• Emily as Mr. P-Head
  • James as B
  • Henry as S
  • Diesel 10 as Viacom logo
  • Diesel as Apple logo
  • Gordon as Mr. P-Head's Split
  • Spencer as Mean P-Head
  • Thomas as Loe the Lion
  • Edward as Majestic Tower
  • Toby as Jackie the Lion
  • D261 as W7 Shield
  • Oliver as WB Shield
  • Duck as 1492 Pictures logo
  • Cranky as Abstract Mountain
  • Peter Sam as The Green Globe
  • Troublesome Trucks as Networks
  • Hank as Blinking Negatives
  • Rocky as MCA Globe
  • Donald and Douglas as Columbia Pictures logo and TriStar Television logo
  • Ghost Percy as Ghost P-Head
  • Sir Handel as The Conjoining Shapes
  • Molly as IMax
  • Narrator as Announcer
  • Percy as The Sunburst
  • Harold as Space Ship
  • Stanley as The Coca-Cola Box
  • Stepney as Pac Man

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