theCitymaker's Movie Spoof of Hanna Barbera Version "Thomas, Jordan y Emily Rooke"


  • Yogi Bear as Thomas Rooke
  • Boo Boo as Jordan Rooke
  • Cindy Bear as Emily Rooke
  • Phineas as Rachel Madge
  • Isabella as Rachelle Thomas
  • Kayley as Mother Emily Rookes
  • The Seven Dwarfs as the Other
  • Bridgette as Alice Rookes
  • Geoff as Jamie Greenwood
  • LeFou as Skeleton
  • Gaston as Bulk
  • Kanga as Courtney Brown
  • Roo as Tom Brown
  • Quick Draw McGraw as Dale Brown
  • Bladebeak as the Policemens
  • Chef Hatchet as Texas Pete
  • Slagglepuss as King Arthur
  • Tanya as Queen Guirevere
  • Koba as Tim
  • Floral Rugg as Topsy

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