Thomas: Years and years are going by!

James: What?

Thomas: I said years and years are going by!

Narrator: That time Thomas had said it a little louder.

James: What?


James: Oh! Okay Thomas.

Thomas: For goodness sake.

James: What?

Thomas: Shut up James!

Narrator: Thomas chuffed away.

Henry: Hello Thomas.

Thomas: Hey Henry.

Henry: What's wrong?

Thomas: James was being annoying!

Diesel: Oh! You don't like James anymore?

Thomas: I still do.

Narrator: Diesel went to James and took him to the Dieselworks.

Diesel 10: So you think Thomas doesn't like you anymore?

James: No!

Diesel 10: Well we can turn you bad like us.

James: How?

Diesel 10: Have you got a clue to turn James bad?

D261: Yes! Take the coal out his tender.

Narrator: So Diesel 10 took James's coal out his tender.

James: That hurts!

D261: Then put a can of diesel oil in and he'll destory the steamies.

Diesel 10: Alrighty.

Narrator: Diesel 10 put a can in James's tender.

Thomas: Where's James?

Henry: I don't know!

Gordon: Neither do I!

Narrator: Then they saw a very angry James.

Thomas: There he is.

Narrator: But then James bumped Thomas, Henry and Gordon into the back of the shed and left them there.

Diesel 10: Good work James.

James: Thank you!

Narrator: Eventually Percy caught James but accidentally put French coal in.

James: Je semble m'etre reveille quelque part!

Thomas: What language is that James?

James: Ill est francais vous ass.

Thomas: I think he called me an ass and he's speaking French!

Henry: Wait a minute! Percy, what coal did you put in him?

Percy: I don't know. Maybe it's French coal.

Henry: Coal from Paris? My coal is from Wales and I'm not speaking Welsh.

Narrator: So eventually Percy put the right coal in James and James was speaking English again.

James: What's going on?

Thomas: I thought you were speaking French.

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