Thomas doesn't has work and he go to Tidmouth shed and he saw Chiro the new Japaneese engine.He tell a story about his best friends Hiro .Thomas doesn't like him ,because he not useful and left his best friend.Diesel chuff close Thomas and tell a bad thing about Sodor not useful engine and The fat controller will be expired.Thomas scary and he chuff away to the Maitewaite and Chiro go to the Sodor searching and rescue center .Thomas tell story to The fat controller and The Fat controller very worry and Winston not belive it.Thomas go to the Blue mountain quarry and tell every engine on there.Skaloey very worry to be like Thomas words.Diesel chuff and tell story for all Diesels.Thomas very worry and chuff to Gordon's hill but he worry and makes he breaking.Thomas coudn't see anyone but then T.K. chuff to up to the top of the hill Thomas doesn't know that and siren on the Sodor searching and rescue center loudly and Chiro know what's that siren means.Chiro listen and that engine it's Thomas and he chuff fast to rescue Thomas

.Thomas can't control his engine and he can't stop,he closer T.K. and Chiro chuff to follow Thomas and buccul his buffer.He slowdown and can pull Thomas before T.K. bash him.Thomas felt sorry to Chiro and The fat controller was cross in Diesel to tell the fault for all and The fat controller tell a truth to all diesel engine and Blue mountain quarry engine and Chiro found hiro and Hiro work with him together for the long time not see.


  • Thomas
  • Diesel
  • The fat controller
  • Winston
  • Skaloey
  • Rheneas
  • Peter sam
  • Paxton
  • Norman
  • Hiro
  • Winston
  • T.K.(does not speak)
  • Butch(does not apeak)
  • Sir handel(doe not speak)
  • Luke(does not speak)
  • Den(does not speak)
  • Dart(doe not apeak)
  • Edward(carmeo)
  • Percy(carmeo)
  • Henry(carmeo)

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