Thomas/10 of The Worst is a parody with Thomas clips and 10 of The Worst sounds.

Thomas as Sid Phillips

Percy as Hopper

James as Evil Emperor Zurg

Gordon as Randall Boggs

Henry as Bruce

Bertie as Syndrome

Arthur as Chick Hicks

Skarloey as Chef Skinner

Murdoch as AUTO

Edward as Charle Fiztgerald Muntz

Here is a list which the antagonists from Pixar movies aren't included:

Gremling as Scud

Rocky as Molt

Whiff as Thumper

Horrid Lorries as The Fly Brothers and Thud

Planes as The Grasshoppers

The Owl as The Bird

Fergus as Stinky Pete

Lord Callan as Evil Emperor Zurg

Duck as Henry J Waternoose

Guards as CDA

Bill and Ben as Anchor and Chum

Oliver as Phillip Sherman

Billy as Barracuda

Harold as Anglerfish

Cats and Chickens as Jellyfishes

Emily as Darla Sherman

Mavis as Mirage

Troublesome Trucks as The Guards

George as The Omnidroid

The Spiteful Break Van as The Underminer

The Birds as Chick Hicks' Pit Crew

Thumper as Frank

Caroline as Mabel

Duke as The Health Inspector

Drivers as The Steward Bots

Bertram as GO-4

Diesel 10 as THX