Thomas, Percy & The Wharf

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Thomas, Percy & The Wharf is a Potential Plotline episode.


Thomas and Percy are excited to go the Wharf to work. When they get there, they see Harmood, who is rude to them and calls them stinky steamies. Harmood then takes some coal to the NG docks. But Harmood then derails, and Thomas and Percy race to the rescue and pull Harmood back to the tracks. And soon, Thomas, Percy and Harmood are friends.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • James (cameo)
  • Sir Handel (cameo)
  • Duncan (cameo)
  • Freddie (cameo)
  • Harmood
  • Colin
  • Narrow Gauge Trucks


  • Stock Footage from "Thomas, Percy & The Coal", "Thomas, Percy & The Post Train", and "Cranky Bugs" is used.


  • When Harmood derails, one of his trucks are derailed.


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