James and Daisy's Wedding

James: Will you marry me, my dear Daisy?

Daisy: Of course I love you James

Narrator: At Thomas and Emily's shed, Thomas was making a wedding cake.

Thomas: Bother! It'll never go right! James and Daisy won't have a cake.

Emily: Don't worry Thomas, I'll make the cake.

Thomas: Oh my god, my wife can make cakes? Can you use modelling paste to put at the top of the cake of James and Daisy?

Emily: Do we have enough modelling paste?

Thomas: Yes. I bought some this morning.

Narrator: So Emily made the cake, got out the modelling paste and made modelling paste figures of Daisy and James using red and green modelling paste. The rest was sugarpaste.

Thomas: That's good. Now we need a truck to put the cake in.

Narrator: So Thomas's driver picked up the cake and found Hector the big hopper and using a boost from Thomas, he put the cake inside Hector. Then he decided to put it in Scruffey instead because Hector might trap it. Thomas promised Hector he'd take him to the wedding. Emily puffed away.

Percy: Hi Emily. Where's Thomas? Me and my wife Rosie want to find him.

Emily: My husband is at home.

Diesel 10: Hmm, so you three have heard about James and Daisy's wedding?

Emily: Yes. Thomas and I are coming. Percy and Rosie are coming. Toby, Mavis and Flora.

Diesel 10: I thought Mavis and Toby were married.

Emily: They are and they also live with Toby's cousin Flora.

Narrator: Diesel 10 was also going but for a reason. Because he wanted to spoil James and Daisy's wedding.

Diesel 10: Ha ha ha. They don't know I'll spoil the fun. Splodge?

Splatter: Here boss

Dodge: Here boss

Diesel 10: I'm going to a wedding.

Splatter: I love weddings.

Dodge: Me too

Diesel 10: Not for that reason you idiots. It's to spoil James and Daisy's wedding.

Narrator: Thomas, Emily, Percy, Rosie, Toby, Mavis and Flora were all going and so were some of Thomas's friends. Edward was the vicar, Skarloey and Rheneas were the pageboys and Hiro and Duke were Edward's helpers.

James: Hey dad

Duke: Hey son. Are you looking forward to your wedding with Daisy?

James: Yes. I love Daisy. And she loves me.

Duke: Do you know Edward, Hiro and I are the vicars?

James: No

Duke: Well we will be and Skarloey and Rheneas are the pageboys. Isn't that exciting?

James: Suppose so dad.

Narrator: Then Madge arrived.

James: Hey mum. Are you going to my wedding with Daisy?

Madge: I will be James. I will be with you and Daisy in line. Skarloey and Rheneas are pageboys.

James: I know. See you later parents.

Duke and Madge: Bye son.

Duke: I'm one of the three vicars with Edward and Hiro.

Madge: Cool.

Duke: Actually, I'm one of Edward's helpers. Edward is the main vicar who asks James and Daisy.

Thomas: Hey I remember our wedding Emily. Percy was our pageboy and Rosie was our bridesmaid.

Emily: I remember that too my dear.

Thomas: What the... It's TOMORROW at 1:pm.

Emily: TOMORROW! Oh my god. We don't need any clothes though but we need to bring the cake. I told James and Daisy we'd make the cake and bring it.

Narrator: The next day at 1:pm, the engines came to the wedding. Skarloey and Rheneas got ready to be pageboys and James and Daisy got ready for their marry. Madge was by James's side. Madge and Duke would be Daisy's parents in law. Eagle, James's brother would be Daisy's brother in law. Bertram was already James and Eagle's uncle and would be Daisy's uncle in law. Eagle was next to Daisy. The time came. Duncan and Mike, (one of James's cousins who would be Daisy's cousin in law) were both playing the piano. James, Daisy, Madge, Eagle, Skarloey and Rheneas came through the shed door.

Edward: Daisy, do you take James to be your husband?
Daisy: Yes I do.

Hiro: James, do you take Daisy to be your wife?

James: Yes.

Duke: Alright, get off the piano you two.

Narrator: The reason Mike and Duncan were playing the piano was because they had both lost whistles.

Duke: James and Daisy, are you sure you take each other to be married?
James: Positive.

Duke: Ok then.

All Engines: Yay!

Narrator: James and Daisy had bought the food for the wedding and Thomas and Emily had bought the cake. But before they ate, James and Daisy made some speech. Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge sneaked away to steal the cake.

Diesel 10: Yummy!

Splatter: That looks glorious.

Dodge: With modelling paste flowers!

Diesel 10: And modelling paste James and Daisy.

Narrator: The three diesels tucked into the cake. But by the time James had finished his speech, all that was left was a few crumbs. Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge licked their lips so no one would notice. Then just in time they came back to go to the cake.

Daisy: Eek

James: Eek

Thomas: Where's the cake? I didn't eat it.

Emily: Neither did I.

James: It was one of you engines.

Narrator: James was including all the guests except Thomas and Emily. Diesel 10 had sneaked a crumb on Percy's nose. James looked close.

James: Percy, you stole the cake.

Percy: No I didn't.

James: Why is there a crumb on your nose?

Percy: I don't know. Maybe it's because I had a donut before I came here.

Rosie: Percy did have a donut actually.

James: And why is the cake gone? Alright then, if it wasn't you or Rosie, Percy, it could still be someone.

Narrator: Diesel 10 stuck three squares of black sugarpaste on Toby, Mavis and Flora's foreheads.

James: Toby, Mavis and Flora, you stole the cake.

Toby: No we didn't. My wife doesn't steal and neither does my cousin.

James: Where's your brother?

Toby: He's at the seaside.

Narrator: Diesel 10 undid the squares and he, Splatter and Dodge had one each.

James: Diesel 10, Splatter, Dodge? Did you steal the cake?

Diesel 10: No we didn't

Splatter: No way

Dodge: No chance

James: Then the only engines left are Skarloey and Rheneas, my cousin, my parents, my uncle and my brother haven't been near the cake.

Narrator: Edward and Molly were James's cousins, Duke and Madge's nefues, Bertram wasn't related as he wasn't Edward or Molly's uncle and Edward and Molly were just cousins and they were Eagle's cousins. Bertram wasn't related to Mike either.

Skarloey: We didn't

Rheneas: No we didn't

James: Well you're the only two engines left.

Thomas: Luckily my wife made another cake.

James: And as your punishment you won't be getting any, either of you until you go to another wedding.

Narrator: Skarloey and Rheneas were in tears.

James: Oh you think I'm going to give you a slice of cake if you start crying. No way.

Skarloey: We didn't steal the cake. Waa waa waa

Rheneas: No we didn't. Ahu ahu ahu

James: You did you liars. You think so Daisy?

Daisy: Yes James.

Narrator: Then Splatter and Dodge made their mistake. They ate the cake.

Diesel 10: No you idiots, you're not meant to eat the cake until everyone's turned. Oops

James: What? So it was you that stole the cake all along you three. That was very naughty.

Thomas: And my wife can't make another cake because we don't have enough left.

Diesel 10: Run Splodge. I am.

Splatter: No Diesel 10. We quit being your sidekicks until you return from jail.

Dodge: Yes

Diesel 10: Rats

Narrator: Diesel 10 raced away but bumped into Donald and Douglas the scottish policemen.

Donald: Aye Diezel 10

Douglas: Aye we take you ta jail far steal thinginmebob ceke

Narrator: Donald and Douglas took Diesel 10 to jail. But they never ever caught Splatter and Dodge while Diesel 10 was in jail.

Diesel 10: It's Splodge's fault.

Thomas Saves the Day

Diesel 10: Can I come out of jail now?

Narrator: Diesel 10 returned from jail to get Splatter and Dodge back.

Thomas: Yawn Morning Friends.

All Friends: Morning Thomas

Thomas: I'll just get to work. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Narrator: Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge came to Tidmouth Sheds. Mavis, Rosie and Daisy had all arrived and were with Emily.

Diesel 10: Go on Splodge take the girls.

Splatter: Yes boss

Dodge: Yes boss

Narrator: They took the girls away just as Thomas came back.

Thomas: Come back with my friends.

Narrator: Diesel 10 then decided to take all Thomas's friends.

Thomas: Get off my friends and my wife.

Narrator: Thomas and Percy were cousins because Rosie was one of Thomas's cousins and Rosie was married to Percy. Thomas had a picture of him and all his family. The Fat Controller had taken the picture. There was Thomas, Percy, Emily, Rosie, James, Edward, Molly, Duke, Bertram, Mike, Daisy, Stepney, Duck, Oliver, Charlie, Billy, Bash, Dash, Billy and Stanley.

Thomas: Get off my cousins now!

Diesel 10: No chance you blue puffball.

Narrator: Diesel 10 ripped off one of Thomas's wheels and left.

Thomas: Oh the pain! Why you little!

Narrator: Luckily Whiff one of Thomas's other cousins had avoided Diesel 10 and took Thomas to the Steamworks to buy another wheel.

Victor: What happened to you Thomas?

Thomas: Diesel 10 ripped off one of my wheels and took my family and my friends away.

Whiff: I managed to avoid Diesel 10 too. Do you have any blue wheels to give Thomas, Victor?

Victor: I do but it will be very exspensive in return.

Whiff: How much?

Victor: Thirty pounds please!

Whiff: Oh. I don't have that much yet. I don't get paid until 1st December. Can I pay you then?

Victor: Very well. Here's the wheel. Pay on the 1st December.

Narrator: Victor was one of Percy's cousins and one of Thomas's second cousins. Thomas, Whiff, Victor and Kevin went to rescue their friends and family. Kevin was taken on a flatbed. Spencer offered to take the flatbed.

Spencer: But in return you must take the Duke and Duchess for me.

Narrator: Spencer never did anyone a favour for free. So Thomas offered to take the Duke and Duchess if Spencer took Kevin. Kevin and the four engines arrived at Diesel 10's home. Diesel 10 was enjoying some slime oil with his friends. Diesel, Arry, Bert, D261 and D199 had stayed at home.

Diesel: What should we do boss?

Diesel 10: We will lock them up in cages. If Thomas is trying to rescue his annoying friends then he won't because I ripped his wheel off.

Narrator: Whiff echoed

Whiff: But he replaced it with another one.

Diesel 10: What? He replaced it? Bother!

Narrator: Thomas, Kevin and the engines came in.

Thomas: Give us back our friends and family. NOW!

Whiff: Or we will call The Fat Controller who will tell Donald and Douglas and Donald and Douglas will take you to prison.

Diesel 10: No they won't because I locked them up too and if you want your friends back you must give us five packs of chocolate slime balls and a bill of one-hundred thousand pounds each.

Thomas: That's mean. So you took our friends and now you're trying to get our money.

The Fat Controller: I will have it.

Diesel 10: What?

The Fat Controller: I heard you took my engines away and now you're trying to get money from these four. No! That's not good and you've locked the twins up so they can't arrest you well I found their handcuffs.

Diesel 10: Oh no. Thomas won't have his friends back unless he pays me and gives me the chocolate slime balls.

The Fat Controller: Right! I'm arresting all of you.

Thomas: What?

The Fat Controller: I was talking to the diesels.

Thomas: God!

Narrator: All the engines were free and the nasty diesels were taken to jail. Everyone went home.

The Fat Controller: Infact you eight. While you're in jail, you won't get enough food because I'm giving all your chocolates and half the sprouts you will be fed to the engines.

Narrator: The mean diesels were not very happy.

Diesel: We will not eat sprouts, those steamies can have them all.

Narrator: But The Fat Controller didn't swap the chocolates.

The Fat Controller: Fine but you're not having the chocolates back.

Narrator: Everyone was at Tidmouth Sheds to share the chocolates and sprouts.

All Engines: YAY!

Diesel: When can we come out?

Arry: When can we come out?

Bert: When can we come out?

Diesel 10: Don't worry boys. I have a plan.

Narrator: Diesel 10 crushed the jail bars and all the diesels sneaked out.

Thomas and the Christmas Special

Thomas: I love bubbles. Can I blow some Gordon?

Gordon: Wait a minute, Henry's having it next then James then you.

Edward: What about me?

Percy: And what about me?

Toby: And me?

Emily: And me?

Gordon: Do you four want it now?

Emily/Percy/Edward/Toby: Yes please

Gordon: Tough you can have it at the end of the day and not before.

Narrator: Just then a brown claw appeared out of no where and a diesel came into place.

Steam Team: Diesel 10?

Diesel 10: I broke the jail so I escaped and Diesel and the others are at home enjoying chocolate slime balls.

Narrator: With that Diesel 10 snatched the bubblemix off Gordon and went off to give it to his friends. Then he ripped of two of Gordon's wheels: one little wheel and one drive wheel.

Gordon: Oh the indignaty! Oh the pain! What the hell did you do that for?

Narrator: But Diesel 10 had gone. So Henry took his cousin to see Victor and buy two new wheels for Gordon.

Henry: How much will it cost to replace his wheels?

Victor: It'll be £30 for a drive wheel and £10 for a little one.

Henry: At least I'll still have a big jar of money for Christmas.

Narrator: So Henry paid for the wheels and Whiff came to pay for the wheel that Victor had given him. It was the 1st December already. At the Dieselworks the mean diesels were enjoying their chocolate slime balls and a cup of slime tea with some slime porridge.

Diesel: Yummy slime!

Diesel 10: Look I'll blow a bubble of myself

Narrator: But Diesel 10 found the Bubble Diesel 10 crushed him and then Bubble Diesel 10 popped. Diesel put Diesel 10 together again.

Diesel 10: Well done Diesel! Slime jelly for you tonight and NO sprouts.

Diesel: Mmm slime jelly.

Diesel 10: We want presents for Christmas. Splodge, how big is our jar?

Splatter/Dodge: Not very big. Only £13.

Diesel 10: Bah, that's not enough. With that much I wouldn't get any presents from any of you. There won't be any presents for me.

Diesel: Unless...

Meanies: We steal money.

Narrator: So Diesel 10 and his servants went to steal Thomas's Christmas Money. Diesel 10 stole half the jar. There had been £10,000 in there now there was only £5000.

Diesel 10: Ha ha £5013 for Christmas. Imagine what we could buy with that and we wouldn't buy anything for those silly steamies

Narrator: And the diesels escaped back to the Dieselworks. Then Thomas came home to spend his Christmas money.

Thomas: What the... We only have £5000, I though we had £10,000. Oh well.

Narrator: Thomas went to Sainsbury's to get the Christmas gifts.

Thomas: Ahhhhh! I didn't buy the advent calenders. I'll buy one for each of us. That makes nine calenders. £2 each. Wow! I'll buy myself a...Oh my god there's a Thomas & Friends calender. God I'll buy that for me, The Simpsons for Edward, Toy Story 3 for Henry, Ben 10 for Gordon, Mr Men for James, Winnie the Pooh for Percy, Father Ted for Toby, Little Miss for Emily and another Thomas & Friends for The Fat Controller. Wow The Fat Controller will be shocked because I'm the star of my own show.

The Fat Controller: What the...You bought...Thomas & Friends? Oh my god.

Thomas: I was actually surprised. I bought one Thomas & Friends for you sir and one for me.

Narrator: Thomas gave his family and friends the other calenders.

Edward: Erm, The Simpsons? Doh ho ho. Thank you Thomas.

Henry: Toy Story 3? What the hell is that?

Thomas: Have you not seen Toy Story 3? Me, my wife, Rosie and Percy went to see it a few months ago. Percy's favourite part was when Buzz turned spanish!

Henry: I haven't seen Toy Story 3. I've seen Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

Narrator: Thomas had bought it for Christmas for everyone to watch in Emily's old shed on DVD.

Gordon: Ben 10? I don't like Ben 10!

Thomas: Sorry Gordon!

Edward: Just be greatful for what you got Gordon. Thomas had to spend £2 for each of these. Now you're being rude? Phopetic!

James: Mr Men is wicked. Thanks a lot Thomas. I wonder what the first chocolate is? I hope it's Mr Tickle. Mr Tickle is my favourite character

Thomas: Mine too and Mr Happy is my second favourite.

James: My second favourite is Mr Strong because he's red.

Percy: Erm Thomas. I think I might be a little old for Winnie the Pooh now but thanks big cousin.

Thomas: You're welcome little cousin.

Toby: Oh my god! I love Father Ted. I've watched that since 2001!

Thomas: But Ted's actor died in 1998. Father Ted started in 1995.

Toby: You'd know that Thomas because you're a teenager. Teenagers are clever.

Emily: Little Miss? Thomas? James likes that.

Thomas: I'm sorry Emily but our cousin James loves Mr Men and our little cousins Rosie and Percy don't like Winnie the Pooh anymore they like Mr Men and Little Miss too.

Emily: I'll give this calender to Percy.

Thomas: Woah. Hold your horses Emily. Percy can't eat fifty chocolates at Christmas. Well maybe he can but not Advent Chocolates. Sorry little cousin.

Narrator: On Christmas Eve the presents were being put under the tree. All the engines and The Fat Controller had eaten 24 chocolates each.

The Fat Controller: We can't open our presents until 7:30am in the morning. No earlier. Or else.

Thomas: Yeah the presents could be good. So if you wait, you can find out later.

Narrator: All the engines went to sleep. At the Dieselworks. The diesels had a lot of presents too and had had 72 chocolates each. The diesels had cut each chocolate in half then put slime inside and used slime glue to glue the chocolate back. The mean diesels were very greedy. Everyone was asleep in the middle of the night. At 5:00 in the morning the mean diesels started opening their presents. 2 hours and half an hour later the Steam Team opened their presents.

Thomas: A comfortable snowplough. Thank you little cousin.

Narrator: Percy blushed.

Percy: Well that's the biggest snowplough I could find and it was the bluest and most comfortable.

James: A sledge flatbed. Wow I can slide on this. It's from...Dad! Wow I can't wait to show my wife, my parents, my cousins and my brother.

Narrator: Duke, Madge, Daisy, Molly, Mike and Eagle were all amazed.

Gordon: Rocket wheels. From...Cousin Henry. Thanks little cousin.

Henry: My pleasure big cousin.

Narrator: Gordon took all his wheels off and put his rocket wheels on. Gordon was about to start and he zoomed down the tracks. He went so fast he lost all his coal and crashed into the hen house that Thomas had crashed into when George had flattened the tracks.

Gordon: Ouch

Narrator: And everyone laughed.

Gordon: It's not funny. Especially not to you narrator. Infact I should eat my last chocolate. A big one!

Narrator/Engines: He he he he

Gordon: Shut up

Narrator: Sorry and Merry Christmas.

A Christmassy Thomas

Thomas: Aww the time of year of chocolate.

Lady: You can feel it Thomas.

Thomas: Yes I can.

Lady: Come here you.

Narrator: She hugged and kissed Thomas.

Thomas: Waaahhh! What was that?

James: Hey Thomas!

Thomas: What James?

James: Do you want a peanut?

Thomas: You woke me up just for a peanut? God James!

James: Sorry Thomas

Thomas: It's 4:30am. Go to sleep and give me a peanut when I'm up.

Narrator: As Thomas went back to sleep his second dream was he was being chased by five huge peanuts. Christmas was coming and everyone was excited.

James: Can I open the 23rd door yet Thomas?

Thomas: Yes but just the 23rd one and don't open the others or you won't get the chocolates on those days.

James: Oh god! A Mr Muddle Chocolate!

Thomas: Yeah and you've got nine more. We've each got nine more chocolates after this one.

Gordon: I thought this was a Christmas countdown.

Thomas: Yes but then they did the countdown to New Year's Day and the New Year's Day bonus.

Narrator: Then Lady appeared.

Lady: I suppose you want wishes for Christmas. What will you wish Gordon?

Gordon: I wish for a doubling magic box.

James: I wish for metallic red paint that is very very shiny and lasts forever then I can look shiny.

Donald: Douglas and I wish for big snowploughs each.

Percy: I wish to pull the mail forever and ever.

Toby: I wish for more money. I don't have enough.

Duck: I wish to be in the Steam Team again.

Emily: Do you think I replaced you?

Duck: Yes!

Narrator: Duck had first met Emily in 2008. Duck had warned Emily about the mud. But Duck knew why Emily had replaced him because they wanted one female member and Emily was more shiny. Duck felt jealous.

Oliver: I wish for the Troublesome Trucks to stop bumping and teasing us.

Lady: That's two wishes. You can only wish one.

Edward: Well then I'll take the teasing us one.

Lady: Very well Edward. The Troublesome Trucks will not tease you.

Henry: I wish to pull special specials.

Emily: I wish to be shiny.

Lady: What will you wish Thomas?

Thomas: I will wish never to take smelly deliveries again. Fish and stinky cheese are pongy. Ugh!

Lady: Fine, the magic box, the metallic red paint, the big snowploughs, forever mail, more money, to be in the Steam Team again, the troublesome trucks to stop bumping and teasing, the special specials, the shiny paint and no smelly deliveries will come true to all of you.

Thomas: Thank you!

Narrator: Gordon, James, Donald, Douglas, Percy, Toby, Duck, Edward, Oliver, Henry, Emily and Thomas all smiled. Especially Thomas, Gordon and James. But at the Dieselworks Diesel 10 was planning a naughty plan.

Diesel 10: I've heard that Lady has returned after years and years.

Diesel: What will you do?

Diesel 10: I will catch Lady and the steamies.

Narrator: Thomas and Lady were going to the Dieselworks.

Lady: Oh no. Diesel 10 and the diesels are going to catch us!

Thomas: They won't.

Diesel 10: Who the hell said that? Ah ha you two. Catch them Diesel, Arry and Bert.

D/A/B: Yes boss.

Thomas: Run!

Narrator: The three diesels went to catch the two steamies. They were going to catch the others as well.

Steamies: What's going on?

T/L: Diesel, Arry and Bert are coming for us.

Thomas: Get out of the shed quickly!

Lady: Run!

G/J/E/H: I guess he's right. RUN!

P/Em/To/D: RUN!

Don/Dou/O: RUN!

Narrator: The thirteen steamies ran away.

Diesel: Drat!

Arry: Bother!

Bert: We scared them at least.

D/A/B: Let's go back and tell Diesel 10 we scared them away.

Diesel: We'll have some slime biscuits, slime cake and slime burgers.

Arry: Mmm yummy.

Bert: Mmm slime cake!

Diesel 10: Good work you three you scared them away. Well if they get here we'll catch them all. You three can have an extra big slice of slime cake.

D/A/B: Thanks boss.

Diesel 10: You are very welcome!

Splatter: How much cake do the rest of us get?

Diesel 10: Well if you try or scare them you can have an extra big slice.

S/Do/TD/Spa: Let's go.

Narrator: So Splatter, Dodge, D261 and D199 went to catch the steamies. Gordon, James and Henry were heading for the dieselworks. Splatter and Dodge headed for them.


Thomas: RUN! Lady, run quick!

Lady: Where?

Thomas: Out of the dieselworks. Quickly!

Lady: Oh!

Narrator: While the four diesels were catching the steamies Diesel 10 emptied their Christmas jar

Diesel: Oooh big jar this year.

A/B: There is over £300 in there.

Diesel 10: Don't tell them but I've stolen some of their money.

Thomas: You can't catch us!

Splatter: Yes we can!

Thomas: No you can't

Dodge: Yes we can.

Thomas: No you can't

D261: Yes we can.

Thomas: No you can't

D199: Yes we can.

Thomas: No you can't


Thomas: Yikes!

Splatter: We did a good job.

Dodge: We especially scared Thomas the blue puffball.

Diesel 10: Of course. The blue puffball.

Diesel: What's que se enciende? Donde estoy?

Diesel 10: Why are you talking in Spanish?

Diesel: I was just learning it!

Diesel 10: Oops I almost forgot. Extra cake for you four! Christmas is coming tomorrow.

Baddies: Yay! Christmas! Presents! Chocolate! Turkey! Tree!

Henry: Did I just hear tree?

Diesel: Oops!

Henry: Does that say our money?

Diesel 10: Lock his face in Diesel!

Narrator: Diesel locked Henry's face in as well as his smokebox.

Henry: Ouch!

Narrator: When Diesel opened up again. Henry fell to pieces completely. His face came off and went on the ground, his smokebox did, his long cab did, his roof did, his tender lost it's wheels and the cab lost the wheels and the buffers parted from each other and the red beam.

Henry: Well that's just great.

Narrator: Gordon found Henry and took him away on a flatbed with Rocky lifting all Henry's broken parts on and his face.

Diesel 10: It'll cost them a lot of money to put Henry in one piece again. They'll have a horrible Christmas because of us. But we don't care, do we?

Diesel: No ha ha ha!

Victor: We can put Henry back together again with toxic super glue that'll really stick your fingers. It'll cost £100 to repair him.

Gordon: One hundred pounds!

Victor: Well we can't repair him then!

Gordon: Wait we'll pay the £100.

Narrator: When Gordon and Henry came home. Gordon took £100 out of the jar.

Thomas: What are you doing Gordon?

Gordon: Henry fell to pieces and it cost £100 to put him together again. What a hell of a lot of money. What a waste of blimming money.

Thomas: £50 is not enough for Christmas.

Gordon: Oh well. We'll have to get little presents each. Plus Lady is giving us each a present.

Thomas: Oh yeah. Where is Lady?

Narrator: Lady was not in sight.

Thomas: Oh well maybe she's gone back to the Magic Railroad.

Narrator: Thomas was right. Lady had gone back to Muffle Mountain.

Lady: I hope their wishes do come true.

Victor: Thank you Gordon!

Gordon: You're welcome.

Narrator: That night all the steamies went to sleep at 9:pm. The diesels didn't go to bed until 2:33am. The diesels woke up at 5:am. They'd only had less than 3 hours sleep. The steamies woke up at 7:am with 10 hours of sleep.


A/B: And where's the others?

Diesel 10: It's tiny. Where did our money go?

Thomas: I'm teaching you a lesson! You took Henry apart and we had to use £100 Christmas money to fix him so we thought you wouldn't mind and we took £100 of your money. Then we gave £190 to Charity.

Diesel 10: WHAT?

Diesel: Soppy charity. Greedy children asking for our money!

Diesel 10: Bah! I hate Charity and I hate you Thomas!

D261: Give us back our money or we will lock you up.

Thomas: No you don't. You only had £10 left. Lady left us each a bit of magic. I will magic you all into the cages.

Narrator: Thomas got all the nasty diesels into cages.

Diesel 10: No wait!

Thomas: And I wish you all turn to gold!

Narrator: All the diesels turned into gold as well as the Dieselworks.

Thomas: Look what I got!

James: What?

Thomas: The diesels are carved out of gold as well as the Dieselworks. I can chop these into circles and buy us decorations with all my gold.

James: Good idea!

Narrator: Thomas bought decorations with all his gold. But he didn't know they had been built all again and the Dieselworks.

Diesel: We won't get turned into gold again!

D/A/B: Yeah! What shall we do boss?

Diesel 10: Get the steamies and knock down their shed.

D/A/B: Yes boss!


Thomas: Did you enjoy Thomas's Sodor Adventures page? If you did great. Please can you look on this page? If you like it, GREAT. Goodbye. The series is over.

Everyone: GOODBYE!

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