Thomas's Biggest Adventure


The Fat Controller wants to lend the Controller on the other railway some engines. He wants to lend him James, Percy and Gordon. The other engines want to go. They hide behind James, Percy and Gordon on the boat and go to the Other Railway. On the way they pick up the logging locos. Old Wheezy lifts them onto the boat. Then they all go to the Other Railway. Stepney, Flying Scotsman, City of Truro, Mallard, Green Arrow, Duchess of Hamilton, D199, Wilbert, Sixteen, Albert, 87546, 98462, Spencer, Hiro and Hiro's friends are working there and some more engines too. Edward, Henry, Toby and Emily had really wanted Thomas to come but Thomas wants to go back to Sodor because The Fat Controller will need him, Henry, Edward, Toby and Emily to help. Thomas scolds the four engines for not coming back and leaves without them. Then the Steam Team find they should have gone with Thomas when the controller gives them too much work. D199 has made a bad plan to make them do more work and lies to the controller that they didn't do their work and the controller makes them tired. Thomas decides to go back after the boat has gone. Thomas tells his friends his plan they go to the boat when it comes back but D199, 87546 and 98462 won't let them go to decide that they should do all the work. Albert has had enough of the three blue nasty engines and pushes them into the river. They sinks. Thomas and his friends head for the boat and leave. The others go too when another boat arrives. All the engines on Sodor are very proud that now they have more engines. The Other Railway Controller finds no engines. During the credits, the Other Railway engines are having fun with their friends. After the credits D199, 87546 and 98462 have come out of the river and arrive on Sodor and want revenge on those other engines for giving them a lot of work.


  • This story is similar to Toy Story 3.
  • Hiro and his friends were also borrowed from Japan.


  • Michael Angelis as the Narrator
  • Ben Small as Thomas, Skarloey, Stepney and Ferdinand
  • Keith Wickham as Percy, James, Edward, Gordon, Henry, Harold, Dash, Captain and Rheneas
  • Jimmy Hibbert as Diesel
  • Matt Wilkinson as Toby, Arry and Bert, Bash, Spencer and Harold

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