Thomas/Air Buddies are parodies with Air Buddies sounds, and Thomas the Tank Engine clips.


Version 1 (Made by Trainboy43)

  • Thomas as Budderball
  • Emily as Rosebud
  • Percy as B-dawg
  • Oliver as Bud-Dha
  • James as MudBud
  • Rosie as Tiny
  • Duke as Sniffer
  • Edward as Buddy
  • Molly as Molly (Both have the same name)
  • Duck as Shasta
  • Elizabeth as Mrs. Mittens
  • Boco as the wolf
  • STH as Sheriff Bob
  • Trevor as Billy
  • Terrence as Bernie
  • Splatter and Dodge as Francois & Phillipe
  • Bertram as Talon
  • Toad as Spudnick
  • Lady as Gravity
  • Stepney as Puppy Paws
  • Toby as Santa Paws
  • Diesel 10 as the Halloween hound
  • Arry & Bert as Rodney and Skip
  • Stanley as Pip
  • Rusty as Hoot
  • Mavis as Zelga
  • Stanley/No. 2 as the black cat
  • Henry as Eddie the elf dog
  • Charlie as Babu
  • Jack as Babi
  • Millie as Cammy
  • Byron as Slither
  • Judge Judy the diesel as Ubasti
  • Catherine as Mala
  • Daisy as Betty The Hen
  • Champion The Bull as Mr. Bull
  • Annie & Clarabel as StrawBerry & Lolipop
  • D261 as Commander Drex
  • Luke as Monk-E
  • Fearless Freddie as Curly the pig
  • Hank as Captain Canine
  • Flora as Princess Jorla
  • Ferdinand as Megasis
  • Madge as The Cow from super buddies
  • Lord Patrica as the cat
  • Wilbert as the dog from super buddies
  • Henrietta as Blienda
  • Max & Monty as Grim & Denning

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