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  • Stanley - Boomer (from TUGS)/Thomas/Gordon/Henry/James/Stanley/Percy/Donald/Douglas/Bill/Ben/Diesel/Kevin/Toby/Duck/Harold/Sir Topham Hatt/Jack/Edward/Dora (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Rosie - Kirby (from Kirby)/Lady/Rosie/Double D (from Ed, Edd n Eddy)/Thomas/Percy/Skarloey/Emily/Molly/Annie/Clarabel/Donald/Little Gordon/Stepney/Bertie/Mavis/Junior (from Veggietales)/Kenny (from South Park)/Edward (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Gus - Thomas/James/Percy/Emily/Lady/Sally Acorn (from Sonic SATAM)/Himself/Douglas/Bill/Ben/Duck/Gordon/Spencer/Diesel 10/Stephen Hatt/City of Truro/Madge/Dora/Edward (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Llort - Bluenose (from TUGS)/Diesel/Duck/Percy/Diesel 10/Dennis/Splatter/Dodge/Spencer/Gordon/Thomas/Mavis/Pinchy/Bulstrode/Bulgy/George/Buizel (from Pokemon)/Stepney/Squidward (from Spongebob)/Duncan/Lady/Edward
  • Gnorga - Chinese Dragon/Diesel 10/Elizabeth/Arry/Bert/Daisy/Emily/Andy Diesel/Old Stuck Up/Spamcan/The Evil Queen (from Snow White)/Cranky/Duncan/Smudger/Diesel/Bertram/Himself/Oliver/Alfie/Rosie/Thomas/Molly
  • The Flowers - The TUGS Characters/The Sonic Characters/The Garfield Characters/The Mr. Men Characters/The Kellogg's Characters/The Disney Characters/The Mario Characters/The Ferry Boat Fred Characters/The Theodore Tugboat Characters/Troublesome Trucks (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Gus'es Troll Form - Edmond's Kitten Form (from Rock A Doodle)/Marie (from The Aristocats)/Henry/Thomas/Emily/Lady/Diesel/Mavis/Molly/Cranky/Pinchy/Donald/Douglas/Skarloey/S. C. Ruffey/Hector/Hank/Young Nala (from The Lion King)/Alice (from Alice in Wonderland)/Freddie/Mighty/Bill/Ben/Percy/Dora (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Alan - Edward/Boco/Thomas/Edward/Himself/Toby/Emily/Diesel 10/Ten Cents (from TUGS)/Diesel/Mavis/Percy/Gordon/Henry/Cranky/Dora/Donald/Douglas/Bill/Mr. Percival/Bert (from Sesame Street)
  • Hillary - Mavis/Daisy/Molly/Emily/Thomas/James/Gordon/Henry/Toby/Lillie Lightship (from TUGS)/Dora/Edward/Diesel/D261/Dora/Donald/Douglas/Ben/Mrs. Percival/Tom Tipper/Scoop (from Bob the Builder)/Ernie (from Sesame Street)
  • Maria - Molly/Daisy/Himself/Thomas/Diesel 10/Molly/Lady/Mama Odie (from Princess and the Frog)/Diesel/Percy/Donald/Douglas/Libby/Carla/Annie/Clarabel/BoCo/Derek/Dennis/Bulstrode/Captain/Cranky/Rocky/Edward/Spencer/Horrid Lorries/Sir Handel/Boco/Derek/Duke/Henry's Mom (from Horrid Henry)/Mrs. Puff (from Spongebob)
  • and more

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