Thomas, Jordan y Emily Rooke (Captainleo Style)

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Captainleo's Movie Spoof of Hanna Barbera Version "Thomas, Jordan y Emily Rooke"


  • Thomas, Jordan y Emily Rooke as Themself
  • el All Heroes as Themself
  • Panthy Panther as Mother Em Rooke
  • Timon and Pumbaa as Bulk and Skeleton
  • Tom the Cat (Tom and Jerry) as Texas Pete
  • El All Dirty Villains as Themself
  • Top Cat - Tom the Cat's Father (Top Cat) as T,JyE Rooke's General
  • Kitty Katswell - Tom the Cat's Mother as Gwen (TUFF PUPPY) - T,JyE Rooke's Mother
  • Adam Katswell - Tom the Cat's Brother (TUFF PUPPY) as Himself / Spanlish Office Katswell

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