Thomas as Lucky

Rosie as Cadpig

Percy as Rolly

Emily as Spot

Duck as Patch

Oliver as Dipstick

Henry as Wizzer

Spencer as Mooch

Belle as Two-Tone

Daisy as Cruella de Vil

Arry as Horace

Bert as Jasper

Sir Topham Hatt as Roger

Lady Hatt as Anita

Mavis as Nanny

James as Pongo

Molly as Perdita

Edward as the Colonel

Toby as Thunderbolt

Ferdinand as Sgt. Tibbs

Hector as Lt. Pug

Lady as Lucy

Diesel 10 as Scorch

D261 as Swamp Rat

Sir Handel as Steven

The Spiteful Breakvan as Cydne

Gordon as Captain

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