Thomas's Christmas Special is a Thomas Club movie.


It is Christmas on Sodor and a snow engine is coming to help called Snowplough who loves wearing snowploughs. Thomas doesn't like snowploughs and thinks Snowplough will replace him. Percy has Snowplough as his best friend instead of Thomas. Thomas gets angry and wants to get rid of Snowplough. But Snowplough pulls Annie and Clarabel, takes Thomas place in the sheds and does all Thomas's work. Thomas has to pull dirty trucks, sleep at the Quarry and do dirty work. Thomas is also sick of Bill and Ben being naughty all day. Thomas tells Bill, Ben and Mavis that Snowplough is a nasty, horrible replacer. As revenge Thomas gives Snowplough a long line of coaches. Snowplough can't pull all the coaches. They crash into the sheds. The Fat Controller gives them all extra work except Thomas who works at the Quarry. Thomas sniggers but then his friends come up very angry. James scolds Thomas for playing a nasty trick on Snowplough and given them extra work. James gives Thomas the work but Thomas just laughs and bumps the coaches away. Snowplough has to pull trucks with bricks as a punishment instead of Annie and Clarabel. Thomas tells Snowplough The Fat Controller wants him at Tidmouth Sheds but Snowplough just manages to break the shed again but then when no one speaks to Thomas. Thomas finds he did the wrong thing. On Christmas Eve Thomas tries to put things right but there is one truck left. Thomas decides to take it as an apology. He leaves it outside and goes to the Quarry. On Christmas Day Snowplough thinks he did something bad. So Snowplough apolgizes to Thomas and sleeps at the Quarry. They enjoy Christmas. Thomas no longer hates Snowplough and Percy has two best friends.

Characters and Cast

Thomas and Ferdinand-Ben Small

Fat Controller, James, Percy, Gordon, Bash, Dash, Snowplough and Salty-Keith Wickham

Emily and Mavis-Teresa Gallagher

Stanley-Piece Brosnan

Harvey, Hank, Rusty and Duke-Tom Hanks

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