Thomas, Percy and the Dragon and Other Stories  it US VHS release three third season episodes and four second season episodes. Narrated by John Lennon . It was distributed by Strand Home Video in 1993, Time-Life in 1994, Video Treasures in 1995, Britt Allcroft in 1996 and Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2003 and They on DVD in 2007


1993 VHS

PEEP! PEEP! Miles of smiles from Thomas, Percy, and the gang on the Island of Sodor. Ride with Percy when he sees a Dragon! Watch what happens when James lands in an embarrassing situation, Donald and Douglas come to Henry's rescue, and some silly freight cars cause trouble and confusion for Bill and Ben.

So climb aboard, the ride will be great - with Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Volume 8!

1995 VHS

Get ready for trainloads of adventure with Thomas and all his friends. Percy has a terrible scare when he confronts a huge Dragon. See how James lands in an embarrassing situation due to his impatience. And silly trucks cause trouble between BillBen, and a Diesel called BoCo. So climb aboard for miles of smiles on theIsland of Sodor.


Boo! Have you ever had something scare you? On the Island of Sodor, even the bravest of engines sometimes get scared. Why, take Percy - he said he's not scared of anything. What do you think? Help Thomas use the carnival Chinese Dragon to play a little joke on Percy. Meet Donald and Douglas, the Scottish twin engines, and watch as Edward proves that even though he's old, he's still really useful.

So make sure you're Right on Time for the next journey through the magical Island of Sodor.


  1. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
  2. Donald and Douglas
  3. The Deputation
  4. Time for Trouble
  5. A Scarf for Percy
  6. The Diseasel
  7. Edward's Exploit


Every Cloud has a Silver Lining (DVD only)

Bonus Features

  • Character Gallery
  • Read Along Story: "Thomas, Percy and the Dragon"
  • "Paint My Color" game


  • When first advertised, the original prototype of the cover used an image from Heroes.
  • On some VHS releases, there would be another set of audio during the episodes drowning out the narration and making the music louder.


  • The DVD cover shows the brakevan copied three times.
  • On the 1993 and 1995 back covers, Edward's Exploit is called Edward's Exploits and The Deputation is listed before Donald and Douglas.
  • On the DVD version, the end of Edward's Exploit is cut out.
  • An early release features a photo from Pop Goes the Diesel on the front cover, but that episode is not on this release. The image is also mirrored and photoshopped.
  • The image on the 1993 and 1995 back covers is from Thomas Gets Bumped, but that episode is not on this release.

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