooth running plate curved as one LNER O2 and a narrow/standard gauge outline hybrid with a taller chimney, dome and cab. The dome was bell-shaped, and the cab had two curved windows on each side. They repainted Lord with a new coat of paint, which was red-purple with gold head lamps on the front footplate, gold buffers, smokebox and funnel top, dome and whistles, side rods, lining and his name on each side in gold. He was also painted black on her cab roof, lower funnel section and her footplate.

Lord: I'm fully restored, rebuilt and repainted.

Narrator: Lord puffed along Thomas' branch line. He approached Elsbridge station. He could see that Emily, Molly and Lady were there with Martha and Jennifer Annie and Clarabel.

Lord: Hello, Molly and Lady.

Narrator: Emily, Molly and Lady said nothing, they were very miserable. Molly saw that the coaches were looking very sad too. Emily and Molly knew the reason, and the thought of the reason made her sad again. Molly left Thomas' branch line and rejoined the main line. She stopped at a signal. James was coming towards her on the line next to her. He too was looking sad.

James: {miserably} Hello, Molly. I have to take this load to the scrapyard. You might not want to look.

Narrator: But as James passed her, Molly looked at the load on the flatbed he was pulling. And what she saw made her gasp and brought tears to her eyes. On the flatbed were broken parts of a steam engine. There were two broken blue drive wheels, a cracked blue dome, a bent broken buffer, a snapped side rod, a smashed headlamp and a broken whistle, which, when blown, would make a whistle sound which everyone recognized, and would know the engine it belonged to.

Emily: {nearly crying} No. Please, don't be so! Not Thomas...!

Narrator: Tears leaked from Emily's eyes. She was devastated. Thomas had been scrapped. The workmen must have dismantled him, and what was left of him was on James' flatbed, which was to be delivered to the scrapyard. Emily and Molly puffed sadly along the line in tears. It wasn't right - Thomas had saved the Island of Sodor and his reward was being scrapped. He didn't deserve that. Emily and Molly would have right now given their right buffers to have the engine they loved back. And she wouldn't make him throw up every time he was in love again, no matter how much she loved him.

Emily: {crying} I love you, Thomas... please don't get scrapped on me... {continues crying}

Narrator: Sadly, Molly went back to work. As darkness fell, Molly made her way to Tidmouth Sheds. On the way, she came to Crovan's Gate, and stopped by the entrance.

Molly: That's where Thomas went to. And that's where he got taken to pieces.

Narrator: Just then, they heard a puffing noise coming out of the work shed. It sounded like an engine was coming out. The puffing noise got louder as Emily Molly heard the engine approach the entrance. But before it puffed out, it wheeshed a cloud of steam, which covered itself up, so Emily and Molly couldn't see who it was. The engine stopped by her, and Emily and Molly waited for the steam to clear so she could see who it was. The steam finally cleared, Emily and Molly gasped.

Molly: {gasps} Can it be...

Emily: It is...

Narrator: It was a small 0-6-0 tank engine with a fresh coat of blue paint, red stripes and a number '1' painted on it's side. Molly recognized it immediately. It was the engine she loved. It was the engine who was known to be cheeky and fussy. It was the engine who had taken a huge accident to save Sodor, and had now been repaired and looked good as new. It was the engine known as; Thomas the Tank Engine.

Molly: {shrieks with joy} THOMAS!!! {She puffs forward excitedly} You're okay!

Emily: {shrieks with joy} THOMAS!!! {She puffs forward excitedly} You're okay!

Thomas: Hello, Emily and Molly.

Molly: I thought you were scrapped!

Emily: I'm happy to see.

Thomas: Scrapped?! {laughs} Whatever made you think that? I look alright to you, don't I?

Molly: Yeah, but I saw James take a load of your parts to the scrapyard!

Thomas: Those parts were useless - they were no good, so the workmen got rid of them and gave me some new ones. They were able to repair me. Now I feel like a new engine!

Molly: Oh, Thomas! I'm so glad you're okay!

Emily: I'm so happy you're okay!

Thomas: Hey! You won't get rid of me that easily.

Sir Topham Hatt: I'm glad you're okay too, Thomas.

Thomas: Thank you for having me be repaired, Sir.

Molly: I thought for sure you were scrapped!

Emily: No.

Sir Topham Hatt: Scrap you! After what you have done, Thomas! I could never scrap you. You have saved the Island of Sodor! You're a really useful engine!

Thomas: Thank you, Sir.

Molly: What happened to the diesels, Sir?

Sir Topham Hatt: I had Diesel, Arry, and Bert cleaned and sent him back to the smelters. As for Diesel 10, he had his wheels taken away and was dumped in a rocky valley near a beach somewhere in England. Smelter has been scrapped, and he'll not cause anymore damage to anyone else.

Molly: {giggles} Serves them right!

Thomas: I love you, Emily.

Emily: {smiles} I love you too, Thomas.

Part Nine Final

Narrator: Thomas crossed the Island of Sodor under the sinking sun. He arrived at his destination, and stopped. He had come to some sidings, which were on the edge of a small slope. The sidings were looking out at the sea, which reflected the color of the evening sky, as the sun slowly sank down from the sky, soon to sink behind the horizon. The only sounds to be heard were the gentle waves and the gulls which were flying in the evening sky. Thomas was not alone. Stanley, Lord and Lady were in the three sidings on his left, Duck, Oliver, James and Stepney were in the four sidings on his center and Emily, Percy, Molly, and Toby were in the four on his right.

Percy: Here he is!

Thomas: What are you all doing here?

Stanley: Well, you had a bit of help to save Sodor, didn't you? That's why me, Toby, and Percy are here.

Duck: You help Lord restored.

Oliver: He's legendary.

James: Really splendid.

Stepney: Really honest.

Lady: And I was the engine you came to for help, but got encouragement instead.

Lord:' You help restored and save me from Smelter.

Molly: And I was the engine you saved from Diesel 10 and Smelter.

Emily: You love me.

Thomas: But what are we all doing here?

Narrator: Before any of the engines could reply, the quiet of the sea was suddenly drowned out by a whirring noise. The engines instantly knew who it had come from. They looked into the sky to see Harold flying low above them.

Harold: Thomas, old chap! I have an important visitor to see you! omes down gently and lands beside the sidings.}

Narrator: A man dressed in black came down from him. He walked up to the engines and pointed at Thomas.

David Higgins: You're Thomas the Tank Engine, am I right?

Thomas: Yes. Who are you?

David Higgins: My name is David Higgins. I'm with the Sodor Gazette. I've heard from Sir Topham Hatt that you saved all the steam engines from Sodor. I'm here to take your photograph. Your story is going on the front page on tomorrow's issue of the Sodor Gazette.

Thomas: {excitedly} The front page?!

David Higgins: That's right. {He holds his hand up and gestures with it.} Could you all just move back, so that I can get you all in? I understand these are the engines involved in your adventure?

Thomas: Indeed they are.

Narrator: Thomas and the other engines backed up a little. Mr. Higgins took a camera out of his coat pocket and looked through it. The camera then flashed.

David Higgins: Okay, thank you all. Harold, please take me back so that I can have this picture put on the front page of the Sodor Gazette.

Harold: No problem. {Mr. Higgins climbs back aboard him. Harold's blades start to turn.} Goodbye, and well done, Thomas! You've shown me just how brave and useful engines are!

Thomas: Thank you, Harold!

Narrator: Then he and the engines watched as Harold took off into the sky and out of sight.

Percy: {wheeshing happily} What do you think of that, Thomas? You're going to be on the front page of the Sodor Gazette.

Lady: You're a very special engine!

Thomas: {modestly} Maybe, but I'm not the only special engine. You are too Lady and Lord. {Thomas looks at Percy and Toby.} So are you Percy and Toby, my best friends. {to Emily} As are you, Emily.

Narrator: Emily blushed shyly. She was so happy that the engine she had loved for a long time now loved her back.

Emily: Aww... thanks! {Thomas looks at Stanley.}

Thomas: Even you, Stanley. All of the engines of the North Western Railway are special.

Narrator: Then the six engines watched the sunset in silence. Further away, Harold continued flying with Mr. Higgins on board. Once Mr. Higgins arrived at the newspaper factory, the picture he had taken of the engines would go on the front page of the Sodor Gazette, which would have an article about how Thomas the Tank Engine worked up the courage and bravery to save the Island of Sodor from Diesel 10 and Smelter, and proved himself to be a hero, a legend and most of all, a really useful engine. Because of this, more visitors came to see Sodor to see Thomas, the hero of Sodor.

Cut to Knapford Station; Gordon is taking the express, Thomas taking Annie and Clarabel. Passengers are climbing aboard Thomas' coaches cheerfully.}

Maren Ord:
This is your shining time,
Climbing through stars to
Your own cloud nine.
It's always with you,
If you can just see through,
Into your shining time...

ut to Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel, puffing away in the sunset.}

Narrator: And so we come to the happy end of our story. But it's time for all of us to go home... just like Thomas.

Thomas: {whistles} Goodbye, everybody!


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  • Thomas, We Love You - Arranged by Mike O'Donnell and Jr. Campbell
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  • Little Engines - Arranged by Mike O'Donnell and Jr. Campbell
  • Troublesome Trucks Arranged by Mike O'Donnell and Jr. Campbell
  • Close to You - Performed by The Carpenters: Song on the relationship between Thomas and Emily.
  • Really Useful Engine - Arranged by Hummie Mann; Performed by Steven Page: End credit music.
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  • Crazy Train - Performed by Ozzy Osbourne: Music video exclusive.
  • Thomas, You're the Leader - Arranged by Pete Woodroffe and Charlie Grant: End credit music.

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