Here's the voice acting cast for Thomas's Dream Team for Nintendo 64 with Thomas 2: The Great Escape, Casey Jr in Tonic Trouble, Puffa Steam Train on Rails, and Thomas the TV Series, that are parodies based of Rayman's Dream Team with Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Tonic Trouble, Rocket Robot on Wheels, and Rayman the Animated Series.


Voice Cast For Thomas 2: The Great Escape!

  • Thomas as Rayman - Julia (Thomas and Rayman are both the main heroes)
  • Edward as Globox - Sidney (Edward and Globox are both blue and good friends with Thomas and Rayman)
  • Harold as Murfy - Douglas (Harold and Murfy can both fly in the air)
  • Henry as Clark - Douglas (Henry and Clark are both strong, funny, clumsy, and wise)
  • Toad as Sam the Snake - Peter (Toad and Sam the Snake are both Western)
  • Molly as Uglette - Carol (UK) (Molly and Uglette are both wifes to Edward and Uglette)
  • James as Polokus - Microsoft Mike (James and Polokus are both vain and splendid)
  • Percy as Globox Kid 1 - Eddie (Percy and Globox Kid 1 are both small and cheeky)
  • Emily as Ly the Fairy - Wanda (Emily and Ly the Fairy are both beautiful)
  • Rosie as Fairy 1 - Wanda (Rosie and Fairy 1 are both cute)
  • Donald, Douglas, Bill, Ben, Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand - Teensies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 - Douglas, Sidney, Biff, Microsoft Sam, Peter, Melvin, and Microsoft Mike (They are all smart, wise, kind, and helpful)
  • Tillie (The Little Engine That Could) as Carmen the Whale - Microsoft Mary (Carmen's voice suits Tillie)
  • Duncan as Robot Pirate 1 - Melvin (Robot Pirate's voice suits Duncan)
  • Belle and Lady as Fairy 2 and 3 - Julia and Carol (Lady, Belle, Fairy 2, and Fairy 3 are both beautiful)
  • Toby as Teensie 8 - Eddie (Toby and Teensie 8 are both wise)
  • Stanley and Whiff as Globox Kids 2 and 3 - Peter and Microsoft Sam (Globox Kids 2 and 3's voices suit Stanley and Whiff)
  • Duck, Oliver, and Stepney as Teensies 9 and 10 and Globox Kid 4 - Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Sam, and Sidney (Duck, Oliver, Teensie 9, and 10 are both Western and Stepney and Globox Kid 4 are both grateful)
  • Dingo, Tornado, Harry, and Michael as Teensies 11, 12, 13, and 14 - Amos, Microsoft Mike, Alex, and Peter (UK) (Teensies 11, 12, 13, and 14's voices suit Dingo, Tornado, Harry, and Michael)
  • Foduck, Ten Cents, Sunshine, Digby, Theodore, John, & Harry as Globox Kids 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 (Globox Kids 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11's voice suit Foduck, Ten Cents, Sunshine, Digby, Theodore, John, and Harry) - Julia, Wanda, Microsoft Mary, Sidney, Biff, Douglas, and Microsoft Mike
  • Sally, Lillie, Carla, Lillie Lighthouse, Pugwash, Rebacca, Marge, Velma, Wendy, Wendy (Bluebell Engine), & Mary, as Raygirl, Raybeauty, Raygirl Cactus, Ayane, Clio, & other girls (The girls's voice suit female trains) - Microsoft Mary, Julia, Wanda, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Sam, Peter, Sidney, Eddie, Melvin, Biff, and Amos
  • Devious Diesel as Admiral Razorbeard - Microsoft Sam (Devious Diesel and Admiral Razorbeard are both the main villains)
  • Dennis as Admiral Razorbeard's Lackey (Admiral Razorbeard's Lackey's voice suits Dennis) - Peter
  • Paxton as Ninjaws (Ninjaws's voice suits Paxton) - Eddie
  • George as Jano (George and Jano are both evil) - Peter
  • Scruffey as Axel (Scruffey and Axel both have the same between the f, y, x, and l) - Douglas
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Foutch (Foutch's voice suits the Spiteful Breakvan) - Peter
  • Smudger, Diesel 10, and Cerberus the Nightmare Train as Robot Pirates 2, 3, and 4 (Smudger, Diesel 10, Cerberus, Robot Pirates 2, 3 and 4 are both evil, strong, and mean to Thomas, Edward, Rayman and Globox) - Eddie, Sidney, and Melvin
  • The Devil Diesel, John, Jim, Weasel, The Giant Claw, Dan, Dimbo, Iron Bill & Iron Ben as Robot Pirate,5, Jano's Minions, Zombie Chickens, Spiders, Pirahnas & Caterpillars (They are all evil, mean, hungry, and mean to Thomas and Rayman) - Peter, Sidney, Eddie, Douglas, Biff, Alex, Melvin, Amos, and Peter (UK)
  • Dangermouse & Penfold - Umber and Coloccus (Umber and Coloccus's voices suit Dangemouse & Penfold) - Microsoft Sam and Eddie
  • Narrator - Microsoft Sam

Voice Cast For Casey Junior in Tonic Trouble

  • Casey Junior as Agent Ed (Casey Junior and Agent Ed are both the main heroes) - Microsoft Mike
  • Toyland Express as Doc (Toyland Express and Doc are both wise) - Microsoft Sam
  • Rustee Rails as Agent Xyz (Rustee and Agent Xyz are both wise, clumsy, and funny) - Microsoft Mike
  • Montana as Burk (Montana and Burk are both big, strong, powerful, and proud) - Microsoft Sam
  • Harry Hogwarts as The Judge (Harry Hogwarts and The Judge are both vain and splendid) - Sidney
  • Tootle as The Elephant (Casey Junior and Tootle are both best friends, just like Agent Ed and the Elephant are) - Eddie
  • Shelbert, Toots, Blue, Huey, Pete, Doc and Circus Train (Scooby Doo) as the Male Scientists (Shelbert, Toots, Blue, Huey, Pete, Doc, Circus Train, and the Scientists are all wise, old, helpful, kind, wise, Western, and smart) - Peter, Sidney, Eddie, Douglas, Biff, Peter (UK), and Melvin
  • Ivor as The Clerk (Ivor and the Clerk are both Western) - Microsoft Mike
  • Tillie as Suzy (Tillie and Suzy are both the main females and love interests to Casey Junior and Agent Ed) - Microsoft Mary
  • Georgia, Bahia Train, Tracy, Mellisa, Zephie, Koko, and Emma as The Female Scientists - Julia, Wanda, Carol (UK), Microsoft Mary, Melvin, Peter, and Eddie (Georgia, Bahia Train, Tracy, Mellisa, Zephie, Koko, Emma, and The Female Scientists are all beautiful, cute, kind, clever, and smart)
  • Rusty, Jebidiah, Jason, Johnny, Linus, Speed Buggy, Pufle, Sir Reginald, Old Puffer Pete, Willson, Polar Express, Freight Train, and Pedro as Agent Ed's Friends and Doc's Helpers - Douglas, Peter, Melvin, Eddie, Julia, Peter (UK), Wanda, Alex, Biff, Amos, Microsoft Sam and Microsoft Mike (Rusty, Jebidiah, Jason, Johnny, Linus, Speed Buggy, Pufle, Sir Reginald, Old Puffer Pete, Willson, Polar Express, Freight Train, Pedro, Agent Ed's friends and Doc's helpers are all clever, smart, wise, kind, old, western, powerful, and vain)
  • Tom Jerry, Rasmus, Little Chug, Choo Choo, Steam Lokey, Dougal Train, Greendale Rocket, Sally, Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Chick Hicks as Agent Ed and Suzy's Children - Peter, Sidney, Eddie, Douglas, Biff, Alex, Melvin, Julia, Wanda, Amos and Carol (UK) - (Casey Junior, Agent Ed, Tillie and Suzy want some kids)
  • Silver, Samson, Train, Farnsworth, Hector, Scruffey, Fred, Arry, Bert, Den, Dart, Paxton, Sidney, Norman, Max, Monty, George, Bulgy, D261 & the Foolish Freight Cars as The Vegetable Army, Grogh's Henchmen and Enemies - (The Diesels, Evil Steamies & Trucks are all evil & mean) Peter, Sidney, Eddie, Douglas, Biff, Alex, Melvin, Amos, Peter (UK), Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Carol (UK), Microsoft Mary, Julia, & Wanda
  • Cerberus as Grogh (Cerberus and Grogh are both the main, strong, mean, and evil villains) - Microsoft Sam
  • Thomas as Rayman (Thomas and Rayman are both the main heroes, because Rayman makes a cameo at the end of the film, and Thomas appears as Casey Junior's engineer and works for Casey Junior) - Melvin
  • Henry as Tarayzan (Henry and Tarayzan are both nice to Thomas and Rayman, cause Tarayzan is not in the film, and Henry appears as Casey Junior's fireman and works for both Linus and also Casey Junior) - Eddie
  • The Ringmaster as The General (The Ringmaster and the General are both in charge of Casey Junior, Agent Ed, Thomas, Rayman, Henry, and Tarayzan) - Douglas
  • Casey Junior's Coaches and Cabooses, Toyland Express's Coaches and Cabooses, Rustee Rails' Coaches, Hogwarts Express's Coaches, Caboose, Wagons, Farnsworth's Coaches, Ivor's Coaches, Trucks, Toots' Cars, Alfred's Coach, Sir Reginald's Coaches, Linus's Coaches, Bahia Train's wagons, & Johnny's Mail Cars - American Adult Males, Females, Robosoft Voices, Peter (UK), Carol (UK), Microsoft Sam, Mary, and Sam
  • Rei (Miss-Sheepy), Rayman (Ubi Soft/Rayman Games), Princess Rosalina (Super Mario Games), and Kaiju (Bowser14456) wearing their swimsuits with their sandals on their bare feet, and Landon (Magic Gift of the Snowman), Emery Elizabeth (Magic Gift of the Snowman), Nigel Uno 'Numbuh 1' (Codename: Kids Next Door), Rachel 'Numbuh 362' (Codename: Kids Next Door), Pinocchio (1976 TV Series) wearing short sleeved t-shirt and sandals on their feet, Mildred and Aubrey Cumings, Hilda Heffner, Stovepipe Steve, Jane Connelly, Teddy Abbalard, Lulu Longbottom, David Lundowitz, and Father James "Golden Boy" Graham - Microsoft Mary (twice), Microsoft Mike (twice), Carol (UK) (twice), Peter (UK) (twice), Eddie (twice), Julia (twice), Wanda (twice), Sidney (twice), and Melvin (twice)
  • Skarloey as Rayman Jr. (Skarloey appears as the Conductor but Rayman Jr. is a made up character) - Peter
  • Boco as Uncle Hunter (Boco appears as the Porter, but Uncle Hunter is a made up character) - Douglas
  • Daisy as the Singing Woman (Daisy and the Singing Woman are both beautiful) - Carol (UK)
  • Diesel as Evil Agent Ed (Diesel appears as Evil Agent Ed, but not Razorbeard, who appears in Rayman 2) - Peter (UK)
  • Madge as the Bartender (Madge and the Bartender are both cross with Cerberus and Grogh) - Carol (UK)
  • Gordon and Duncan as Henchmen 800 and 1000 - (Gordon and Duncan are mean as Honest Foulfellow John and Gideon because Henchmen 800 and 1000 only appear in Rayman M) - Douglas and Peter
  • Emily as Ly the Fairy - (Emily and Ly the Fairy are both the main females) - Wanda
  • Coco Bandicoot as The Damsel (When Thomas falls in love with Coco, Henry falls in love with Scarlet) - Julia
  • Scarlet as the Train Woman (When Henry falls in love with Scarlet, Thomas falls in love with Coco) - Wanda
  • Alcor as Johnny's Engineer - (Johnny's Engineer's voice suits Alcor) - Sidney
  • Phoenix as Johnny's Fireman - (Johnny's Fireman's voice suits Phoenix) - Wanda
  • Akane as the Switch Person (The Switch Person's voice suits Akane) - Julia
  • Diesel 10 as The Magic Mushroom - Peter (UK)

Voice Cast For Puffa Steam Train on Rails

  • Puffa as Rocket Robot on Wheels - (Puffa and Rocket Robot on Wheels are both the main heroes) - Peter (UK)
  • Edd (Double Dee) as Doctor Gavin - (Edd (Double Dee) and Doctor Gavin are both in charge in Puffa and Rocket Robot on Wheels) - Microsoft Mike
  • Scar as Jojo - (Scar and Jojo are both the main vilains) - Peter 
  • Bill as Whoopie - Microsoft Sam
  • Garfield as Male Mechanic 1 - Douglas
  • Schemer as Male Mechanic 2 - Melvin
  • Yoshi as Male Mechanic 3 - Eddie
  • Uncle Chuck as Male Mechanic 4 - Biff
  • Wade as Male Mechanic 5 - Sidney
  • Mario as Male Mechanic 6 - Alex
  • Luigi as Male Mechanic 7 - Amos
  • Lenny as Male Mechanic 8 - Robosoft 1
  • Kenan as Male Mechanic 9 - Robosoft 2
  • Kel as Male Mechanic 10 - Robotsoft 3
  • Homer Simpson, Sunshine, Penta, Petra, Misty, Hypno Toad, Edward, Henry, and Gordon as The Animals - Scansoft Daniel, Scansoft Emily, Scansoft Kenneth, Scansoft Tom, Simon, and Dave
  • Cartman, Diesel, Nelson, and The Swatbots as The Enemies - Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Sam, Robosoft 1, Robotsoft 2, Robosoft 3, Peter, Sidney, Eddie, Douglas, Biff, Alex, Melvin, Sidney, Simon, Dave, Scansoft Daniel, Scansoft Kenneth, and Scansoft Tom

Voice Cast For Thomas's All New Animated Series

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