Thomas' Trackside Tales Is A UK & US Direct-To-Video Series. The US Realese Had All 13 Episodes In 1 DVD Realese In 2012. On Track With Thomas Contained The First 6 Episodes In The 2013 American Realeses.


On Track With Thomas (UK)

  1. A Special From Thomas
  2. Dirty Work
  3. On Track With Thomas
  4. Percy And The Moonlight Mine
  5. Brian's Windy Day
  6. Duck Rescues James
  7. The Trees, Oh, The Trees

Thomas' Trackside Tales (US)

  1. A Story For Thomas
  2. Thomas And The Cats
  3. James Does It All
  4. The Elephant and The Cow
  5. Thomas' Trackside Tales
  6. Oliver Has Kittens


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