It's Thomas (Thomas),
You're the leader (leader).
They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight, they're ten, they're twelve,
Shunting trucks and hauling freight.
Red and green and brown and blue,
They're the useful crew (that's who).
All with different roles to play
'Round Tidmouth Sheds and far away.
Now Stanley's joined this friendly pack,
But who's this coming down the track?


Thomas, he's my number one,
Shining in the morning sun,
Working hard but having fun,
Thomas, you're the leader.
Thomas, you're the leader.

Thomas has so many friends,
The list is long, it never ends.
James and Percy huff and puff,
And Emily, she knows her stuff,
Duck and Oliver are Great Western,
Henry, Edward, what a pair,
Donald and Douglas speak Scottish,
Toby, like I say he's square.
Gordon thunders down the line.
Everyone's a friend of mine.
(That's right)


Let's not forget the narrow gauge,
Where small and strong is all the rage.
Sir Handel, Rusty, Mighty Mac (whoa),
Fearless Freddie at the back.
Duke at the front.
Rheneas, and then Peter Sam, Skarloey, Duncan, he's my man.
With Mr. Percival in charge,
No work's too hard, no job's too large.


Jeremy and Harold, Rocky, Harvey too,
Salty, Mavis, Bertie, the Really Useful crew.
It's not just engines full of steam,
There's Jack and all his building team.
Tipping stones and digging roads,
Filling trucks and loading loads.
Sir Topham Hatt, he keeps an eye
On every engine passing by.
Everything is tickety boo,
'Coz out in front is you-know-who.

(chorus x2)

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