Thomas, Percy and The Mail Train and Other Thomas Stories (with Ringo Starr and Alec Baldwin) is a fan-fiction Thomas and Friends US DVD idea made by Pikachufreak. It features one Season 1 episode, one Season 2 episode and five Season 3 episodes.


  1. Thomas, Percy and The Mail Train (Alec Baldwin)
  2. The Diseasel (Ringo Starr)
  3. Donald's Duck (Alec Baldwin)
  4. Thomas Goes Fishing (Ringo Starr)
  5. A Scarf For Percy (Alec Baldwin)
  6. Mavis (Alec Baldwin)
  7. Toby's Tightrope (Alec Baldwin)


  • Narrated by Ringo Starr and Alec Baldwin.
  • Release Date: July 14, 2009.
  • The Season 5 intro (2004 version), nameplate sequence (1992-1994) and the Season 6 outro are used together.
  • The "Next Story Coming Up Soon!" logo is taken from the "Thomas Gets Bumped" 1992 VHS, the "Thomas, Percy and The Dragon" 1993, the "Daisy" 1993 VHS, the "James Goes Buzz Buzz" 1994 VHS, the "Percy's Ghostly Trick" 1994 VHS and the "Thomas and His Friends Get Along" 1998 VHS.
  • The text is taken from the "Roundhouse Rhythms" VHS.
  • All the episodes are restored.
  • First time Ringo Starr re-narrates The Diseasel that he didn't narrate for America.
  • Distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment.

 Opening Previews

  1. FBI Warning
  2. HiT Entertainment logo (2007)
  3. Lionsgate Entertainment logo
  4. Britt Allcroft Presents logo
  5. Thomas and Friends Season 5 intro (2004 version)
  6. First few seconds of Thomas, Percy and The Mail Train

Closing Previews

  1. Last few seconds of Toby's Tightrope
  2. Thomas and Friends Season 6 outro
  3. HiT Entertainment logo (2007)
  4. Lionsgate Entertainment logo

Opening Credits

  • Based on The Railway Series by The REV.W.AWDRY
  • Adaptation by BRITT ALLCROFT
  • Storyteller ALEC BALDWIN
  • Directed by DAVID MITTON

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Thomas and Percy
  • Bottom: Bill and Ben from "The Diseasel"

Back Cover

  • Donald and Dilly from "Donald's Duck
  • Mavis and Toby from "Mavis"

Cover Color

  • Dark White


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