Thomas' Trusty Friends 2 is a UK DVD which will be released on 2014. The DVD contains 11 episodes, 2 Series 6 episodes, 2 Jack and the Pack episodes and 1 Series 12 narrated by Michael Angelis, 2 Series 1 episodes and 4 Series 2 episodes narrated by Mark Moraghan and two bonus episode from The Garfield Show, Master Chef and Kind To Kittens.


The Pack is back with 5 new adventures and 6 originals! Jack jumps in, Jack saves Thomas from falling off a bridge, Jack owns up when he does something wrong, Alfie has a nightmare, Max and Monty see the one eyed truck, Jack and Alfie help out with the bandstand, Jack goes missing, Miss Jenny needs to pay taxes, The pack gets back in action, Oliver is left out and Sidney helps Jack in the quarry so much adventures for the pack and remember... SAFTEY FIRST!


  1. Jack Jumps In
  2. A Friend In Need
  3. Jack Owns Up
  4. Percy's Scary Tale
  5. Percy and the Bandstand
  6. A New Day For Sidney
  7. The Pack Back In Action
  8. Jack On The Track
  9. Alfie Overloads
  10. Taxes For Miss Jenny
  11. Thomas' Trusty Friends 2 (episode)

Bonus Features

  • Watch with Mr. Perkins and Mr. Arkwright
  • Searching Everywhere music video
  • Working Together (the pack version)
  • Engine Roll Call (Series 15 onwards Version)
  • Guess Who? puzzles - Jack, Alfie, Max, Monty, Bill, Thomas, Percy, Ned, Sidney and the pack
  • Bonus Episodes: Master Chef and Kind to Kittens


  • The first five guess who puzzles (Jack, Alfie, Max, Monty and Bill) are narrated by Michael Angelis and the last 5 (Thomas, Percy, Ned, Sidney and the pack) are narrated by Mark Moraghan.

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