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  • Thomas-the main protagonist of the film.
  • Edward-the fourth protagonist, the oldest, kindest engine.
  • Henry-the long fast engine.
  • Gordon-the second main protagonist, the fastest, powerful engine.
  • James-the third main protagonist, the reddest, vainest engine.
  • Percy-the fifth main protagonist, the smallest green engine and Thomas's best friend.
  • Toby-the oldest tram on Sodor
  • Duck-a GWR tank engine similar to Thomas
  • Donald and Douglas-the Scottish engine twins.
  • Oliver-the GWR engine no 11.
  • Stepney-the Bluebell tank engine and Duck's best friend.
  • Mavis-the quarry engine.
  • Salty-the Diesel engine.
  • Bill and Ben-the first tank engine twins.
  • Emily-the eremald green engine.
  • Molly-the yellow engine.
  • Neville-the black engine.
  • Rosie-the pink tank engine.
  • Hiro-the Japanese black engine.
  • Lady-the magical purple engine.
  • Ferdinand-the logging locos.
  • Bash and Dash-the second tank engine twins.
  • Belle-the blue fire engine.
  • Victor-the red engine and Arry and Bert's rival.
  • Diesel-Thomas's archenemy and the main antagonist.
  • Arry and Bert-James's archenemy and the third main antagonists.
  • Diesel 10-Emily's archenemy and the second main antagonist.
  • Splatter and Dodge-Percy's archenemy and the fourth main antagonists.
  • Derek-Bill and Ben's archenemy and the fifth main antagonist.
  • Skarloey-the oldest narrow gauge engine
  • Rheneas-Skarloey's brother and the second oldest narrow gauge engine.
  • Sir Handel-the grumpy narrow gauge engine.
  • Peter Sam-the special narrow gauge engine.
  • Rusty-the only narrow gauge diesel engine.
  • Duncan-the stubborn narrow gauge engine.
  • Duke-the kind narrow gauge engine.
  • Bertram-the kind narrow gauge engine.
  • Freddie-the clever narrow gauge engine
  • Rex-the first arsedale engine.
  • Bert-the second arsedale engine
  • Mike-the third arsedale engine
  • Frank-the first arsedale diesel and the fourth.
  • Jock-the newest, strongest arsedale engine.

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