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Thomas' Scariest Tales is a fan-fiction Thomas VHS/DVD Release featuring one Season 2 episode and one Season 3 episode narrated by George Carlin, three Season 5 episodes and two Season 6 episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin, one Season 7 episode, two Season 8 episodes, one Season 9 episode and one Pack episode narrated by Michael Brandon and two songs. This is distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2009. This is made by Pikachufreak.


  1. Percy's Ghostly Trick (George Carlin)
  2. Scaredy Engines (Alec Baldwin)
  3. Flour Power (Michael Brandon)
  4. Percy's Scary Tale (Michael Brandon)
  5. Thomas, Percy and The Dragon (George Carlin)
  6. Percy and The Haunted Mine (Alec Baldwin)
  7. Toby's Discovery (Alec Baldwin)
  8. Halloween (Michael Brandon)
  9. Emily's New Route (Michael Brandon)
  10. Duncan Gets Spooked (Alec Baldwin)
  11. Thomas and The Search For Fergus (Micheal Brandon)
  12. Haunted Henry (Alec Baldwin)


  1. Boo! Boo! Choo! Choo!
  2. Engine Roll Call

Bonus Features

  • Character Gallery
  • 2 Bonus DVD Games: Sodor Spelling Game and James's Connect The Dots
  • Read Along Story: The Monster Under The Shed
  • Web Fun
  • Bonus Episode: Stepney Gets Lost


  • Narrated by George Carlin, Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon.
  • Release Date: September 8, 2009 and November 6, 2015.
  • The Season 8-10 intro, engines puffing by sequence (2004-2008) and the Season 8-10 outro are used together.
  • Thomas and The Search For Fergus with Micheal Brandon has the original music.
  • Percy's Ghostly Trick and Thomas, Percy and The Dragon are restored.
  • Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment.


  • PEEP! PEEP! Happy Halloween! Let's trick or treat as we join Thomas, Percy, Henry and all of your other favorites as they tell you their scariest adventures ever told. See how Percy plays a trick on Thomas when he crashes onto a broken cart of lime, and solve a mystery with Henry as he finds out his so-called "ghost". Listen to Kelly the Crane's ghost story and watch what happens when the troublesome loaders, Max and Monty take his story about the "one-eyed truck" too literally. Climb aboard and have a Happy Halloween with Thomas and all of his friends. BOO!

Opening Credits

  • Based on The Railway Series by The REV.W.AWDRY
  • Created by BRITT ALLCROFT
  • Developed by PHIL FEHRLE

Opening Previews

  1. Anchor Bay FBI Warning
  2. Anchor Bay Entertainment logo (2004-2007)
  3. HiT Entertainment logo (2007)
  4. Thomas & Friends Making Tracks To Great Destinations logo
  5. Thomas & Friends Season 8-10 Intro
  6. Thomas & Friends Island of Sodor Opening Sequence
  7. First few seconds of Percy's Ghostly Trick

Closing Previews

  1. Last few seconds of Engine Roll Call
  2. Thomas & Friends Season 8-10 Outro
  3. HiT Entertainment logo (2007)
  4. Anchor Bay Entertainment logo (2004-2007)

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Thomas (happy) and Percy (surprised)
  • Bottom: Edward and Henry from "Haunted Henry"

Back Cover

  • Max and Monty from "Percy's Scary Tale"
  • Emily from "Emily's New Route"

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