Thomas, Jordan y Emily Rooke/the Dreamstones


  • Dale Brown and Thomas Rooke as Roofast Noop, Frizz
  • Emily Rooke as Emily Noop and Emily Rooke
  • Kelly Fletcher School Teacher as the Dreammaker
  • Jordan y Emily Rooke as Albert Dogfish
  • Sir Topham Little Lulu, Stacie Weyman, SyB Hatt as the Dreamstones
  • Blukman as Pildit
  • Nunny Bollen as Wildit
  • Ogee Rooke as Spildit
  • Prince Rajeash as Zordrak
  • Mr. Toad as Sgt. Blob
  • Jordan y Emily Rooke as Frizz and Nug
  • and More

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